Wednesday, 25 September 2013

6 years ago today

 two little /big boys came into our lives What a ride! Although I think we may have underestimated the storm that descended on us, we certainly underestimated the joy we would receive in return. This morning they were totally surprised by their gifts - C has been wanting one for so long, but the Leappads hit the spot for both. I usually write a letter to the kids on or around their birthday but today I am overly emotional so it is better left for another day soon.

My little boys, I love you to no end. There is no way that I can describe how you fill my life with joy, every day. Love you to the moon and back.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A bit of a catch up.

Life on a trot. Yes, that's about what's happening in our part of the world. Work is keeping me extremely busy, life at home and the school has been hectic. Leaving blogging (and reading) just about the last item on my to do list.

But we are all doing fine - I am also extremely happy that this term is ending on Friday. Mock ballet exam is done, first Voortrekker camp is done, yearly Ophthalmologist appointment is done (new glasses being made as we speak), hockey season is something of the past and dress rehearsal for the revue done.

Of course, we have a BIG event next week - a certain awesome twosome are turning 6. Gosh 6! Wow. And as they have their birthday in the school holidays we are taking cupcakes for the kids to decorate themselves at school tomorrow and we will only have a party after the school re opens and when Ouma is visiting from PE. But the boys are ok with it - I think they are big enough to see the sense in it. No doubt we will have to repeat it a 100 times in the next 3/4 weeks until the party, but so be it.

It's been a good term academically for the kids. The Princess is continuing being a good student, Mr C surprised us by learning to read in grade 0 (it does sometimes happen that they just "grasp" it themselves without actively being taught - he is not the only one in the class) and Mr L has made great progress and is on his way to grade 0 at our school. I do not think I have mentioned it before but we got the formal ADHD diagnosis a while ago and although he is not on meds yet (to follow soon) our new OT has concentrated on this and he is growing in leaps. I am sure that the horse riding therapy has a big part to pay in it too. 

I am still keeping up with Project Life- 2 weeks ago I was behind but managed to catch up about 4 weeks in one weekend. I am way behind in posting the layouts though but if you are interested there may be some you have not seen yet.

Hope you are all doing well. I will pop in soon.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

At the Princess' baby shower almost 9 years ago

my one cousin, whose two kids was almost grown up at the time gave me a wonderful bit of advice. She said that she believes that one of the most important things to teach children these days is self confidence - and by that she meant to tackle the world with no or little fear, with the confidence to proceed and achieve what we set out to do.

It is a difficult balance to keep kids humble but with self confidence. Often I wonder if we achieve this - the humble part is relatively easy - our competitive world sees to this . Often I wonder if we install enough confidence, but sometimes I know we are on the right track to achieve it. Our kids are relatively fearless on rides at the school fete for example.

Mr L on the top of the 3 story slide - they repeatedly did this. All 3.

A surprise us every time at the English schools speech festival on the left and at the Drama Eisteddfods where she competes with great confidence. 
And what really prompted this post - the 3 of them with friend D in a cave on Sunday. They were fearless little explorers - in fact, we had to keep them back from not going in too deep.

I truly love the sense of adventure. I hope we can keep it going in them all.