Saturday 27 February 2010

Maybe we will bake again today!

 I am planning to do some baking sometime in the business of Saturday, but what about showing you last Saturday's batch.

I used a pre-mix as I didn't have a lot of time (Ina Paarman's chocolate cake) and baked it in my mini-cake silicon tins (I have a heart and a flowers one)
Then I filled the indents with caramel.

Some icing and cute little sugar flowers on top.
We had a family girls dinner at our place as Hunter was away and my mom and cousins loved them for dessert.

Friday 26 February 2010

Friday - 26 February

Mommy's Idea
It's Friday and time to get the little its and bits out of the system:
I like to combine these wioth my 365 photos of the week, because in a sense, they are also fragments representing each day.
  • Little man C is almost fully potty trained. He tells when he needs to go and am wearing big boy underpants. Just for the record - he is 29 months. The Lil Miss was fully trained at 25 months.
  • Little man L is not so. Refusing to do no 2 in the potty - still. But going ok with the rest.
  • Both the boys had a cold this week and last weekend. Sleep as been in short supply - Last night I medicated my kids - just shoot me ok! We had a good night. I am so tired that I am going to my moms tonight to get one very solid night's sleep.
  • The Lil Miss had a school outing to a milk farm (Irene diary) - The kids had so much fun! And each came home with a liter of very fresh, very creamy milk.
  • Little man L is getting new glasses. Wow, to get your second pair by age 2 seems a bit weird to me. (Full report to follow)
  • From my post yesterday I have learned that a lot of girls are very smell sensitive and that a lot of those use the same perfumes I do. 
  • Today is unofficially orange day in our office - purely by chance (how weird is that), here's the line-up.
  • And it's awards time - I received this one from the ever entertaining Cyndy:
Of course, there are rules that go along with this award. The rules are that I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself and pass it along to 7 other bloggers.
  1.   I really like to eat a combination of sweet and salty things - together (no I always have, and I am not pregnant)
  2.  I backpacked through Europe for 3 months at age 19 and turned 20 in Rome. I went to a mass that afternoon - it was unforgettable although I did not understand a word.
  3.  Italian gelati in Italy is way tastier that you can ever imagine. I still crave the Pistachio although I have found a great substitute at Baglios.
  4. I love Creme Brulee as a desert - if it is on the menu I will not even consider another option. In fact I judge the quality of a restaurant by their Creme Brulee.
  5.  I struggle to eat my 5 fruits and vegetables a day. I am often ok with the veggies, but not the fruit. I must just make the effort.
  6.  I can not dance (although I love to) - Hunter will confirm this. I have two left feet. Some day when the kids are digger we are planning to do some classes together because Hunter is really a great dancer.
  7.  I love interesting flat/flip flop style shoes - they are my summer everyday ware. The more colourful or decorated, the better. Today is:
Just to liven it up a bit, I am passing this award to 7 commenters of yesterday's post:

The five girls that love the same perfumes I do:
The 3 Tresor lovers:
Sadia (a first time commenter) at Double the fun, twice the confusion 
Heather (another fiorst time commenter) at This is the day 
Steph (yet another newby) at Silly Presious Piggies
The Tuscany per Donna lover and domestic godess extraordinaire:
Shayne at [Time Out]
And my very oldest blogging friend of all (and user of 3 of the same perfumes- wow!) :
Debi of Who says eight is enough?
The one girl that hater the same perfume I do:
Faerie girl  at Faerie girl
And my one blogging friend that I know needs all the love and support she can get right now:
Lynette of A work in progress.
PhotoStory Friday
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19 February 2010
Lunch with two of my loves. Hunter had the day of and took his girls to lunch.
20 February 2010
Extra ballet class on Saturday.

21 February 2010
Although we hace 3 dolls prams (one a twin stroller) a wheelbarrow is a very appropriate baby carrier in Africa.

