Monday 31 December 2012

Happy 2013

The thunder storm has just passed over us, the rain is still relatively heavy. Around me the crickets and frogs are celebrating a new year. The guinea fowl on the big tree are quiet for once, weathering the storm. It seems we will be seeing the New Year in with the relief of rain agter 35 degrees C temperatures today with a humidity of 95%. The kids are all sleeping after a day of constant swimming either in the pool or the sea. Hunter and I will share a nice bottle of Brut Classique and will quite possibly sleep into 2013.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful 2013 with God's richest blessings. happy 2013!

Friday 21 December 2012

What have we been up to...

For the last week? It was the first week of my holiday after all. Firstly we ran a lot of errands and I am very happy that we got almost all of them done. Now it is onto mostly rest, relaxation and Christmas. And onto the seaside for a camping holiday after that. It is the first year in along time that we have not left shortly after we close for the holidays and I totally love that I had the time and no need to have the usual stress to get everything done in a very short time frame.

Believe me, some of the errands had me in deep frustration. For instance Qphoto first lost my calendar order, then I had to take a CD again, which then somehow the files were corrupt. So I re made the whole thing and took it back in. The first time we went they spent and hour and a half trying to find my stuff - with 3 kids, where predictably the one with SID fell into a total gut wrenching 3 hour tantrum. But they came through and sent one by courier at their cost to Port Elizabeth - in time for Christmas. Yesterday's run of two Post office queues and replacing the truck's windscreen was no walk in the park either with 3 kids in tow, but taking all in consideration they did very well. But possibly the mist frustrating of all was waiting for ADT today from 9 - they only pitched at 4:15 after many frustrating waits on the phone and no call back from a manager as yet.

We did some other, much happier things too like baking cupcakes, doing crafts and swimming. We also met up with friends from PE on their way to Mexico at the airport for am early lunch where the kids were totally at their very best behavior. As reward the boys got their very first full bag of candy-floss each . We also saw the most beautiful kudu for Santa's sledge in stead of the usual reindeer - very apt for South Africa.

So what have you been up to?

Thursday 20 December 2012

The kindness of others.

Mr L' s glasses cost about R 4000,00 every year due to the complexity of the right lens and the various added measures involved in making glasses for very active 5 year old boys. The medical aid gladly pay for one pair a year, which by the end of the year is totally worn out and in desperate need to be replaced. Earlier this year his glasses went missing in the house for 13 days - they were mysteriously found in the bottom shelve of my clothes cupboard. In that time he wore his old glasses that were well worn and not as strong as his current prescription. The day we found them was celebrated with a picture on Instagram shared on Facebook. A few days later an old school friend who is and optometrist in Paarl send me a message on Facebook inquiring about his eye issues which I replied best I could. He came back to me with an offer of an extra pair of glasses asking me to send on a copy of his prescription and a number that I got form our local optometrist. Today, in amongst our post was a new pair of glasses.

I can not even try to thank him enough for this - it is a huge relief to have another pair and he certainly loves his new glasses. He has asked me not to publicly thank him as he did this for the joy of giving, not for PR purposes. I am touched today once again by the kindness of others. And the joy of giving and receiving. Thank you so much Uncle F- he loves them

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Googleplex out of Googleplex

According to the Princess to The Little Mermaid showing at the People's theatre in Braamfontein. We went to watch the show this morning after winning tickets a while ago on Melinda's blog. It was the very first time I have taken the boys to the theatre simply because Mr L does not cope well with anything like this at all - he has never watched a full performance of even a school concert without having to leave during the show. Today was a different kettle of fish all together. He was totally fascinated - entranced from the very first minute right to the very end, jiving along with the last number. Mr C sat on the edge of his seat the the whole time laughing and enjoying it. The Princess was singing along with all her favorite songs from the movie. There was enough of a play of words to keep grown ups entertained too. We all had a fantastic time.

If you have not seen the show yet, do make a plan - there are still a few left. It is a high quality, lively and fantastic show. ( A word of warning though- you will go home with a light saber or magic ball- they sell them at the theatre and every single child has one - to be honest, it does add to the magic)

Friday 14 December 2012

My Secret Santa's elf has been very very naughty

And went ahead and got me every single item on my list! It was the most amazing gift to open.

