Thursday, 30 May 2013

Here and there...

iPhone sunset with doves.

Or this and that. Just a little catch up on what's going on:
  1. Sunday evening/night was my Bear and the tummy bug. Poor kid. Sleep was not great for him and the parents.
  2. Yesterday I was called from school for our Lion who promptly was the next victim. Poor kid. At least he was done by bedtime and apart from struggling to fall asleep we all slept well.
  3. I am holding my breath for the next victim. Our Princess is the "tummy child' of the family so I bet she will be next. Or me - I have a sensitive digestive system
  4. We are in the midst of repainting the inside of our house. Hunter worked hard on it the week I was away and every bit of time he gets. I am helping where I can. I love how the colours came out and it is wonderful to get rid of the yellow based cream in the house and replace it with a lovely colour called Tranquil.
  5. I am totally amazed that Mr C mentioned that he likes the new colour that has some blue in it! Gosh that child is totally perceptive about colour and shades. This is subtle people - a very subtle shading. I would guess 90% of grown ups would not notice it at all.
  6. Mr L surprised me last night with a question about the way the ceilings and roof construction in our house works in a very simplified way. Sometimes I am so happy to know what it going on in that little brain that I often feel does not allow much insight.
  7. On that topic we have a series of appointments for him starting with a OT evaluation by a therapist the school requested. They (and we) feel we need to know we have everything in place for him to go to grade R next year and if not, where to send him if our school is not the right place for him. Then in October we are seeing a very specialised child psychologist that is known for getting to the bottom of kids difficult to diagnose or that has more or borderline issues (the appointment was made in February - kid you not). In the past I believed that the SID/SPD diagnosis was 100% spot on I am not any more. We need to make sure it is, or not. I am also still waiting for an appointment with his neurologist - who was full in February for the whole year and for whom I had to write a motivation for an appointment yesterday to be on the list for cancellations after initially being told I can just phone for a cancellation in the first week of May. I am wondering if we should try another one, but then he has history on him. (yes, of course I am quietly very stressed about his all - ok, now admitted it for the very first time) And of course the usual yearly Opthamologist appointment.
  8. I am trying to get to the gym in lunch times - yes, it does not give me more than 40 minutes to exercise but its better than nothing. (the gym is literally 5 minutes from the office)
  9. Saturday is going to be busy with the last games of the rugby season and the first games of the hockey season, as well as the usual horse riding which we are trying to squeeze in between this all. I am looking forward to spend time with friends we have not seen in ages on Saturday evening.
  10. In between all this work is busy and I am totally frustrated with total fools that sometimes cross your road. The time wastage just freaks me out. 
  11. I am still totally loving Project Life - totally - I have both week 18 and week 19 up on my Project Life blog since I last pointed you that way. I really want to continue to do this for years to come. It really makes memories so tangible even for the kids.
Oh yes and my friend Samantha van Riet who gave away the lovely books earlier this year now has a new feature on her blog - free printables to keep the kids busy. Perfect for cold winter days and evenings. Have a look here and she will keep them coming - there's a freebie button on her blog. Check regularly

So what's happening in your world?

Monday, 27 May 2013

So what's happening?

Around here things are busy - but what's new in any event? Work is busy, things at home are busy. Its the usual thing. And I guess life will not be that great without all these.

We are nearing the end of both the Netball and Bulletjie Rugby season with one tournament each to go. (and then the hockey starts). We are enjoying the last bits of what was a good season all in all. The boys are both getting a good taste of what it's about and really enjoying it. A has had a good season and all 3 teams are yet to loose a match. She also won a lollipop (awarded by the opposing team to the best player of each half) for her play as Centre this tournament - a new and very busy position for her.She also won one the previous tournament and I am glad for the positive encouragement this small token adds.

 The boys had the exciting opportunity to participate in the annual Loftus Bulletjie day where they (and about 5200 other little boys) got the chance to play at Loftus - the big stadium that is home to the Blue Bulls. It is just the cutest thing you have ever seen and it was an exciting day for all.

So how are things on your side?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

So yes, I took a break from the family

It was a first to me and to be totally honest, I loved it. I loved being able to only think for me and not for another 3 little human beings just for a few days. To for a week not go through the day to dayness of packed snacks and remembering activities. To rest, get up when you want, do what you want. to do. But I missed my kids, above all I missed my Hunter who made all this possible. It was so very good to be back home with them.

In a nutshell, the above little heart that Shayne bought sums up the week. We could add "take long walks and eat a lot", but that's about it. It was such a great great time with the two loveliest ladies -Shayne and Lynette. Taking into account that I have only met Lynette twice and Shayne once for a few hours, there was possibly some risk involved. But really it was just wonderful - we just gelled as if we have done this many times before. As if it is the most natural ting to do. Which I am sure will happen again. We never ran out of conversation, but taking some quiet time was totally acceptable too. Food, coffee and dishes just happened. The time together was truly a blessing.

 I have to add that we had a great morning at the Camelot Spa in San Lameer and one of the very best back neck and shoulder hot stone massages I have ever had (thanks to my hubby) as well as a facial that really made a difference to my skin.

With that, well you know, photos. Imagine the amount available with 3 amateur photographers and a keen interest in Instagram. So sharing in general (some were taken by the other two ladies of course) our time together in pictures:
Photographers taking pictures of photographers
My favorite spot

Just beautiful - long long walks often

My macadamia nut waffle at Ramsgate's waffle house

Sani to C finish

Beach access passes

Love these two of my dear friends.

