Friday, 30 November 2012

A month of gratitude

All around in the social media world, November has been a month of gratitude. Daily posts were up about those big and little things that make us so happy - those that we feel eternally grateful for. I thought it best to compact it into one post - I wrote this list as the month went on -  not daily, but whenever something came to mind. Although some may be totally the usual others could be a bit unusual. (I kept a few spots open for those important people in my life right at the end)

So, this November (and this year) I have been grateful for:
  1. Lucy's cooking - although basic and not great in variance, it allows be the opportunity to have a way more relaxed afternoon with the kids and a healthy home cooked meal. It really makes all the difference.
  2. Our puppies - they are always happy to see me, ready for a cuddle and a chat. I am especially thankful that although elderly they are still in great health.
  3. Ice lollies - the fruit juice sugar free ones. Great refreshment on hot days and healthy.
  4. Good schools that has our children's wellbeing - educational and emotional as a priority
  5. Watermelon, cantaloupe and sweet melons - love the melon season and the kids adore it.
  6. Successful projects this year and a slowing down of the tempo for now.
  7. The prospect of more projects next year.
  8. The area in which our offices are located - although I am close to many shopping centres, we overlook a small nature reserve and we have the joy of seeing blesbuck and duiker daily and a huge collection of birds visit the dams around the offices.
  9. Flat summer sandals in all sorts of colours - one of my summer joys.
  10. The area where we live - we are in  a radio control area and people care about their neighbours (mostly) - last night a dog was lost and reunited with its owners thanks to the radio network.
  11. The chickens in the street, the bushbabies, guinea fowl and bunnies that makes our street a nicer place to live. I love that the kids this year had the chance to see little chicks come out of their eggs.
  12. Good friends who will always make a plan to see us.
  13. Occasional flowers from the garden - we do not have lots of flowering plants, but the occasional flower makes me very happy - as does my courtyard of Irisses every year at the end of September.
  14. Washi tape, coloured pens, paper, cardstock and mosaic tiles - things that fuel my creative urge.
  15. The gym - and being able to exercise when I get the chance. And to swim with the kids over weekends.
  16. Tea with the hubby in the evenings - our little ritual of happiness.
  17. A generally healthy year - I do not think we had so few visits to the doctor in the last 5 years.
  18. My iPerd (iPad) that has been such a time saver this year. I am not sure I would have coped on site without it. (and now I am not even mentioning the entertainment part of it)
  19. My camera and lenses - I love that I can take nice pictures that will form part of the memories of our family into the future.
  20. Rain - highveld thunderstorms that cools the heatwave down.
  21. A good steak as made by Hunter on the gas braai - there really is very few that will beat the yummynss of this!
  22. A postcard from my one BFF in Canada when they visited Croatia. I love to get postcards of pretty places.
  23. A long and unexpected Facebook chat with a friend that just lift the mood.
  24. Our house - although possibly too small for us, it provides us with all we need. Truly our castle as the kids refer to it.
  25. Our cars - that went through the year without huge problems (this one was a very close shave). 
  26. My Mr C who provides me with much joy - he truly has such an amazing way to see the world. Best of all - he tells you in detail just how he sees it
  27.  My Mr L who has just made so much progress this year. His enthusiasm and determination is incredible.
  28.  My Princess who this year has truly grown up so fast. She has really tried her very best at every  opportunity and has worked so hard.

29. Hunter - my rock, my best friend, my boyfriend. Really, I can not even start to explain just how grateful I am to have him at my side in this journey through life.

30. God,  my Father, my Saviour.

Yes, I know I have not mentioned parents,siblings, family and many other important people and things, but this is a daily sort of "bigs" and "smalls" list. Know that I am thankful for them too.

Photos taken by my cousin/friend A

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Christmas and holiday spirit is upon us.