Thanks you so much Fabulous Mommy for the huge spoil and Stiletto mum for organizing it all. Now I wish I can see how the person I played Santa to thought about theirs. I really hope nothing went wrong and she got hers!

With that I am signing off my official work year - it's been long, exhausting but rewarding. I already have heaps of posts in my reader which I may never get to and as my regular readers know by now, blogging over the holidays tend to be rather sparse from my side. But who knows?

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Last day of school 2012

Friday was the last day of school for the year. I thought that documenting only the first day of every year will be way more sensible if one documents the last day too - to see how much they have changed in the year.

It was also the very last time that we will have kids in our very beloved little Catholic pre school, so I decided on a whim on Wednesday to make each of the teacher (8 in total)  a little something. So I popped into Ruby's (a treasure trove) and found wonderful bits to make something. In the end I am almost shy to admit that each gift cost me R8,60  - but put together with much love. I then decided to send one each for some of the teachers that was important in the Princess' life this year too and made 15 in total.

I bought crochet flowers, felt, ribbons and brooch pins and glued it all together with my trusty glue gun.
I am very happy to say that I think most teachers loved them and most pinned them on immediately.

Monday 10 December 2012

Today, 12 years ago I married my love

It has been the most amazing 12 years of my life - what a ride! 2 Dogs , 3 kids, many sleepless nights, lots of laughs and a fair share of tears later. My love, my best friend, my boyfriend, my knight in shining armour - I love you to no end.

Friday 7 December 2012

It's been a very busy, but awesome week.

Gosh, this week has flown by in a haze of happy busyness , so let's re cap:

On Monday night we attended the Princess' grade 1 awards evening. We are so very proud of how hard she tried this year and how well she did.

On Tuesday I celebrated my 44th birthday and was so thoroughly spoiled by especially Hunter. I got the most beautiful Jenna Clifford earrings and he took me to dinner at Pretoria's best French restaurant La Madeleine, French champagne and all. I came in to work and had tea and cake and then went to a light lunch with my mom and the kids at a nursery. The kids had great fun playing around. After we came home we decorated the Christmas tree.

 On Wednesday night we went to Brooklyn Mall's "night out shopping"  it is the very first time I tried something like this alone with the kids and even on their own "loose in the mall" (no lift in a cart) they were fantastic! Stayed with me, held hands and enjoyed all to offer.
Mr L's favorite for the evening was the Brooklyn Express train. ( no surprise)

 The mall handed out heaps of sugar canes, Christmas cookies, cupcakes, fruit mince pies, candy floss, popcorn, drinks, balloons and more. Stilt walking magicians, Christmas father and wandering musicians provided heaps on entertainment. The Princess loved the marimba band most of all.
Mr C's favorite was the decorate your own cupcake table.

 Last night was our Bookclub Christmas evening - lots of fun with the usual present game we play, good food and good company. And lots of good books for the holidays.

 And with that, I am off to fetch the boys from school - the Princess has been in the office since 10 when they got out. So it's holiday time and no more school runs for 4 weeks! (And only one more week of work for me).

So how has your week been? (I have been totally out of blog reading so my reader looks terrible)

Monday 3 December 2012

Every school concert has one.

That child that steels the show, that everyone shares a laugh with and who everyone talks about? That child? That child was ours on Friday night.

 But no, although in a big role, he did not steal the show - that was up to the other twin, playing a camera man for the event. My, did we laugh at this antics! He was so into his role and the show.

Even receiving his medal was a led to some antics - a real little showman.We were blow away. He has so much confidence and can be a real comedian.

Mr C received his medal too - with grace and dignity as it should to be for Olympic flag bearers.

After the Sports show, the kids came in for the Carols by Candlelight - Mr C and Mr L were at the two ends of the back row, leaving Mr L with heaps of space to entertain the crowd while Mr C delivered a faultless appearance at his end.

We are really sad to leave our much beloved little school at the end of this year - for the last 5 years we have always had at least one kid in the school, but it will be great to have them all in the same school next year. And a great school to boot that we already love.