Monday, 26 August 2013

So in the next 2 weeks....

it's silly season. No really. Get this list:
  • Two separate revue rehearsals for two separate kids on two seperate evenings (A & C). It's revue year at school - only once every 4 years, but still.
  • 4 days of ballet course (A), one day followed by the school's  big yearly festive event, one by a hockey match or two and one by her drama Eisteddfod with only 30 minutes in between the two events.
  • Said festive school event for the whole family where I am busy designing posters for the grade 2 stall.
  • English speech festival (For A)
  • A school outing (For C)
  • Spring picnic (For C) 
  • Early mornings at school on 3 occasions for team photos (all 3 kids) and one late afternoon (A)
  • One Granny day at school as seeing that we only have one granny in Pretoria I have to help and attend to make sure both my boys have someone at their little event, followed by a picnic with granny where I will have to help out.
And..... what? That's it? Somehow I feel totally out of breath just thinking about it all.

But yes, work is busy, I am totally loving family time and I am reading whenever I can. I am also loving Masterchef SA. But life is busy and somehow blogging is taking a backseat. At the same time, I am still loving Project Life and although I am even behind on that at the moment, it is taking a lot of the urgency to blog out of my life. Recording such lovely details of day to day stuff is so enjoyable and in the Project Life format we can all enjoy it as it develops every week. I am still surprised at how much I love the format and that I am not far behind. Also sad I have not done this years ago

In the meantime - the biggest "event" in the last week was Mr C loosing his first baby tooth.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sometimes a weekend is so awesome

That you simply can not believe its over and done with

A weekend where the bonds in the family just grew once again

A weekend where lots of laughter filled the air

Where the bush cleansed and fed your soul

Where the predicted cold front seemed to miss you

Where children were children as children should be

Where learning took place with fun and love

A weekend that leaves you craving for more.

Where most of all you discovered your children appreciate nature as much as you do. Where we all share a happy place