Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Christmas catch up no 1

(Yes I know it's long gone but I do like to show it as this is to an extend my visual journal)

We had an early Christmas get together with my cousin and his family before they left for the holidays on the 13th of December. We do see each other way too little and especially A and their S have such a great time playing together. He is exactly a year and a day older than she is. The little boys also adore the company of the bigger boys. We did a "one gift" exchange where everyone just bought one gift for one other person. It worked out so well. All 3 little boys loved their Lego robots and the Princess added a mini Lalaloopsie to her other one.
The table outside on the patio was just beautiful

The evening's "Piece de la resistance" was this cookie Christmas tree made out of star cookies decreasing in size.
They had two very funky Christmas trees inside.

I adore this shot - C's hand in Hunter's
 Family is so important - keeping the bonds and creating them for our kids are up to us. We all remember the good times we had with family as kids and somehow we just do not do it often enough these days.

Do you see family  (other than direct) regularly?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday, Monday

And I am back at work. Not 100% ready, but good enough I guess. It's been a tough week last week - I was not ready at all on Friday to work. I got up, showered and dressed, just to be crawl in pain again. I slept for hours and hours and still feel as if I can sleep another week solid. Maybe my body just need to recover a bit more.

So onto the last week in pictures on my 365 project:
Day 21/365 Monday 21 January  Boring meeting doodle - first for the year.
Day 24/365 24 January  Sick day survival pack - iPad, coloured pens, sketch book and book to read.
 So, hope your week will be great - I am just hoping for a better one than last week. Almost no party planning done yet (and it's Sunday), but luckily it is a low level party. Not stressed at all.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Not the greatest start

To the work year. So I am off sick, the second day this year and the year is not even two weeks old yet. Frustrating. But the good doc has assured me that I will start feeling better by this afternoon but have to rest. It transpires that the crappy tummy bug of last week has triggered a nice kindey infection . The pain is excrusiating. In fact yesterday and the day before is a bit of a blur of pain and foggy brains. But so be it. I slept the whole of yesterday afternoon, this morning as soon as the family left the house and the pain meds kicked in I slept some more to be woken up by a work call that I followed up on. I also sorted two other work issues out - the wonder of iPads and such. So now I am ready to pop some pain meds again and sleep some more.

Hopefully by tomorrow I can get to work again. So how are you?

Monday, 21 January 2013

2013 - Project 365 and this weekend

So once again I am trying to do a project 365 on the iPhone.I know, I always stop somewhere in the year when life gets too hectic, but maybe this year I will make it. I do find it nice to have a little day to day record without having my big camera around and to remember those everyday type of days too.
Spectacular double rainbow on Wednesday afternoon - intro into a weekend of rain.

The last week has been a tough one - Tuesday morning, only the second day of work, dawned with a tummy bug in tow. It took me 4 days to get totally over it. By Friday with only Tuesday off I was exhausted after an inspection on site and lots of walking, so I decided to go home and rest, just to get that dreaded school number popping up on my phone - Mr L was crying non stop in class. So I went to the school - the Boys have been in separate classes in the after care too as grade RR and R are separated. I suspected this was the issue after some words from him on Thursday. I got to the school and he was sitting there on his little rest time mattress quietly crying. I straight out asked him if he wanted to be with C and he said yes. The moment he saw his brother he smiled. I left shortly after and returned an hour later to two happy boys. Let's just hope that this is sorted out now.

This weekend has been a great one although it rained and rained forever. On Friday night we had home movie night with homemade pizzas and the kids watched Wallace and Grommet - the case of the ware rabbit (I love those two) and then the Princess and I watched Big Miracle while the other 3 fell asleep - what a lovely movie. Saturday morning saw her attending her friend N's party at Experilab - what a great party idea and the kids and I paid a visit to my mom. Saturday evening we went for a swim at the gym and homemade burgers after. Sunday was church and a lovely afternoon with our great friends S&I and the kids. The kids even swam in the soft rain. They baked a bread in die Weber, we had smoked pork ribs and the kids made their own roosterkoek. Really just a good weekend.

