Thursday 27 September 2012

Dear son....(2012 edition)

 My dear little Bear,

Mommy stands amazed almost every day seeing you develop and grow. In the past year you have started to really get into figures and numbers, letters and drawing. While you used to love to colour, it is drawing that is your real passion now. And pottery - you love to make and create things. I am totally astounded at your knowledge of things you take an interest to - like everything space and universe related that by far outsmarts your moms.

I love to hear your little voice talk non stop, even though it usually means that you and your sister are having a verbal battle for attention.I love to see how this weekend you adapted to the social scene like a fish to the water. How you sometimes played with your brother and the other little boys but how you also enjoyed the company of the two slightly older girls. A real social player.

Mommy can not wait to see what the next year holds for us all. Mommy loves you to Uranus and back my sweet Bear.

My dear little Lion,

I am so glad that this year was a much easier one for you than the previous. That we could rejoice in so many new milestones achieved and issues dealt with. Mommy loves to see how you grow in class, how you sit and do a task, how you complete the jobs given to you. I love that you shout out right in the middle of a shopping trip "There's fireman Fred" or whatever letterlander you see. Most of all mommy loved to see you draw and elephant on your new magic board on Tuesday morning  - I had no idea that you could that.

Almost every day your brave courage and determination totally astounds me. I was so happy to see you play around this weekend, sometimes on your own as you often prefer, but very often as part of a group. It was great to see you take a small leadership roll with the two younger boys.I loved the determination you showed in mastering your bicycle on all terrains.

Mommy knows that the next year will be one that challenges you and us and I can not wait to see how you will grow. Mommy loves you as much as all the stars in the sky my brave Lion.

BTW - I love that top photo. It speaks to me of a true brotherly camaraderie and love.

Saturday 22 September 2012

Saturday snapshots

So yes, I  missed last Saturday's snpshot linky but alas, sometimes life (and work) gets into the way of blogging. For this week, I had to search my old files as I have been too sick to think about taking photos and too busy to care. But I do like the little selection I have for you. The theme this week is Letters/words

The letter "q" - an easter egg hiddens in our little under tap water bowl
The letter "y" from, yes, you've guessed it YMCA from the Princess' ballet concert (she is centre front)

The letter "k:
And my word for the year, "Hope" which has stood me very well so far

Friday 21 September 2012

Friday stuff

So I am back at work today, for the morning only to try and catch up on some work left undone over the last two days. Thank goodness for wonderful staff and co workers and the trusty ipad, keeping me in touch with the most urgent of emails.

But let me give you a rundown of what's happening:

  • Today is the birthday of my BFF in Oz - I miss you so much my dear H. What about coffee and cake at Isabella's at 1? Amazing how you always knew that a friend is precious but that you only realize how deep that feeling runs when they are too far to share that coffee and cake with you.

  • It is also the birthday of my friend Mieks that tragically passed away at the age of 39 now 4 years ago. Her facebook profile still exist and it bring a huge lump in my throat to see how many of us still congratulate her every year.

  • The party planning for the boys is going full steam ahead and most of the shopping has been done. Now I need to pack bags, make cakes and do the theme stuff.. I was caught a bit off sides by Mr C - I presumed they would both like the nice rocket cake (similar to the invite) I planned but alas, no! He informed me that he wants a solar system cake and proceeded to draw the solar system for me as an example. After a lot of weighing of options and talk we settled on a planet cake, and he choose his favorite planet, Uranus for his cake (who has a favorite planet, I mean really?). Anyway, it has to have exactly the right amount of rings and moons so I will have to make sure my research is 100% for my very particular Bear. Mr L of course loves the idea of a rocket cake. So it seems we have the perfect party theme to make both boys very happy. I have also managed to find sherbet for the party - the one thing they both asked for. (Last year it was those party blowers - they drive me mad so I am very happy it is only sherbet).

  • We have a plan in conjunction with the school for next year for our Lion. I am very happy with the way our school has treated the whole situation after initially being irritated with their insistence on evaluating him. I have to sort one or two details out next week and then I will tell you all. Suffice to say that I am more sure than ever that even before we knew we chose the right school for him by choosing the same one for our Princess. The Lord has wonderful ways of providing before you even knew you needed to be provided for.