Gosh, the kids seem to be totally over this year. Every morning I have to explain to Mr L that we are still going to school and not on holiday yet. I am at a fail to try and explain that we will only be physically going away after Christmas. I am trusting though, that our Advent calender will do some of the count down for me. 
A look at the contents of this year's calender - sweets, stickers and a few small toys - mostly from CNA's party favours
The Princess just wants to put up the tree, but this has to wait for at least the 1st of December. And Mr C, well, he is complaining that he wants a green Christmas tree as our tree just is not a "real" Christmas tree. On this I will stand my ground - I love out little many years used wire tree and we are certainly sticking to it. I am contemplating doing some fun craft things with them in the holiday to add to the Christmas decorations etc. Christmas Father will be visiting the boys' school on Friday morning and on Friday evening we will have their Carols by Candlelight with a small show prepared by their sports teacher. Apparently someone we know is the Olympic games flag bearer.

We are really going to have a nice and quiet small Christmas - just us and my mom and my cousin and her dad. I am looking forward to that after our huge entertaining the last two years - which although fun and rewarding, is also great to have a break from this year.
 So what are you planning for Christmas?                           

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

You know it's almost Christmas...

.... when you hear the dance of the Sugar Plum fairy and you see the posters for this year's production of the Nutcracker. We have never gone until this year, because this year our favorite Youth Dance Company  Tshwane's yearly ballet was the Nutcracker. After we enjoyed their Sleeping Beauty in 2010 and Cinderella last year, we were all ready to go for this year's special dress up party show on Saturday morning. This year she opted to dress as the Sugar Plum faerie. It was truly a lovely show with such talented dancers. Almost all the dancers are children and teenagers and I am every year astounded at how professional these youngsters are - I asked around and got the ages of some of them - truly fantastic. Apart from some guest dancers for the production (as the Prince and Cossack for instance), Nigel Hannah was as always a treat. The Princess recognizes him every year and every year he signs her programme and has a smile and a chat with the kids. I would truly recommend this for your kids - and I promise next year I will give a timely shout out so that you can book for this. A great way to introduce kids to ballet and inspire young ballerinas.

Naughty me - sneaking in a picture but I have to show you how pretty everything was.
Incredible detail on the Sugar Plum Faerie's tutu
So who is joining in next year? And have you taken your kids to the ballet as yet? Or the yearly Pantomine?
Now I can not wait to go to The Little Mermaid with my kids in December. It will be the boys' first big theatre experience.

Monday, 26 November 2012

It's a winner!

We had a great weekend - kind of busy, but also kind of chilled. Nothing too hectic apart from me being suddenly struck with a huge sinus infection which I am now nursing with as many meds as I possibly can. The boys' rugby day was cancelled due to rain but the Princess and I went to watch the Nutcracker (more about that later) That all being said, I can feel that the year is speeding to an end. Today and only two more Mondays to go for the work year. Planning for our family holiday in December is done mostly and we are all looking forward to spend some time together as a family. At both the schools things are wrapping up for the year as are extra mural activities. The Princess seems tired and when I went to read for her class today they were so excited to tell me that they will have no homework this week (and I presume the rest of the year?).

The very best bit of the weekend actually was the achievement of one of the little things we have been working on with the kids. We have been training them to play in their rooms on weekend mornings and not to wake us up. And then to later go downstairs, get breakfast with the help of one of us and play nicely. leaving us a with a bit of a sleep in. Yesterday morning I went downstairs with them at 7:30 after they woke me up to tell me they are hungry. I helped them to get breakfast and had another snooze until 8:45! ( without any of them killing the other or destroying the house) Ai, the bliss. Definitely one of this year's great milestone achievements in my book (you know those lesser milestones that we so often forget to celebrate)

On the not so great front the Princess and Mr C is heading towards possibly killing each other - leaving us all exhausted. If she says it's blue, he will say it's green. If he says it's on she will say it's off even if she knows it's on. Sibling rivalry on the extreme front. We are contemplating boxing gloves for Christmas.....

Friday, 23 November 2012

There are two types of people...

Those who like cats and those who like dogs, those who love rain and those who don't, those who adore chocolate and those who prefer jelly sweets, those who love coffee and those who love tea....
And those who have to doodle and those who don't.

