Friday, 22 September 2017

So how are you?

Gosh I haven't been here in such a long time - neither have I read blogs. It's been hectic and busy and crazy in our lives. I have very seldom been so happy to see Friday - and it's a wonderful long weekend to boot.

We have just survived enjoyed 9 performances of our big  4yearly school concert. It was tiring but a huge amount of fun and the children really enjoyed it. It is such a spectacular show - we sat there in total amazement as every child in the school played their part and had a bit of stage light on them. C jived on "Hard knocked life" from the musical Annie , L sang and danced to "Hooray its a Holiday" and A and "Everybody was Kong Fu fighting". It was a great feast of music, lights, dancing, bright costumes and enthusiasm. But we are extremely relieved that it is all now done and dusted and that we can have a good rest over the weekend.

Work is still crazy - actually the crazy is increasing as year end approach. This too shall pass.

L played his last cricket game of the season and did so well. He is truly a cricketer by heart. C still has a game this afternoon. A's hockey season is done and dusted and she already had two galas. I was very proud of C who also participated in the school house sport gala. The first dance competition of the season rewarded A with a high silver and a good start.

I feel that I am at the moment just working and working and managing kids - and maybe reading a bit. After so many months of great reading I have slowed down a bit . I am simply so tired that I fall asleep before reading more that a few paragraphs.

My wonderful MIL has been visiting us for the concert period and I honestly am so grateful. It help so so much to have her with us. To help keep all on track while H and I fetch and deliver kids in the evenings and cooking a wonderful meal every evening. Our freezer is also already well stocked with frozen meals lovingly made by her.

I hope you have a wonderful heritage day weekend and rest up, like we fully intend on doing.