Friday, 30 December 2011

It will always be remembered as the holiday in which...

someone got rid of their training wheels.... (The Princess)
someone at last braved the waves... (Mr C)
and someone else became king of the pool in his polyotter. (Mr L)

It will also be remembered as the holiday the Princess and I saw a fish eagle catch from a barge (actual catch just missed on camera)

We had the loveliest holiday camping - lots of sleep, lots of swimming and lots of sun. Lots of great family time too in Mtunzini. And to log off with a  more favorite shots:

BTW I have over a 1000 unread items in my reader. Seriously...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Checking in

Fron a great holiday on the Kzn North Coast. We have rather shoddy reception so I am not doing anything blog-wise at the moment. (over a 1000 unread items in my reader). Will be back soon.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

11 years ago yesterday...

had exactly the same weather. Cloudy but not cold, with intermittent bits of rain, and intermittent bits of sunshine. I remember the weather 11 years ago so well because it was our wedding day. Such a hugely happy day and the day that started this family. If you have never read about our wedding day or want to see some pictures- have a look here.

We spent the day quietly yesterday, me keeping the kids busy and Hunter doing errands, but on Friday night, when Lucy could babysit, he took me out to dinner. More romantic is hardly possible. He took met to the little restaurant where we ate most of our date night dinners before we got married - Piero's Tutti Pasta. Where we spent the evening before the day we got engaged and where we spent the Friday night before we got married. Piero and Moira sat down with us the Friday night after our engagement, when things were quiet and just a few of the late tables were left. They told us their story and I will never forget how Piero told Hunter to tell me that he loves me, every single day. Something he has clearly remembered because no day goes by without those words in some form - my voice, by text , by email....

The last time we were there was when we were pregnant with the twins - more than 4 years ago. But boy, was it great - so nostalgic.We walked in after all this time with Piero rushing down the ramp and exclaiming -" Mr and Mrs G! It's been too long!" It definitely has been too long. I was rather stunned that he remembered us. Still the same arbitrary decor, still the same hand written wine list on the wall. Still the same Italian opera music with Piero filling in with his great tenor voice every now and again. Still the same seasonal fare on the menu. And still the same wonderful food - Italian with his own twist. Italian like you will find nowhere else but maybe in Italy. We shared fresh artichoke in a tomato and basil sauce and his signature snails with polenta in a napoleotana sauce for starters - with his fresh garlic on the side. I had my ever so favorite fillet in mustard sauce with pasta on the side and Hunter, initially sad not to see his favorite ravioli on the menu, indulging in it after all, as Piero made the "off-menu" item for him.  We ended with Piero's copyright registered Pepperato gelati (black pepper ice cream) with a dark chocolate sauce. My, it was so good. And the best thing is, you can still bring your own wine and not pay corkage! We are seriously debating getting a babysitter again and going this week before he closes for Christmas as I am craving his fish bobotie - his own twist on the South African tracitional dish and as we know (and Hunter keep saying) the artichoke season is almost done.

Happy happy Anniversary my love. With you, life is always one great adventure. Thanks for this trip back in memory lane - it might just become a more regular one.

BTW - what do you think of my new blog header? I just love it!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Much crazyness

Tomorrow this time, we will be having our annual office lunch, and in all honesty, it can not come soon enough. I am totally exhausted. On all levels, this year has taken it's toll. I have a few admin things to do and the odd request, for the rest I am doing a big tidy out in my office.

I have made a DVD for each child that was in class with the Princess for this year - a bit of (not so random) act of kindness spirit by me for the children and their parents who have contributed to make this year a very special one for our grade R's. I delivered those today. I also gave out teachers gifts to which I added some note books made by me and the Princess using a cupcake punch I took over from Marcia. Boy did we have fun ! I am so going to use this punch and make more of these notebooks (Thanks Marcia for the inspiration). Although the bigger "real" presents hit the spot with all of them, they all loved the handmade notebooks.

I am looking forward to doing some de-cluttering in the house next week, finally getting Christmas cards out (yes, they will be late) and seeing some friends I never get the chance to see during the year.Lucy is still working so she will mainly look after the kiddos. My dear Huberta car will also go in for her service. There wil also be plenty of prep work for the holiday and Christmas.

And the big thing! I still have to complete the photobook for my inlaws' Christmas present and totally make the one for my  mom!

I have also received the most stunning present from  my Secret Santa - thanks and how did you know that my mascara was close on empty? And for sure this is not under a R100! But I feel thoroughly spoiled and although I did not want more note books - that one I do want! It is beautiful!She has stuck plenty of Hello Kitty stickers on the parcel and it is  Joburg post so I do suspect two lovely bloggers in particular that took part in the project. In return, I have posted my gift - it was incredibly difficult for me as I could get no feel of what she will like - so I hope she at least likes what I got. I so do not want to be the one to disappoint.

And now I have 446 items in my Reader - eish, sorry guys - next week.

Monday, 5 December 2011

It's been a while...

and I have 364 items in my reader.... but I will get to you, I promise. See, it's been a super busy but great weekend. Let's recap:
On Thursday the Princess had her Playball prize giving - she did really well. We also got a stellar report card ( I am super super proud!) from school and from the Playball and Netball instructors.
On Friday I took my "Birthday day off" and did my hair, went to yoga, had lunch with my mom and a friend of ours and in general had a great time. The evening we had the Princess' grade R graduation - we were so proud of her. It was a great little concert (they did a very funky little dance and song) with their official graduation following. Now it's onwards and upwards to grade 1.
On Saturday I joined the Zumba class followed by the Princess' class party where the whole family was invited. This was followed by a photoshoot (for which I do not hold much hope - I now know Little man L and studio lights does not align) and an early dinner with our buds S&L and the girls at Magnolia dell's Huckleberry's.

 And on Sunday I turned a year older, although I feel 30 never the less - some days I do feel at least 60 after very little sleep but I digress... My family thoroughly spoiled me and we changed our picnic plans to the Spur due to the weather. It was a quiet but good birthday- just what I wanted.

Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes - on Facebook and Twitter and all. It really played it's part towards making it a great birthday.

A great weekend just Makes my Monday.
Playing along with Cheryl.