When you are next stuck in a meeting on conference, have a look around you. Some people make the odd note (while some make tons of notes), but some people draw in between the odd note. I am one of those. I find it virtually impossible not to doodle in a meeting (unless I chair it - in which case I do not have time to write, less doodle). I doodle while talking on the phone, I doodle while I take notes and am busy working. I doodle as a necessity. It helps me think, it helps me concentrate. And then as you know, I have the love of any pen that is not black It also provides a simple day to day outlet for my creative urge that I know I have to feed daily in some way. I get lots and lots of comments on my doodles, and whilst the ones in the side lines of meeting minutes are certainly not worth a space in the blogsphere, my more elaborate ones that I build up over months in the back of my note book could possibly be. And so for the ones made during long boring courses and speeches  filling a page on their own.

Typical page in my note book where you will find notes on the one side and a doodle in progress on the other.
In my current note book - a city scape

And a tree - it was meant to get birds but I decided against it. Maybe in Monday's meeting?

Another sheet of random doodles build up over a day in a course (on the course note pad)
 With my birthday two years ago I got a Doodle book as a present - I love this too as it takes a bit less concentration and I keep it next to the phone in my office.
one in process
I am well aware that there are doodles on the web which are awesome works of art - that is not the object of mine, nor the level on which they are done. Mine are more just and outlet, a way to keep the hands occupied while the brain works.

So of course this morning my question to you is -" Do you doodle?" and if you do, is it just on sidelines of notes or is there someone somewhere that crazily build up doodles over time? And is there anyone out there who has a doodle "colouring book:" or any of those "colouring books for adults". And do you colour with your kids? I love to - I find it hugely therapeutic.

BTW - I like both cats and dogs but am more of a dog person, I adore rain, I like some types of chocolate but in general I prefer jelly sweets, I am a total coffee- holic if it is good coffee, but if not I like tea and I love my late evening tea with the hubby. And you?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

So how have you all been?

Yes, I am way behind on blog reading but trusting you are all fine. Busy times as per usual, so a  quick catch up here:
  • I took a sanity day on Friday - really this year has been busy and I have neglected a lot. I used the day to catch up on some to do items and had a leisurely lunch all by myself. I collected my watch that has been for repairs at the jeweller (they are in Menlyn Park which I hate and refuse to visit on a Saturday). At the same time I collected the Naartjie voucher I won on Rattle and Mum and bought two lovely dresses for the Princess and a very cute T each for the boys. These will be used for our photo shoot on 1 December so I have not even showed them to the boys because C will go bananas when he sees his T shirt. It has an ink fish on and he has a total fascination with them and jelly fish at the moment - he even calls himself "Mommy's little green jelly fish. Naartjie has a buy two and get the second half price promotion hence I got quite a bit for our R 500,00.I also bought a swimming costume. The most dreaded shopping of the year done.
    The Naartjie batch
  • I also went to watch the boys swim in the morning - I never get a chance to see this and nope, not water safe as yet. But I do think C is on the brink of a breakthrough.
  • The afternoon I took the boys with the Princess to an art class. They sat through the talk but did not do the art project - it was offered to them but they ended up playing with two little girls, also younger sisters of the grade 1 band assembled for the art class. The had a little lecture about stained glass windows and made their own. 

