Friday, 29 July 2011

So it is all so very real....

...this grade 1 thing. We went to the open day of the school today, along with so many of the Princess' friends from grade R at the same school's pre-school. As I listened to the school choir, and all that is presented, I felt this heaviness in my heart - this very real moment. In just 5 and a bit months our baby will be in big school.

After an extensive tour and seeing the whole school, the event was over and I took the Princess and friend N to a local eatery for a milkshake - only to bump into several other moms with their kidlets.

Now, we are blissfully home with friend N- I did a bit of work and then tried my hand at face painting. Now I am going to rest and relax a bit - bonus afternoon.
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Thursday, 28 July 2011

A high tech question from a low tech me

So here's the thing. Since my smart phone was stolen a few months ago, I have been using a very simple phone we have in the office.I can tell you that apart from the obvious down sides (not getting your social media on the phone, work emails etc) there is a huge positive to it. It is hugely liberating! I have to admit that we are becoming a race of divided attention seekers because only now do I realize that I pay attention to what people say, I am not forever fiddling on my phone too. So I am fully intending on limiting my phone use when I have a smart one again. But I digress....

I am not the most clued up tech person around. I have way too many other things going on.So upgrade time is looming (yeah, I can not wait!) and now the question rises - what phone? Obviously we are faced with 4 choices - Blackberry, iPhone or Android (and then, which specific phone) and the outside horse of Windows phones. I hear that the trend forecasters are already counting Blackberry's days (and see that my beloved Nokia brand will disappear in the next year or two - or nto depending on the Windows OS issue). So what do I take? I get the very nice free BBM idea and browsing of the Blackberry but I hear that one can structure your package accordingly and the others will have very effective browsing to and with WHATSAPP the whole BBM thing seems overrated?

My basic needs apart from phoning is work emails, social media and I always like to have a good camera. And yes, I know that maybe for Instagram only I would like an iPhone.

So please, even if you never comment, give me your opinion on this one.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A girly dream party

On Saturday the Princess was invited to K's party. and wow, was it just a dream for the little girls.
The cake was a dressing table with cupcakes totally OTT around it.
The food table was brilliantly decorated with all things girly.

There was also a second table with mysterious pink bags.

It turned out to be a pamper party for the girls - they got a A3 paper with the steps laid out and had to place their products on each step and then did facials and hand treatments on each other, led by a wonderful beautician that really knows how to work with the girls. My word, they had heaps of fun and received full size beauty products to use at home as per the picture below, with a cute little towel.

The expressions on the faces were priceless.

After the little faces were properly cleansed, refreshed, moisture masked and moisturised, it was onto the hands and lipgloss and body glitter for the final touch.

To say the girls enjoyed this is a total understatement. They loved it! (and I got a facial on Saturday night too. Yeah!) Then they all got a chance to decorate a photo frame to add a photo from the day later.

After the candles and eating, they went on to explore the fancy dress props.

The pamper party part was done by Pite Pater - created for little girls with products that is good and soft on their skins. I think girls from about 6 to almost 11/12 would love it.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blast from the past post 1

So I have decided to feature a post from when I started blogging every week - as many of my current readers did not read my blog back then. So from June 2008, there's this little gem:

Conversation on our way to school.

The Little Miss is in the 110's of questions phase. Our conversation in the car on our way to school this morning went something like this:
A: " Mommy, why does daddy shave?"... click here to read more

