Friday, 1 December 2017

Maybe this is a good time to get back here

Its the first of December - a time to start winding down and feel the festive end of year spirit. I am not feeling it - at all.

I am not lying when I say that this has been a year straight out of hell. It's been hard - very hard - and the end is not in sight.The much anticipated builders holiday will not happen for me and I will have to work through it - due to circumstances out of my control. At times I am angry, at times I am sad, but mostly I try very hard to be positive. I feel as if life has spun totally out of my control and none of it is my own doing. But there has been a lot of positives that carry me through. One thing I do know - I have missed blogging!

So today I want to focus on the positives for the last part this year.

It has been a fantastic academic year for all 3 kids and I am extremely proud of all 3. I really can not make an exception for one of them - they have all 3 been stars. My mommy heart is pouring with absolute joy and pride.
Student council inaguration decor.

Our Princess was chosen for the Student council - or in the old terms - to be a prefect next year. I really did not expect this as she is in one of THOSE years with extremely strong girls in the academic, sport and cultural fields. But she made it and we are so very proud of her. Of course it means hard work next year which she will embrace and do her very best to prove that she was the right choice.

The boys had a very sucesfull Judo year and C has decided that it is his sport he wants to focus on. They also both had a very fun cricket tournament to end the year off and played in teams with wonderful team and sportsman spirit .

A really did so well with her dancing and even did her first lyrical solo with a high silver medal at the SA Dance schools championship. She has also progressed so far with her ballet that she will be on pointe shoes next year! A wonderful goal every little ballerina works for.

I have reached my reading goal of 36 books in October! It is the first time since we had kids that I have reached this goal so early in the year.  In fact -most years I fall short with a book or 3. I have read so many wonderful books - expect book reviews to resume soon!

With that I hope you have a wonderful festive first weekend of December