  • I also made 3 of my Advent calenders on Friday morning (just have to complete and I will show you the pictures. One for our good friends S&I's kids,  one for the boys' teachers kids (as her teacher gift) and one for our sprogs of course. Anybody wants to make one this year and need the instructions/template?
  • I am enjoying listening to the new Mumford and sons CD Babel I borrowed from one of the staff members - thinking of buying it. Lovely version of Simon & Garfunkel's the Boxer on it
  • We are so happy with the Princess progress with her new swimming coach - the difference a coach can make is amazing. She was even showing off back stroke and some tumble turns on Sunday.
  • Mr L has been surprising us with sentences and observations we have not heard or seen before. Very exciting.
  • Mr C has at last discovered that the sprinkler is fun and is taking the water in the face part way better than before.
  • I got the photobook back that I made for the ballet teachers - a little 20 x 20 hard cover and I love the way it came out.
  • We delivered our two kid's presents at the church on Sunday - we did one Santas Shoebox kids this year (a girl aged 8) that the Princess helped to shop for and pack, and two little 6 year old boys from the Inner City Mission for the boys. I do hope our little contribution makes Melida, Bokomoso and Gradi's Christmas a whole lot nicer and happier. The boys' school also did Santa's Shoebox after hearing about the project from me and another mom - they pledged and collected 25 boxes - one for each family involved in the school. We helped out by adding items missing in boxes on the last day before they delivered.
  • I bought a box of 75 sheets of rainbow card stock - what a joy of shades of happiness for me. Totally something that turns on my happiness button. Made some Washi tape cards on Friday night. Can not wait to get my new Washi tape ordered from Pamela tomorrow.

  • I have received the name of the blogger whom I will be Secret Santa to. I love that I got someone I regularly read and "know" and whom I know reads here and not someone I had no clue who they were like last year. Very excited to shop for her.
  • I have been using the same Moleskine diary style for 5 years - but for next year I have converted to a different type - a month over two pages and two note pages following. The whole back part of the book is note paper. I think it will be perfect fro my house planning (business stuff now on the iPad) and it is exactly the size of an ipad - not too big.

  • BTW - have you seen the "A year in color" moleskine video?Have a look -it is stunning.
  • And have you seen this one? Moleskines' take on paper notebooks vs smartphones - two of my favorite things.
  • We seem to have the projects or proposed projects streaming in at the moment. Wonderful! I am extremely grateful. But busy. 
  • Last but not least - apparently no one knows how to do scrambled eggs in the microwave. Mix eggs (broken), milk and some baking powder (optional but makes if nice and fluffy) in a deep microwaveable bowl. Pop on 100% power in the microwave. Depending on the amount of eggs say 3 to 5 minutes. You can stir in between to cook the middle bit sooner but about once is fine. Do wash the bowl immediately.
With that, I hope you have a great week ahead . Mine will be busy! And what do you use for a diary?

Monday, 19 November 2012

Your heart is pumping wildly....

You break out in sweat over your whole body. You feel extremely dizzy. You force yourself to take nice deep breaths. Suddenly you are wondering if you packed the Resq remedy and rummage through your over full disorganized handbag in a wild attempt to locate it although you know very well it's in your other bag with 3 toy cars and various dried fruit bars. Another big breath as you shut your eyes tightly and pull on the offending bit of overpriced Lycra.

And voila! For once it does not look too bad. For once you chose the "old tannie" one that promise to keep the twin skin in tact and it actually works. Nothing hangs out that shouldn't, somehow things does look a bit more trim. Huge relief! And what the hec, I may be well over my bikini days with no hope to ever get there again, but I have a swimming costume that makes me feel less of a beached whale and more of a , although slightly not so firm,  beach babe mom of 3. Yes, a part of my sanity day off was spent doing the worse shopping of the year.

BTW Woolworths has a fabulous range of secret shaping swimwear this year for less than half the price as what you would pay at one of those speciality shops and I could have chosen another 4 that looked quite good too. Thanks Woollies! (This is no promotion for Woollies - I did not get anything from them for this, I am just a very relieved  happy swimwear shopper)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Eat your breakfast!

As most parents, somewhere along the line (ok I know exactly when - the Princess was about 18 months old and we were on a weekend away with family) we succumbed to the temptation of feeding our kids kiddy cereals. Mostly Coco Pops and Oaties ( the ordinary no colour ones), I never fell for Fruit Loops - way too much colouring in them. I was also rather happy that they never liked the vile blue Smurfie Oaties but the did catch on to the just slighty less vile green Ice Age ones) The kids devoured them - bowls and bowls full. Sometimes on really busy days, even in between meals as snacks. Some weekends when Hunter was away we might even have had some for dinner on occasion. But I have always had the healthier options available and would offer them first - in our home Wheatbix , Pro nutro and All bran flakes or Special K. Sometimes they would choose these, but mostly not.We eat cereal about 4 of the 7 mornings a week - the others would be porridge, eggs and toast or on Saturdays flapjacks or muffins for a treat.