  • Cameron van den Burgh visited the Princess' school last week (with a few other schools in Pretoria). He talked to them about winning, persevering, living your dreams and about doing your best, although it might not be the best there is. The Princess was delighted with her silver certificate for art in the arts festival (awarded the same day) although a friend won gold - do you think we have a break through? Maybe the lesson from and Olympian made sense? He greeted every kid personally - I am totally impressed with this young man who on Tuesday returned to the school to open the school's revamped pool.
  • As to weekend goals, well, I have one only - enjoy the peace and quiet of a weekend away with friends in the bush. I hope you enjoy your long weekend ( for the overseas girls - we have a public holiday on Monday celebrating the diverse heritage of South Africa - a perfect weekend to celebrate our natural heritage in the bush)

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday 19 September 2012


So yes, I am typing this on the ipad at home. I should be sleeping but my throat aches so much that I cant - waiting for the new pain meds to kick in. Yesterday afternoon I thought I had a bit of a cold, by last night I struggled to swallow and this morning I felt plain miserable. I hardly slept last night with an aching throat and left ear. This morning I popped into the office, made sure that the most urgent work will be done, had a quick meeting and made an appointment at the doctor. On my way there I stopped at Makro to buy the boys some Lego for their birthday ( at the moment they have 20% off on all Lego) . It turns out that I have a huge throat infection spreading to the ears due to a most probably seasonal allergy post nasal drip. I think my body just called it a day - the stress and pace of the last two months just got too much. He recommends 2 days rest. Alas, it will be hard to do at the moment. Tomorrow I have an important meeting early but am planning to come home afterwards and try to get better by sleeping it off.

Enough about me though - I want to share some moments I want to remember.

Yesterday afternoon after I picked up the Princess we stopped at our local Spar for a few things and as she stepped out of the car she spotted a R5 coin, which she immediately planned to spend at tuck shop. Then she saw the blind lady we often give a few rands to and decided to give her the R5. She told me it made her feel way better than the sweetie she would have bought. A moment I will never forget.

Sunday at the lunch table I told the kids how much I loved them. L looked at me and said " ek is lief vir jou" (I love you). It's the first time ever that he has said this to me. A few weeks ago he said it to Hunter, unprovoked, but I will never forget this moment. If one has waited so long for these words, they are so much sweeter.

Saturday morning I was busy showering C with kisses. This little Bear if mine adores his snuggles and kisses, but he looked at me and said "yeg!Gross" My first reaction was, this is too soon. Where has my little guy gone to? Not even 5 yet! And then I caught the twinkle in his eyes as he gave me a hug and a kiss, another moment I will never forget .

I can hardly believe that in just a few days my babies will be 5! Gosh, time flies. Cherish the moments.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Our life on Instagram - second week of September

Hi my friends in the computer - gosh life is super busy. I do not think I have had such a hectic work week and a half in a very very long time. Add to that a very busy home life and kids programmes and you get a wee bit of chaos in my life. Very little blog reading too. A lot has happened in the last 2 days regarding school etc but more about that - just not really ready to share yet.

We are going away for the long weekend with a group of friends and I am really looking forward to spend some time in the bush. But, I am also busy with the boys' party planning, getting presents and school cake ready for Tuesday, and we are only returning from the weekend on Monday night. I have to pinch myself very hard to really realize that our awesome twosome are almost 5! Heavens 5!

I did not get to do weekend goals or even participating in the Saturday snapshots (sorry my friends, but it is survival mode)
New family additions later at home.

SO how had your week been? And the weekend?

Thursday 13 September 2012

Our life on Instagram - first week in September and weekend stuff

Life has been busy, especially at work. With no end in sight yet. But alas, we move on. I hosted Bookclub Tuesday night and I am very happy with how it all went - will post about that soon. My BIL visited us last night from Cape Town so we have had 3 very late nights - I am exhausted. Tonight it is to be for me at around 8 me thinks.