Monday, 25 July 2011

Some Monday bullets

So how was your weekend? And what's happening? Well in our world:
  • After 2 nights of relatively good sleep - well actually quite a few, last night was a bummer. I am totally totally lost in this department. I have no more advice or ideas.
  • The Princess has joined a once a month art club - a fantastic idea. But a separate blogpost later this week.
  • She had the most amazing party on Saturday - my word, adorable. But a total blogpost to follow (hopefully) on Wednesday. A little teaser:
  •  Yesterday we baked a cake - a simple sponge cake with lemon frosting. It was a total hit with the whole family.
  • On Friday I am going with the Princess to her future school's open day - they are all going in their pre- school shirts with their moms (or dads). Grade 1 is getting so real now. I am taking the rest of the afternoon off - for me time or us time for her and me.
  • The Princess is hard at practice for her first ballet exam. Lots to take in and do. Hence I am going to take a DVD today for her to practice on.
  • I am so not looking forward to the cold that is heading our way. Come on summer!
  • We worked in the garden yesterday morning - all 5 of us. I love it! It is therapeutic and teaches the kids a lot.
  • I was at the worst course ever on Friday! Absolutely terrible. At least I earned one point. We have to earn a certain amount of points every year to stay registered as professionals. Really a schleb thing.
  • That shooting in Norway shocked me - I kept thinking how scared those kids must have been. I kept having flashbacks at terror exercises we had back int he 80's at school and that this must have been like a real life one. Amy Winehouse's death - no shocker. Really. I have sympathy for her beloved ones. But I feel no shock about it - were we not expecting it?
  • We have our first serious OT homework and I have not started with it. Looking for a second hand scateboard.....
  • My BIL and SIL are expecting their second little person - a boy child, much to the dismay of the Princess who was rooting for a second girl cousin.
  • We have our first clivia blooming. 
  • Many of you did not know me our my blog when I started more than 3 years ago - I am thinking of doing an "old post of the week"  feature showing you some of my favorites. What do you think about the idea?
  • And in blogging news - I am way way behind on reading blogs and commenting. I will get to it - I promise. 

    Saturday, 23 July 2011

    Scenes from a Saturday

    Biltong and cheese bread
    Chicken curry for dinner.

    So what is your Saturday looking like?

    Thursday, 21 July 2011

    Let's talk hair...

    Gimme head with hair
    Long beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming,
    Streaming, flaxen, waxen

    Give me down to there hair
    Shoulder length or longer
    (From the musical Hair)

    So let's talk hair - more specific, toddler hair. A subject that I think have plenty of mommies literally with their hands in their hair on a regular basis. It's not just the cutting - a drama in itself, it's also just the washing, the keeping clean etc. The daily combing of little girl hair, the ponytails and all.

    The boys are relatively easy for me - I cut their hair at home with a clipper (as I do Hunter's). We save heaps of money and I do believe the trauma is nothing more, but maybe less than at a hairdresser. I keep their hair very short but washing is also not without drama. The accusations of deliberately spilling shampoo in eyes never stops. Tears are guaranteed somewhere, even if it is only mommy's out of frustration. Just this sometimes, I have to admit, makes me stretch that hair wash to once a week. Yes I know, bad mommy. But I can only take so much hair related misery.

    The real drama of course lies in the locks of the Princess. She has a huge a mount of very fine hair - that used to curl but now only does so if coaxed with setting lotion and a lot of spongy curlers. But it tangles - always. For no reason at all. Leave it longer than 3 days without washing and you have huge tangles. Wash it, and automatically you have huge tangles. The wonderful de-tangling comb that my kind hairdresser gave me combined with de- tangling spray helps a lot. But the crying, fighting and complaining come hair wash time is always there. Now, having learned the lesson of being the "owner" of her own body, taught by well meaning parents and teachers as we protect our children from the predators out there, is bouncing back at me. Because now I have to hear: LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE! IT'S MY BODY! Whilst simply trying to comb out and dry her hair. Eish! And then there is the everyday mini drama of brushing and fixing before school.

    But long hair we shall have - I like a little girl with long hair. I also was a girl with long hair for most of my life. And she wants it long. So the fights shall continue. One thing I do know for sure - we will not be back at the length it used to be until we cut it shorter in December and once again in April. Shoulder length is fine

    So how often do you wash your kids hair?

     Oh gosh, and now I have that other great song from the musical turning in my head

    When the moon is in the seventh house
    And jupiter aligns with mars
    The peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars

    This is the dawning of the age of aquarius
    The age of aquarius

    Enjoy! And please do not swwear at me when at 2 tomorrow morning you still find yourself singing Aquariuuuuus! Aquariuuuuus!

    Wednesday, 20 July 2011

    A Lego party

    On Saturday afternoon the kids attended a Lego party - great theme for a 6 year old boy. And of course, most guests bought Lego as a gift - he literally had a Lego feast. 
    Great cake - but once again I noticed that the kids do not eat the sugarpaste coating.
    The table was so cute and those little coloured squares on the right - coconut ice. The party packs were primary colour bags with each kid's name in "Lego" font.

     When we got home the Princess asked me to take down my Lego - these are mine from my childhood. All 3 of them had much fun for the evening and Sunday. Just goes to show - after 20 years still  in perfect condition. Got to hand it to Lego - super durable and really timeless.