On to the first three weeks 365 shots:

Day 1/365 1 January. Campsite festive lights.

Day 5/365 5 January Eater is cosmos time - it was very confusing seeing cosmos in December. But pretty never the less

Day 8/365 8 January We spent most of the day at Zita park - our own little mermaid in action

Day 10/365 10 January Picked up the cupcakes at the home industries and they asked A to pick something for her own cupcake. Obviously she choose Hello Kitty (and a butterfly)

Day 16/365 16 January Sunrise as Oupa and Ouma goes back home.
Day 17/365 17 January MrL draws himself on the school's newsletter with the other friends already drawn. It's the first time ever I have seen him draw himself.
Day 18/365 18 January A Just Joey in our garden after a rainy day.

 So how was your weekend?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Back to school 2013

So last week Wednesday was back to school for the kiddos. This year we have 3 kids in 3 grades in 3 different sections but at the same school, which makes dropping off and fetching way easier. (You may or may not remember that we decided to keep Mr L in grade 00 and move Mr C to grade 0). It really went so very well - not one single tear, not one moment of clinging to mom. I think those prep days we had last year for the boys really worked wonders - they know which class they will be in and who will be their teacher. It really helps to put them at ease.

Our grade 2 though had to wait for the first day to find out. This year she was not disappointed. She got the teacher she wanted and has two of her closest friends in the class with her and one she is fast growing towards. (Her teacher is quite far along her 3rd pregnancy - so she only has one term with her - coming back the second term is one of the older teachers who was off for a brain operation - I am totally delighted that she will be with her for most of the year although not so happy about the two teachers in one year thing).

So how did back to school go in your household? Fine I hope.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My dear Princess

On Friday you turned 8.


How big is 8! Just the other day your were my sweet first baby. Your looked at me with that wrinkly little frown only newborns have. Now you look at me with courage and confidence. Ready to face another year. Last year you had no front teeth and I will always remember you that way on your 7th birthday. This year you are all long brown limbs and swaying long hair stuck in my memory forever as your 8th birthday look.

I just love your enthusiasm for life and all that it holds. I love how hard you try at everything you take on. Your determination is awesome.I love your warmth and the respect you show for others. But most of all I love your warm kind heart, especially to others less fortunate in any way. Your incredible hunger for knowledge still takes me by surprise and I love how you remember every little bit gained.

Your passion for animals and nature is truly exceptional. I think you may be the very first little girl to ask for a party to support the rhinos for your birthday. Their plight is very close to your heart and I love how you now not only (still) want to be a vetinary surgeon, but also one that specifially looks after rhinos (and be a field guide and a pilot and many more things)

Mommy loves you as much as all the tiny grains of sand on the beach and right to the very bottom of the ocean and back.

Happy happy 8th Birthday.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Back to work 2013

So today the usual run of the mill starts for me. Back at work and back to the routine. It promises to be a busy year, but maybe not as stressful as last year. I am ready to take it on!

I will never catch up with all the blog post I missed, but so be it. I of course have much much to post about and share but for now, my favorite photo of our time at Mtunzini on the Natal North coast.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

And so another great December holiday comes to an end.

Well, for the kids. I still have 3 great days before my work year starts. I have lots to share but for now, let's just say that it is totally amazing just how much kids develop in one year.  For the first time ever since we had kids, I had the chance to help Hunter pitch and break camp. For the first time ever we had 3 kids playing in the sea and swimming in the pool amounting to total water happiness and beach joy. For the first time ever one week of camping was way too short. Now we will head for 2 weeks or so. Our time at home has been fun too. Lots of friends and family, swimming and playing. Time shared together.

So here's to the 2013 school year - 3 kids in 3 grades will hold its challenges ( hence I have a great calender change this year from my usual one to allow more space for notes) but I am embracing the challenge with open arms. I am holding my breath and praying that the boys will adapt well- in a new school,and separate classes - the first time they will not be together. Here's wishing you the very best for you school year ahead.