On to the past week:

Day 49/365 Wednesday 5 September. Our first Iris in bloom in the garden
Day 50/365 Thursday 6 September. The first Spring rains fell the previous night - first rainy day of the season
Day 51/365 Friday 7 September With pocket money and tooth fairy money saved all 3 kids got a small Lego set (or 2 depending on the savings). Much fun !
Day 52/365 Saturday 8 September. Urban sunset on our way to fetch pizza

As per usual, I have a few more to share:
Love this light!
Lovely Irisses in the morning light
From snow to hail in 3 weeks!

We seem to have 3 mad chickens that have now decided that our driveway is a safe haven - yes, possibly from the other chickens but most certainly not from two Labradors. We shall see - in the meantime they seem to stick to "their: side of the fence.
As to the weekend goals, it makes me totally happy that indeed, with the help of Hunter, I made most. :

  1. Paint the one wall in the lounge  Prep work done over the weekend - painted on Monday
  2. Get the recipes and ingredients ready for bookclub on Tuesday night  Done by Sunday morning
  3. Cover my books, write them in the files and post on the bookclub blog (private blog) about the book choices. Still have not done the blog post - but the girls are easy about that so I may just leave it.
  4. Clear the glass table area
  5. Tidy the kiddies area in the living room
  6. Tidy above the two tall cupboards in the dining room.
  7. Go to hockey games with the Princess Due to wet fields the hockey was cancelled.
  8. Swim with the kids
  9. Buy the Princess new ballet shoes (urgent as her's are totally danced away and exams are around the corner)
  10. Participate in Saturday snapshots.
  11.  Buy napkins for Tuesday (rest of the table stuff is sorted)
  12. Finish the invites for the boys' birthday party. Did this on Friday during lunch time
  13. Fisih the bookmark gifts for the bookclub girls.
  14. Finish the Spud book If you have read the previous books you have to read this one!
A glimpse of the bookmarks I made

All in all a run I may never be able to repeat. We had a very tough week so far so I think this weekend will be a lot more relaxed! So expect nice relaxing goals.

Wednesday 12 September 2012


Is the big day
Tomorrow I will leave my boys at the "big school" for L to be evaluated for entry into the school
Yes, I am very nervous.
Yes, I do believe that it is unnecessary.
Yes, I need it to go very well and just be over so that I can get rid of the tension lying in my tummy.
And yes, I will let go and let God.

All your prayers and positive thoughts for tomorrow( Thursday).

Saturday 8 September 2012

Spetember Saturday Snapshots - week 2

So it's time for our little photo challenge again with Marcia and Mandy . I decided to do it again - take 5 minutes and take the 5 pictures like I did last week - but this time at our own home.

So without further ado - my textures and patterns:
Tree trunk in our garden - can you see the face?
Brick patterns and lines. Love the sense on perspective.

I edited this one in black and white to bring out the leaf pattern.

I love the textures on the sea shell mobile.

Lovely simplicity in the pattern on the pation table.

So are you playing along yet? And which one is your favorite?
Mine is the sea shells shot.

Friday 7 September 2012

Friday stuff

So, Friday arriced rather cold and rainy and I feel completely not like working, but alas, work we will.

So I will try to stick to goals, short term (well it's a beginnng) so this weekend's goals :
  1. Paint the one wall in the lounge
  2. Get the recipes and ingredients ready for bookclub on Tuesday night
  3. Cover my books, write them in the files and post on the bookclub blog (private blog) about the book choices.
  4. Clear the glass table area
  5. Tidy the kiddies are in the living room
  6. Tidy above the two tall cupboards in the dining room.
  7. Go to hockey games with the Princess
  8. Swim with the kids
  9. Buy the Princess new ballet shoes (urgent as her's are totally danced away and exams are around the corner)
  10. Participate in Saturday snapshots.
  11.  Buy napkins for Tuesday (rest of the table stuff is sorted)
  12. Finish the invites for the boys' birthday party.
  13. Fisih the bookmark gifts for the bookclub girls.
  14. Finish the Spud book
Huge list - making me totally jittery!
So what are your goals?
I think Marcia will set up something to join in on the Organizing Queen blog  - do join in there.

I am not going to be able to do a Mamaloves post today (pressed for time)- next week I promise!

