Friday, 7 March 2014

I had bookclub on Tuesday night

It was one of my leaner reading months - in fact I do not think I had such a bad one in close on four years. Things were just busy, and I am tired and have a sore shoulder and the pain meds make me sleepy. Many excuses.

So as you do after a good meal and a bit of Cape Classique we went around the lounge for our book discussion. (yes, we actually do read more than wine labels). They got to me and I said, "Nothing this month" and one of the girls said - that's impossible (I am one of the bigger volume readers in the club) and another with inside info chirped in "Well, you did read Diary of a Wimpy Kind". And rightly so I did. So why on earth would you ask, would a 40 plus mom read a half cartoon book about a quirky slightly insecure but gutsy middle schooler?
Well, its simple. My 9 year old seem to be totally besotted with the series. She loves them and will do almost anything to get the next one in the series in her little paws to devour. 

Years ago when everyone was reading "The Da Vinci Code" my mom had a discussion with us as to how bad and terrible the book is. We asked her if she read the book and she replied that she will not read such nonsense. This really got to me - how dare you decide from what you read about a book that you should not read the actual book. If you want to condemn or recommend read it!

So I made a promise to myself that I would read the books my kids love. If I do not know them, I will at least read one in a series to see what its about. Get my knowledge from the real thing. I am totally glad I read this little book - be it the only one I got to the month. It is entertaining and unique. And totally appropriate for kids her age. Will I read the whole series? I doubt it very much.  But in future I may just admit to reading more pre teen books.