Friendship - true and great.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A breather.....

So here we are, in the nice and warm South Coast of Natal at San Lameer - truly at peace.

Yes, I am here with two fellow bloggers Shayne and Lynette- we met each other at the airport on Monday afternoon and since then its just talking, talking, talking. Well, interspersed with lots of laughing, a nice long beach walk, a nap or two, tasty food and a visit to the Spa. Not much reading done yet, but so be it. As we constantly remind each other, really this has happened! We have really been trying to get some time together for ages.

Here's wishing your week is a good one.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jip. Busy times

It's busy around here - very very busy - I have uploaded some of these photos almost a week ago. I have to share the one above of our beautiful oldest child, Puppy M now 11 and a half years old and still going strong. (And still naughty at times - believe me) She is such a great companion. I think this may be the best picture I have ever taken of her.

This week is utter chaotic busyness - partly just because it is filled with the kid's usual and unusual stuff at school but also because I am managing the office solo (business partner is on leave) and because I am going away next week. Yes my dear friend in the computer, my darling hubby will be looking after the brood next week while I relax with two friends. I have never done this before and am so grateful for the chance to rest and relax and catch up on a lot of talking. So very little blogging and blog reading taking place.

However I have to share some pictures of last week's happenings:

On the 1st of May public holiday we spent the day with friend K and the kid's teacher from their old school and her two kids at the park. It was a sunny, relaxing day filled with heaps of happy moments and lots of cycling

A had her first netball tournament on the Thursday before the wedding (thus almost two weeks ago) and they won all their games. She is happily playing in both the B and the C teams as is Miss K - the two seem to be joined at the hip.

The boys played in their first "bulletjie" rugby tournament - a version of rugby where no tackling is allowed and the tag on the side of the pants is ripped off to count as a tackle.I just love that they play in the school's rugby jerseys and represent their school even if they are not formally in it yet. The cuteness is totally overwhelming.

I also have a Project Life post up here.

Friday, 3 May 2013

As you get those golden days, you sometimes get golden weekends....

I am not talking about big one, holiday ones, being in exiting places, seeing new things. I am talking about those truly golden ones - just at home. Last weekend was possibly our best one ever to date. There was a glorious calmness over the household - maybe it had to do with the previous night's wedding and all that being done and over, possibly being a public holiday Saturday and no sports or urgent errands needing attention. Most probably it was because we chose to be relaxed, to give ourselves some time to rest. I think the attitude rubbed off on the kidlets. We will most certainly take a lesson from our own book for the future.
So Saturday was spent having a nice English breakfast at home prepared by Hunter on the gas braai. But mostly it was spent resting.

And like this: (gin and tonic for cousin A and me when she came to copy my photos of the wedding and hot chocolate for the kids)


Hunter was off to the rugby with visiting family here for the wedding and the kids and I collected pizza and watched a movie or two.On Sunday morning A just did not wake up on her own until very late and we decided to for once miss church. We had crumpets for breakfast and for the rest of the day :

The family Veterinary surgeon was in treating baby dolphins and puppies.

Mr C learned how to do a plaid (the coloured pipe cleaners worked so well - easy to work with and a colour sequence to remember)

 Mr L rediscovered his sticker book.

On impulse we packed a few picnic things and headed for a park with lovely bicycle paths and lots of stunning autumn trees.

 Where the puppies had just as much fun as the rest of us had
 Where lots of cycling happened.

Rugby and hockey was practised

 And a lot of fun was had in the Autumn leaves. All totally for free.

Afterwards we had home made burgers for a very late lunch/dinner and a swim at the gym. It was a great great weekend. Simply golden.
This weekend has a very busy Saturday. Lets hope we can find the golden somewhere once again.

So do tell me which picture is your favorite.(Mine is Lthrowing the ball for puppy M and the very first one)

(BTW I have added a Project Life post here )

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Good one Mr Murphy!

Ah you know, some days....

So last night when the boys went to sleep Mr L started crying, and then showing Hunter that his right ear was sore. He has a cold the last 2 weeks and he loves to have his head under water in the bath and when he swims (which is still at least weekly). So we added some Swimmers ear to dry it out and gave him something for pain and fever. The night was restless to say the least, Hunter took the biggest brunt of it with the little man. Adding to it all is that the whole area's power went off at about 10 pm and was not on when we had to get up and going this morning.

Where Mr Murphy stepped in really well though was that Nanny L had a pre scheduled appointment at the clinic this morning - arranged months ago. So I had no choice but to bring Mr L with me to work and then take him to the doctor. Turns out he has a very bad ear infection in his right ear and has already spread to the left- she was astounded (as most doctors usually are with him) with his very high pain threshold - the ear drum is on the edge of bursting!

As it turns out the doctor never arrived for Nanny L's appointment ( I promise) - she was furious, I am incredibly calm because, guess what, the child I thought I would never be able to handle at work is doing so well. Maybe the fact that he is sick helps - but he is just the sweetest thing. Friendly, charming, good manners and playing iPad or colouring away on his blanket. At the moment he is lying down - maybe a nap? I am totally sticking my tongue out for you Mr Murphy - oops,. should not say that.

BTW we had a lovely day yesterday - the weather was beautiful for an outdoors Labour day.