Thursday 6 September 2012

This and that

So how is your Thursday going?

We had our first Highveld thunderstorm for the Summer last night. It was spectacular  - true to tradition. Lots of lightening and thunder that woke up little 4 year old boys. But today everything feels fresh, but rather cool. We always get a cold spell for the first Friday in September - traditionally our office's Spring day celebration. We have promptly postponed it to next week.

I was up early this morning, on site before 8 to inspect for possible leaks in new area in my current project. Taking into account that for all practical purposes a rather big portion of a section of a functioning mall has only a bit of canvass over a future rooflight, the damage was minimal. I am much relieved.

I am also much relieved when I took the boys to visit the school this morning and L greeted friendly and both stayed with the teacher.  He confidently played with the bigger boys with Lego and C was shy and hiding behind the teacher. Sometimes you never know. I went to visit A's teacher from last year. Who told me that they think evaluating L is an overkill.

All in all I feel much better today - as if a big load of stress has slightly lifted (am I being too optimistic?) and as if on this rather cool day Spring is really in my heart.

I have had huge issues with my IBS lately but do believe that it is possibly the stress that has triggered it after a rather good run the last few months. I have started with my trusted pro biotics again and am going to buy another product recommended to me later today. Let's hope things look better soon.

Work is still hectic - there is no other word but in the interest of sanity, I am going to take lunch today and have a coffee quietly somewhere and read some Spud. Or on second thoughts, get those invites done

I have not done anything for the Boys' party yet - invites are getting rather urgent - the rest is fine at the moment.Venue sorted, the rest are easy.
So how is your day panning out?

Monday 3 September 2012

Our life on Instagram - last week in August and weekend goals

So how was your weekend? I have to say that we seem to be in a good space with the kids and weekends at the moment. Looking back over the last week:
Day 40/365 My Washi tapi order from Paperpeony arrived. I really would recommend her - excellent friendly service.

Day 42/365 Found this beauty in the office garden perched on a hedge.

Day 43/365 And we have silkworms once again - and thousands of them

Dy 46/365 I baked, the kids decorated. The best pre mix I have ever bought.
I have another Instagram lovely to share:

 On Friday I comitted to some weekend goals - so let's see how they went:
Goal 3

  1. Take good pictures of the boys playing rugby tomorrow. It may be a challenge as the Princess' ballet course is right in the middle of their game time but maybe. Done - not many action shots but lovely memories - seperate post to follow.
  2. Swim with the kids at the gym - did not happen -we had a great long lunch with the extended family so we had to miss this one.
  3. Have flowers in the house for Spring day tomorrow. Yes! Bought some when I took the pictures published yesterday
  4. Get my pictures of the week up for Marcia's link up. Yes. And I am already thinking about this Sasturday's
  5. Re organize and tidy and purge my clothes cupboard Epic fail - started with one sleve and abandoned.
  6. Re organize and tidy and purge my shoe cupboard Nope - epic fail
  7. Start on a mosaic cross for my moms friend who knitted lovely jerseys for the kids this winter. Not only did I start with one I finished two
  8. Bake something Although a pre - mix but possinbly the best one I have ever bought. (see day 46/365 above)
I am giving myself a 2/1 for the crosses so a 6/8 - not too bad.
Goal 7
Goal 8

Saturday 1 September 2012

September Saturday Snapshots

So, I have committed to play along with Mandy and Marcia for their September Saturday snapshots. The first week's theme is "colour" and I decided before hand to take new pictures as I have sadly been neglecting my photography in the last few months. By Friday morning I still had nothing, so I popped in at the flower seller accross the road from the Princess' school, took some pictures and also filled one of my weekend goals.Seeing that tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, I think it is very appropriate. So presenting you with a flower rainbow:




Want to join in? The themes for the weeks are:
 1 Sept - Colour (or color for the non-UK English speakers :)) - specific colours/ monotone/absences of colour
8 Sept - textures and patterns
15 Sept - sound (this is going to be fun - interpret as you wish)
22 Sept - letters
29 Sept - dirty/ messy

And just for a laugh, yes - I am also doing this: