Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ahoy there mateys!

The boys got a late brithday present in the post last week, all the way from Dubai originally, but in storage in Cape Town until now. Early learning centre's Pirate Island Play Centre. We inflated it this weekend and I am not sure who had the most fun - but I have a suspicion it is the boy that landed inside and played the longest. Yeah to Early learning centre - btw only selected items available here in SA at some Woollies shops - and so expensive. They also got the felt set of pirates and funny faces (the Lil miss has had the ballerinas for a couple of years. Thanks Tannie Winell, Oom Werner and Madelein! Hours of fun ahead.

For those in the northern hemisphere - you can see that autumn is purely academical here -still very hot.
As always on a Wednesday, being wordful with Angie.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Prayer warriors needed!

When I started blogging almost two years ago, I did it mainly to establish a better contact with the other twin mommies who's blogs I have been reading. It very quickly became an outlet for way way more. Today, my blogging circle consist mainly of 3 groups - the MOMs (mothers of multiples), the South African crowd and some arbitrary girls that I have found common ground in some way. The friends I have made along the line has proved so precious. When they suffer, we direct out thoughts and prayers towards them, and in return, they do the same for us. So today, I would like to call you up for prayers and positive thoughts for 2 of my blogging buddies who all particularly need your prayers right now:

Lynette at "A work in progress" is one of my South African friends. Her dear son Wynand is desperately sick with an inoperable condition. Please please pray for him and his family. In particular also for Lynette who as the mom has to keep everything together - you all know what that is like.

Jessica Kate, the mommy of Tuesday , one of a pair of twins, is struggling right now. It's been a bit more than a year since Tuesday passed away and the family is suffering. JK in particular is suffering - just read this post - it will speak straight to the heart.

I know I can count on the Prayer Warriors throughout the world to answer this call.

Monday, 29 March 2010

To all the single moms.

Every couple with kids have to make some decisions that will shape their family and themselves for the future. You have to lay down the principles to which your family subscribes. Religion, values and discipline. Part of this is the decision that being a parent does not exclude you being a person. The person with whom your partner fell in love with initially. Hunter and I made that decision a long time ago. The practicality to that is often a bit more difficult.

So it was that with my full blessing and encouragement Hunter left on Friday to guide a trail in the Pilansberg - one of the things that defines him and that I seriously love (and find very sexy by the way). And so it was that is was a solo weekend for me with the kids - which I feel is getting easier and easier every time. Actually it went relatively well apart from Saturday night and Sunday morning when the wheels came off - really hard. Found myself with two hysterical boys in the shops and just gave up. Just came home without what I needed to get done. And all was fine again.

It really boils down to a support system and good planning. I try to do the minimum apart from just being with the kids and keeping the basics clean and tidy. Nothing more. We go somewhere that they enjoy, we visit with granny, we play at home. We keep it simple. I leave the tasks to do, the baking and the organizing to weekends where I have my love to help me. Because believe it, I value him even more when he returns.

And then there's the support. Granny came over both days at nap time to give me a chance to nap with them. It helps tremendously. My cousin Ananda also came over on Saturday night and helped to bath and put kids to bed. Never mind that Little man L spent the night with us downstairs watching Paris Je Taime nogals, but that's the least. We had a lovely meal and great DVD to watch and a bit of company - he was so sweet.

Seeing Hunter come home on Sunday night, all tanned, smelling of the bush and bringing great stories just makes my heart jump out of my throat. Despite a very difficult bedtime leaving us with very little time for ourselves, it was great to curl up next to him and wake up this morning with the sound of rain. The first thought in my mind was what if? What if he did not come back? What if I had to face another week, another weekend on my own with the kids? Because that is what would happen if I was  a single mom and I did not have a supportive partner to share my parenting duties.

Single moms, I salute you. You are truly the heroes of the world. I bow down to you.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A morning at Safari nursery - Saturday snapshots

We had a delightful morning at Safari nursery. We were there at 9am and the kids played a full hour and a half before anybody showed any indecation of not being 100% happy.
What I love about this place is that it is free (of course we do support their tea garden afterwards with a couple of chocolate milkshakes) and safe and enclosed. It is also super clean and neat. It houses a big jungle gym on a huge sandpit (we always take a couple of plastic animals and cars along), all surrounded by the animal cages that houses bunnies, chickens, pot bellied pigs, mountain goats, birds and monkeys.

It was a fun morning and afterwards we all had a nap, granny included.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday - 26 March 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie

Hosted by Chris
This is an engineer that works with me on a project. He has a wacky sense of humour and speaks pure Pommy (strong accented British) - not English.
Princess and her daddy went to an Exclusive Books children's book month event. She chose her princess dress and they had a stunning morning together.
Mareli's beautiful understated table for the double birthday lunch.
Puppy B sleeping in the sun. Notice how gray she is turning around the muzzle.
We finished this building a few years ago and it is now being published in a book. I went to take some new photos but the owners have neglected it so much and have done no upkeep. Now I will have to use archive pictures.
Joy in a box. She is all about drawing right now.
My cross for the week is a brand new one. I just edited the background.