So Hunter and I had a chat about 2 weeks ago about phasing out the kiddy stuff. We both felt that the sugar is too much and that moving towards more formal school for the boys, we should limit the sugar and other unhealthy stuff intake, especially before school.. We made the call to use up the batch we had at home and bite the bullet after that. By Monday this week the Coco Pops were at their end. They were without a doubt Mr L's preferred breakfast - a tantrum ensued, but he settled for the last Oaties with Mr C (Oaties are his preferred poison). The Princess has been eating a lot of Wheatbix and Special K for a while so she was fine as one should possibly expect at 7 in any event). Tuesday morning dawned with another small tantrum by L and one by C - both settled for Wheatbix after much tears. I gave us a bit of a break yesterday with eggs and toast - everybody but C's favorite in any event. This morning was reality again - to my surprise L immediately took me up on the Pro Nutro offer. Mr C was so angry with me - boy! But I have to mention that we had our first run in about dressing earlier. ( his perfectionism will drive me crazy some day). But at the end he settled for Wheatbix and had two bowls of it - one of the mini type and another of the original bricks.

So yes, we will fight the good food battle bravely- bit by bit. In small steps.

BTW - I make scrambled egg in the micro wave (takes about 5 minutes for a big bowl enough for us all - about 6 eggs) It leaves little dishes and is very healthy. 

And what does your family have for breakfast? 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mr C meet his new friends

Last Saturday it was Mr C's turn to meet his new teacher and friends for next year. He will be in the Giraffe class in grade R. My, he was so shy when we got there. Met his teacher and said his name and smiled brightly but then was so shy to sit and play with the rest of the kids until a little boy walked in and he told me that it's Jean -Pierre whom he sees at the swimming school every Friday. He happens to also be new in the school and within minutes they were playing together and I left with the other moms for them to spend some time with their teacher.

In the meantime while chatting to other parents I happened to find out that we apparently scored the teacher jackpot for him this year (as we did for Mr L - maybe bringing them into the school for evaluation did serve another good purposee ). You know, that one teacher where everybody wants their kid. Yes, that one - we got her!  We have never asked for a specific teacher as I got some inside info before the Princess went to the school that asking for a teacher practically ensured that your kid will not be placed with her so I do not bother. I am however delighted.

When I went back to his class to fetch him, he was happily busy doing some baking - slowly as is his manner, and very precisely. After giving his new teacher a huge hug we happily went home. I am sure he is going to be a very happy giraffe.

Ps - I am miles behind on blog reading or anything not work related. things are busy and I even worked over the weekend not achieving most of my goals Unexpected - but hopefully with rewards in return)

Friday, 9 November 2012

It's the weekend baby!

As usual I am totally stoked that it is Friday and the weekend is upon us.
We have a busy one ahead, but regardless, I want to make a little goals list as I just feel I get nothing done if I do not make a list and tick off on it. So:
  1. Have a relaxing Friday night with the family - we are planning pizza and DVDs
  2. Take C to his meet and greet with his new teacher tomorrow.
  3. Finish the photobook for the ballet teachers.
  4. I have de cluttered and re organized half my clothing closet with my shelves, this weekend I need to tackle the hanging part.
  5. Wrap a certain blogger friend's birthday presents that I just do not get around to. (an yes, they will be late)
  6. Go to an 80th birthday party , get a present and wrap it.
  7. Thank you cards for the boy's birthday (terribly late too)
So what does your weekend look like?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I do feel a bit more at ease

On Saturday we had the meet and greet with Mr L's new teacher and class mates.I was always worried that he will look older and act older than the other kids but really, he just fits in perfectly. He even has a classmate that also wears glasses so that's another win. His teacher asked to talk to me after the kids all left and immediately told me that L was placed with her because she has some experience with SID/SPD and her own 4 year old has also been diagnosed with it. She has asked me to send his brush to school and have a meeting with his OT early next year. All very positive. On the negative side she did mention that we need to think carefully about moving him in the middle of the year to grade R as most SID/SPD kids do not cope well with change - of that I am very aware and she may have a point there, but let's start the year and run the gauntlet together.

 Although he never smiled he did give his new teacher a huge hug when we left and there were never any tears. He also stayed in the class without me willingly and happily. I am very proud of how he handled it all -he does have heaps of courage and quite a bit of self confidence to boost the mix.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A sunny happy day...

...after all the "doom and gloom" yesterday. My Facebook status this morning reads:So another morning, the US has a new (old) president, SABC bans the term Zumaville because it is apparently racist and we have found Leon's glasses after a 13 day frustrating hunt. Somehow finding the glasses is enough to make me a happy person today. I found the glasses last night in my clothes closet - in the second from bottom shelve with seldom used stuff. No idea how it got there but we have found it and I can not be happier! Some other bits also add to my happiness:
  • I won tickets to see "The little Mermaid" on Melinda's blog - so looking forward to using them during the December holidays
  • I also won a R500 Naartjie gift voucher on the Rattle and Mum blog - love that!
  • I managed to book a shoot with the photographer we used the Groupon for last year (and the lovely pics in my blog header and side bars) and guess what? Not only could we find a time but she has a special running! I am so totally happy about it - yes, it will be too late for Christmas cards but we shall just use one of the images we took this Saturday and I will still have my lovely pics for the wall and photobooks. Saturday just did not pan out as planned -the kids were not co operative, the light was not great, everything just did not "gel" - if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

No rainbows and unicorns here today

Jip, just feeling very blah and tired. I guess it is expected after the very busy year we had. Work wise it has been hugely stressful and very very busy. I also found the decisions regarding Mr L and keeping him back very emotional. I am tired, run down and exhausted. Working late last night certainly did not help .I am also spoiled in the sleep department and Mr L waking up last night in absolute terror (something about a snake - he somehow is very scared of snakes and lizards and crocodiles) and struggling to fall asleep again.Grade 1 also kicked my whatsisname this year, but I think once we have been through it the rest will be easier to follow.But I know by now that every year around this time I take ans emotional dip - I just think the year gets too long. Does anybody else feel that way?

I have no inspiration for Christmas preparations and I am totally happy that we keep it as low key as possible. Same for holiday issues - we still have not made a real call on if and what we will do or any agreements with the in laws around December/Christmas whatever. The only thing we do know is that we are not going where we planned to - yes, we still want to go there, but next year when we know without a doubt that the boys are water safe. This year, I am too tired to worry if we go away and what we will do. I am totally happy staying home but I am under no illusion that the holiday will get very long for 3 little people and a break in space can be a good thing.For now, I am looking forward to spend time at home, organizing and so forth.

Same for my birthday - no inspiration here. We have our Bookclub's annual Christmas dinner on the evening of my birthday which actually makes it lovely to spend an evening with 10 friends for my birthday without organizing anything. Hunter is totally ok that I go and the two of us will do something special the weekend before as well as with the kids.

I had a whole post in the back of my mind about being a working mom as yesterday was just a total mess up of circumstances resulting in me not getting much work done (thus working so late last night) and driving to school and back twice during the course of the day, just and hour and a half apart. But let's leave it at that and get on with the ever mounting piles of work.

BTW - glasses still not found. Now he keeps saying something about the TV - we have looked everywhere there, and pulled back the cabinet, but we shall do it again tonight.

So anybody else not really into the festive season mood this year?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Safari again?