22 February 2010:
The romance in a retaining wall. 

23 February 2010:
He was completely exhausted after his check-up at the Eye specialist.
24 February 2010:
First school outing of the year.
25 February 2010:
Rest a while before dinner. I wanted to take a pic of her feet for my feet collection, but like this one more because of the lines.(For the photgs out there - I used an ISO of 3200 in very low light. Fstop 5, shutter sheed 1/8. )

Thursday 25 February 2010

It's a smelly one.

My earliest childhood memory.
My mom tells me I was younger than 2. All that I remember very clearly is the smell. It was horrible. And feeling claustrophobic. Apparently I was busy playing in my sandbox with my sand toys and decided to get some water to add to the fun of sand. I took a container to the kitchen drain, which housed a tap above and was somehow without a cover. Failing to open the tap (or that is what we think), I bent over to scoop water in the drain and lost my balance, getting my head face first into the drain. Dear Esther (my nanny) saved me in no time an duly named me "Double trouble" - my, was that a vision of the future or not?

Me and mommy - my official 1 year picture.
That leads me to the topic of smells. I am extremely smell sensitive. I am easily nauseated by smells. A sweaty whuff in a supermarket will get my stomach churning, a blocked drain is smelled from afar - a dirty nappy has no chance. Strong perfume will catch me unawares and even induce a megraine. My kids will never be able to fool me when if the start to smoke. You can imagine the hell of morning sickness when this acute sense was magnified times a million. But I do love my perfume - I have to choose them very carefully, hence I stay within the same range of not too sweet flowers. But I love them!
YSL Paris, Tresor by Lancome, Clinique Happy, Aramis' Tuscany per Donna (almost empty) and DNKY Be Delicious.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

In the Air Tonight

As the first notes of "In the Air Tonight" (Phil Collins) came over the car radio yesterday I was 14 again.The ice skating rink at Sterland was washed in pink merging into blue and the glitterball ran circles of faerie lights on the surface. The hair was big, the outfits had shoulder pads, it was the 80's. We wore jellies and big earrings, coloured swatch watches and pin-up skirts.

I still remember they rubberish smell of the rink, mixed with popcorn from the movies on the floor above. He came skating wearing a high waisted black jean and paisley shirt, confident and stylish. He was in the first rugby team and the school's swimming star.  I was just trying to make out the difference between roller skating and ice skating without making a fool of myself. And I was fresh in Standard 6 - the first year of High school and with a group of girls on a friends birthday party.

He skated over and took my hand and led me around the ring a few times, smiling all the way. Later, when I gained confidence, we skated again, holding hands. My heart was throbbing in my throat.It was a day filled with magic and romance.

First love, always sweet.
80's girl Cat.

Playing along today with Cheryl and Angie:

Tuesday 23 February 2010

February 2010: Book no 4

Book no 4: Every light in the house burnin' by Andrea Levy

Angela's parents come to England, the land of opportunity and spend their lives in a council flat, working hard to give their children a better life. But always feeling just "not belonging" rather than settling in. In the end Angela has to make sense of the confusing health care system to help her dad to die in peace.

Filled with unique and lively characters the book shows the lives of immigrants with a sensitivity and sympathy that really speaks to the heart. 

I really enjoyed this book and the different time levels it was written in enhances the mood of the story. Nostalgic and at the same time hyper realistic it is a charming memoir style read.

Some readers might be distracted by the use of "Jamaican style" English, but I found it easy to read and lending colour to th ebook.

Cat's opinion: A good stable 8/10

Some catching up.....

We had another party at Rocky ridge estate the Saturday before last - almost starting to feel like home. It was incredibly hot, but the kids had a heap of fun.
I made my third tutu( white, light purple and periwinkle) for miss Anzeri and got her a boa to go with it. She was so proud to wear it. And it suited the theme - Angelina Ballerina.
Just some pics: 

The Lil miss convinced this 8 year old to push her and Little man L around in the wagon. When she lost interest the two of them continued to play together for the remainder of the party - almost an hour! What a cute little friendship. (The smiles say it all)

Monday 22 February 2010

Sometimes the growing up happens too fast...too fast for mommy at least.