Thursday, 25 March 2010



If I could I would...sleep
If I could I in bed with a book, and no kids around.
If I could I in a beautiful bit of nature, meditating.
If I could I in a yoga class.
If I could I the best curry ever at Geet.
If I could I walking on a beach hand in hand with my sweet.
If I could I having lunch with a friend.
If I could I to have a super neat organized home.
If I could I to my dad.
If I could I crying, cleansing the soul.

So what would you be doing?
I am tired.
I love Hunter and the kidlets - and the puppies.
I taste coffee.
I believe in fairness, above all.
I hope we get some "us" time soon.
I wish I had more energy.
I laugh at Zapiro comics.
I feel a little wet nose in my hand.
I dream too little - nope, too much.
I smell rain.
I fear politicians will ruin the world.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A walk at the dam

Today is a special day in the blogging world in South Africa. Bloggers have been asked to speak out, in principle,  about the freedom of the press. I have chosen not to publish this today, although I do support the other bloggers in this campaign. I have just been hurt before by some unwelcome attention on a semi political post (since removed) in the past and have chosen not to have the search engine attention this is bound to generate. This is my family and my little space - I'd like to keep it this way. If you are interested, please go and read at Laura's.

On to regular posting:
Wordful Wednesday.
On Saturday we took a little walk at one of our favorite spots - Struben dam where Jenty took our lovely family pictures last year. With the great rainy season we have had, it is truly beautiful.
We also visited our other little bit of nature, the Faerie Glen reserve on Sunday - so in my books, a great weekend.
All pictures with my trusty little Sony Cybershot and not the big boy Canon.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Double Birthday .

On Sunday we celebrated my aunt Helena's 75th birthday and Hunter's at my cousin's place. It was a lovely relaxed day (apart from two very busy boys running all over the place.

The Lil Miss and Simon were trying to launch the inflatable plane into the pool. It took quite a bit of teamwork.

And because there are so many great two-somes - playing along with Debi.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy Birthday my love.

Today is a very special day. My sweet Hunter is turning, well, 30 something! There is no way that I can truly express my love for him.

My love, thank you for being the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for being the best father ever. And thank you for loving me.
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

This morning...

Is such a different type of morning. In stead of not being able to spend two minutes on the laptop as per usual (and being so irritated about it) without at least one irritated kid on my lap, I have read, moderated and even played around a bit. Because this morning they are playing, all 3, happily together or on their own. Once in a while one will come for a quick cuddle or a chat, or to ask for a drink or a snack, but basically I am doing what I want and peace reigns.

My, they are growing up fast!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Firday 19 February.

Mommy's Idea
It's Friday and time to get the little its and bits out of the system:
  • My cold is worse - is that even possible?
  • We had an excellent night out last night - dinner at Blu Saffron and a great concert by Matthys Roets - a South African folk singer who was paralyzed after a motorbike accident almost a year ago. All the money went to children's charities.
  • Monday is a public holiday - triple yeah! I need it.
  • I had so many questions on my Blogtrotting South Africa post that I will do a Q&A post sometime to answer. In the meantime, if you have not seen it and want to know about my country, do take a look here. You are still welcome to ask away for today.
  • Have you seen this? SHOUT! Have you contributed your R20 and got the song? It's my new ringtone. For the international peeps - go check out the best of South Africa's musicians song agains crime - click on the link above to Youtube - I think it's excellent (and you see Arno Carstens - sexiest man alive). Ok my Sweetheart, the second most sexiest man alive.
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie

Hosted by Chris
12 March 2010
She was singing: "I've got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night..." The kid loves the Black Eyed Peas - I suspect that great video of "Meet me halfway" has something to do with it.
13 March 2010
I have so many great pictures from the party, but this one is without a doubt my favorite. 
14 March 2010
I had a tummy bug - Hunter got these for me when he and the kids went to play at Safari nursery. They are still beautiful this morning.
15 March 2010
What! A flash picture! Got The Boys some winter stuff and asked them to fit one shirt to check size - then they did not want to take them of (and it was hot!)

16 March 2010
Got my new glasses. Check out the funky case.

17 March 2010
The Lil Miss came to work after ballet and she and Adele really became great friends this afternoon.
18 March 2010
Cross for the week: this one is small and I wear it around my neck. It is handmade in silver with a polished amethyst on a chain of polished amethyst and old Ethiopian silver beads. I have had it for 17 years and am still wearing it whenever I can get away with purple around my neck.