    March 2011 - Book 7

    Plaasmoord van Karin Brynard
    Plaasmoorde het nog nooit werklik in die Noord-Kaap hulle brutale verskyning gemaak nie, maar 'n jong vrou word op haar plaas brutaal vermoor. By dit alles neem die vee diefstalle in die kontrei dag vir dag toe.

    Aanvanklik wou ek dlag nie die boek lees nie want die onderwerp ontstel my geweldig. Maar op aandrang van 'n vriendin her ek dit 'n kans gegee en gelees en wat 'n storie! Heerlike karakters en 'n uiters spannende en ingewikkelde storielyn maak hierdie 'n heerlike en fasinerende lees. Gooi 'n bietjie politiek by en jy het 'n wenner.

    Dit mag onregverdig wees om die skrywer met Deon Meyer te vergelyk (aan wie sy erkenning as 'n mentors figuur gee), maar die boek vergelyk goed terwyl dit die unieke kenmerke van die skrywer toon.

    Sterk aan te beveel as jy van die tipe fiksie hou - 'n wel verdiende spannende 8/10  

    Tuesday, 19 July 2011

    Last night

    as we were busy, carefully choosing her outfit for school today it suddenly out of the blue, struck me like a lightening bolt. Next year she will be in uniform! It's her last year of careless daily play. Of digging through her cupboard to find that specific desired item - a denim waistcoat in this case. My baby will be in grade 1 next year. Gee, really she grew up way too fast.

    Sometimes you look at your child and you wish that they will outgrow a phase - something that might be particularly challenging. With her it certainly was the evening colic around 5 months where we had solid screaming for 2 to 3 hours every night. And possibly the mommy attachment issues around a year.

    But most of the times you wish you can capture the moment, hold them close and keep them just the way they are - just a little bit longer. As I am now.  

    This post was inspired by Tanya's post and my comment on it.

    March 2011 - Book 6

    The Venetian House by Mary Nickson
    This book was one of those pleasant bookclub surprises - you know, the type of books you will never buy, but on recommendation take out at the bookclub and then thoroughly enjoy.

    When Victoria's husband Richard, dies unexpectedly she goes back to Vrahos, the old family home where her grandmother lives on the island Corfu. It is her happy place - where she feels sheltered and share many happy memories. Patrick, a photographer of old and beautiful houses, manhandled by his selfish wife, is sent to document the magic of the Villa and it's owner.

    A multi generational love story, it reads with ease and relatively fast for the thickness of the book. A good and easy middle of the road type of story, but well worth the read.

    A super idea for a holiday read - 7/10

    Monday, 18 July 2011

    I won! A lot of books.

    I love to enter competitions but do not have a lot of time. So if I spot something and entering is quick and easy I do it. Last Friday Exclusive books launched a competition for a one minute shopping dash on their Facebook page - you just had to email your name, your local branch and telephone number. Which I did, but did not win. This past Friday they did the same - by chance a colleague was on Facebook at 10am when they put the competition out and we all emailed immediately. At 12:10 another colleague shouted from the far end of the open plan office that I had won for our local branch. Boy, was I happy. A dream for any book lover. It was followed by an email explaining to me what to do.

    At our local branch the manger gave me big bags and cleared the area for me for one minute. Initially I thought that I would get a lot of kiddies books for the next couple of parties, but there were almost nothing in Afrikaans and a lot of the English stuff was quite cheap (did some scouting before hand) So I decided to get a nice couple of coffee table books, and something for the kids. In 1 minute I got 23 items )21 books and 2 Indy girl audio books for the princess) to the value of R 3 040,00. What a joy - a lot of reading happened over the weekend and the kids loved their books too.Thanks Exclusive books !

    BTW - you should see that @Taste Marocco@ book - actually 3 books in a box - one about the place, one about the food(and recipes) and one about the architecture and design.

    July 2009 - book 22

    'n Tapisserie met klein diere van Erika Murray-Theron 

    Ek was aangenaam verras deur hierdie boek - ek het altyd gedink dat die skrywer jou tipiese Afrikaanse romantiese boeke skryf. Maar nee, sy skryf meesterlike stories wat ver buite die gewone raamwerk span.

    In hierdie boek ontmoet 'n uiters komplekse en diverse familie mekaar vir 'n soort van reunie rondom 'n vakansie. Die uiteenlopende karakters, wat elkeen op sy eie manier tot jou spreek, het ook uiteenlopende geskiedenisse, fyn verweef met mekaar. Dan is daar ook die geraamtes in die familiekas wat ontbloot word.

    Werklik 'n goeie en verrassende lees - 8/10