Sometimes the growing up just happens too fast.
In the blink of an eye another milestone comes and goes.
And so it was this weekend.

I dropped her off on Saturday after ballet at around noon.
With a quick hug and a wave I was dismissed.
I phoned at around 6 which would be the lastest she ever got home after a playdate.
She was fine. She didn't even want to talk to me.
I was sad.

I sms (text) the mom at 9:30, only to receive a message back that she was peacefully sleeping after going to bed with no complaints.
I phoned at 8:00 the next morning - she was happily playing and....wait for it.... did not even want to say hallo to mom.
My heart broke - my girlchild is all grown up.
She had her first sleepover, and she didn't even miss her mom.

I missed her so much!
I am sure this is just a taste of what the future holds as they get more and more independant and we feel less and less needed.
Another bittersweet moment...

Friday 19 February 2010

Friday - 18 February

Mommy's Idea
It's Friday and time to get the little its and bits out of the system:

I was reprimanded by the Princess this week:
A: Mommy, why did you put a white bread sandwich into my little lunch box?
Me: Because we had white bread in the house. (we almost never have white bread in the house)
A: Mommy, you know it is not healthy food. You should not be feeding me food that is not healthy. It is not good for my bones and hair and blood. You're naughty!
Me: (Thinking to myself: So shoot me! I was feeling like white bread a real butter just for once)
  •  We had a huge thunder storm on Wednesday night with a cloudburst of rain. Scary stuff.
  • Flying solo this weekend with the kids - here's hoping they will all be happy campers at least.
  • Hunter worked late last night. Was so worried about him driving after working for 18 hours. 
  • Going to lunch today with him and the princess. We almost never get the chance so I am really looking forward to it.
  • I did not go to the funeral yesterday. I just could not.
  • I have decided to get some girls together for a moms time-out weekend. I hope I get at least 3 interested girls. It would be great just to get away a bit. Just to stop being mommy for a weekend. We all need that.
  • I realized that if it is Lent it is also 40 days until we go on a week long holiday! Jipppeeee!=
  • I am looking for silver heels - not too high, for a wedding. Very unsuccessful search.I am frustrated.
  • The dress on the other hand was bought for next to nothing at a Chinese shop. Saw it in the window, fits perfectly, cost R190,00. Would have never tried itor even went into the shop if the voice in the head did not say, just give it a go. (That's for like nothing in dollars - some  T-shirts will cost more than that.)
  • Does anybody know what happened to Yaya?( lover of orange)
PhotoStory Friday
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Dressed for the school's Valentines day celebration.
Little man L in such a typical pose. Got to be one of my all time favorites of him.
Valentines day flowers  for granny. Although technically spoiled, (blurred flowers) I love it.
"Hi mommy!" Little Munchkin- monster.

Hmm - fat Tuesday cake. (see post below for more)
Just another day in the office.
They are not lying by claiming to be the " Finest Honey Nougat"  in Belgian Milk Chocolate. I just love Sally Williams Nougat.

Thursday 18 February 2010

Fat Tuesday

As most of you know, Tuesday was Fat Tuesday so I decided as a treat I would bake the Valentines heart cakes that we missed out on Sunday.

Remember the pan I bought? (At Clicks to the local peeps)
This is how they came out after I baked them on Monday night. They use about the dough of two cupcakes each of my standard cupcake recipe (Shayne, I thought this might be useful as you have one too) and came out brilliantly! I have to say that I love my Defy thermo fan oven and I will never be without one again if I have a say.

I then had my handy kitchen assistant and enthuiastic baker do the decorating.
I used them as the carrot in front of the donkey's nose and had 3 happy plates (empty plates) of dinner followed by 3 empty cake plates. They were yummy!
BTW I have given up Soda (especially Coke which I have suddenly developed a liking to). Have you given up anything for Lent?