The week before last was rather "Princess heavy" . I spent a morning with her when she was sick on the Wednesday and went to the doctor, most of the morning on Thursday with the ballet exam and again on Friday afternoon with the drama Eisteddfod and she then spent the rest of it at the office with me. When I realized that she had a party on Saturday morning I took the chance to spend some time alone with my little men and treat them to a visit to Safari. To be honest we have not been in a while and I doubt if we will ever go again. The animal area was stinking even more so than the usual. So much so that I actually felt terrible. The service in the tea garden was shocking - it took us 15 minutes to place the order for two milkshakes and a cappuccino and another 15 to get them. Brought to us without straws for which we had to wait another 8 minutes. Although the boys certainly enjoyed the play area and jumping castle and the pony was as always a hit, I doubt if we will go there again. Certainly not to the tea garden. It was just one bad experience too many.,

But fun together we certainly had and each of the boys spent a while alone with me while the other one played around. As always, I have to share some pictures.

There was another set of twins in the animal enclosure.

So how was your weekend? Ours was good - a visit to the new school for next year for Mr L - more about that later, a very relaxing afternoon around the pool with friends yesterday and a lot of searching for a certain pair of glasses - still mysteriously missing.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Whats happening

This is one of those rambling type bullets every now and again just filling you in on the everydayness of our lives.
  • I have actually managed to read 4 books in September of which 1 is a very thick read. I also read Marcia's book - Marcia, I am inspired. Its been a  very very long time since I have managed more than 3 books a month.
  • I am totally addicted to Poetry's "house" fragrance - the one they spray in all their shops. Hence a bottle has found its way into our house and it smells all Poetry now. I also bought a beautiful little typical Poetry white and blue dress which I love.
  • I have 6 weeks of work before we close for the December holidays. Wow, where has the time gone to?
  • The weekends to come looks crazy up until the end of the school year! Enough said.
  • I have not booked a photographer this year. To be honest I was looking out for a Groupon or such but got so busy at work that I never checked. I have asked my awesome cousin/friend A who takes lovely pics to do us a small family shoot on Saturday. Here's hoping for the best.
  • The bookclub girls have made a decision to not buy our normal R30 Recession pressies for our Christmas gift exchange but to each make something themselves to exchange. I am making one of my mosaic crosses but was very tempted to do washi stuff - but one of the other girls is doing washi craft stuff.
  • I won a gift voucher for R500 from Ackermans yesterday - have you seen their blog? Margot alerted me to it and if you tell them what you think about it you may win a voucher too. Mine is so going to go towards winter clothes for the kids as soon as those are in the shops.
  • Last night I had to rush to my mom's place - she felt faint and could not get up from her chair. When I arrived her friends in the retirement village had already helped but I stayed over to make sure she is fine. I got up at 5:15 this morning to be home just after 6 in time for the morning rush. I did not sleep well so I am totally exhausted today
  • Me L's glasses went missing somewhere between dinner on Thursday night and breakfast on Friday morning. He and presumably the glasses never went out of the house. We can not find them - I am totally floored by this!Luckily we have his old ones for spares.
  • I am making a photobook for the ballet teachers from the Princess and one of her friends. I am enjoying it so much and I can not wait to see their faces. (Unless someone else got the same idea)
  • One of the moms in the Princess' class is making a photobook for their teacher and has asked us for photos of activities related in any way to the school. I am amazed at how much the Princess packed into one year. And I can not believe grade 1 is almost over.
  • Last Friday the Princess had the unprepared drama Eisteddfod for the year. Unprepared drama is much more difficult than prepared as they get given a story line and a few minutes to come up with a plan and then get on stage. I was once again amazed at the confidence and imagination the girls have. They got an A which is brilliant. Of course, someone wanted and A+ which no one got. Sigh. 
So what's happening in your world?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head....

We have had quite a bit of rain lately - those wonderful late afternoon and night time Gauteng thunder storms. Ever since the first rain showers this year a certain little boy has been asking for his very own umbrella. He just really wanted one so much. Mommy looked around but he was quite specific in his request - it must be a boy umbrella, and green to the boot. Then mommy stumbled upon something and on a whim bought two reasoning that it will certainly make him happy despite the absence of green.
Just look at how cute the handles are - the two umbrellas although both Superman, has different colours and designs.

And as to the green, well, he tells me the yellow is almost green, a very very light green if one looks closely.
Got to love this little quirky bear of mine.