Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Two for Two-sday - my little piggies.

Playing along with Debi and Deanna as per usual.

Presenting my two some of hands elegantly adorned with Winnie the Pooh plasters. Great look, don't you think?

The harsh reality is that I am really batling with winter hands this year. It is always a problem - this year it is even worse - currently it is freezing here - well, in our terms which to compare is probably California terms. I have two fingertips with big gashes, and another with a small irritation. Most of the rest have the chapping of skin around the nails. Mr Spellchecker is working overtime - try typing with band-aids, or with sore fingers without!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Makes my Monday -Ups and downs

Playing along with Cheryl - what a great way to start the week.

Oh this last month has been tough - with Hunter's exams, my mothers recovery and a sick Little man L, I am hoping July is much much better. We also had our little midnight run-in with the geyser. (and the resulting stain left)

Little man L had his 3rd visit to the doctor on Friday afternoon and is currently on his 3rd course of anti-biotics in a month. He now has gingivitis - poor child, caused by a lowered immune system and the previous two course killing all the good bugs and the pro-biotics not adding enough good bugs. He might also have somewhere along the line got a nappy bug into his mouth - not impossible - this is the guy that undresses himself, including the diaper. We also spent the night up with him puking his lungs out, but this seems to have subsided this morning. To add injury to the insult, I had to take all 3 kids to the doc on Friday - nobody to look after the rest. And as I was taking the Little Miss to the toilet, who comes out with the paediatrician, each with their very first suckers! Gosh, did they enjoy it! (I would have stopped her if I was there , but what the hec - they loved it) And the 3's behaviour was excellent - so a reward was ok.

But this all just serves for background to lift out the positive about this month:

Yes, this is our friend Stefaan with his daughter Tessa, who 10 weeks ago was a complete paraplegic and was busy helping Hunter braai on Saturday night. He walks with two crutches and is struggling with bladder control, but her is alive, mobile and with his family and partially returning to work today. Little Tessa is adorable and 100% normal after given a 1:50 chance for Down's syndrome. God is truly good. Now if I can only have 3 healthy kids it would be great! Oh and our Springboks defeated the British Lions in rugby and off course, the USA soccer fans know that they just lost to Brazil in the Confederation Cup finals played in South Africa yesterday.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Debi's Baby Picture Sundays - the heat is on!

I am so glad that I saw Debi's theme early this week, so I can play along. In general I do not get time to blog over the weekend so I pre-post these on Fridays.

As you might, or might not know - we are currently in mid winter and yikes, today is freezing (well in African terms) - with a zero C minimum and 13 C maximum it is about as cold as it gets here. So great to take out that summer pics - the heat (was) on! At least, come December we willbe basking in summer and you guys will be much colder than what we are right now!

January this year - the little blow up pool and the kiddos having great fun. Last year the boys were still so tiny, we only tried it once, this summer they loved it.

The Little Miss - about 8 months old in one of her favorite places up to today, on daddy's shoulders, loving the summer sun.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday photo finish fiesta - abstract

Time once again to head over to Carrie's. This is one of my favorite weekly dates as you see so many great (and often short bits to read) posts and pictures. Do hop over there and join in the fun.

Just some rocks - Verlorenkloof.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Playing along on a Wednesday (as per usual) with Cheryl at Twinfatuation and Angie at 7 Clown Circus:

We have a long tradition in our extended family to get together on occasions and off course, there are always photos involved.

Timeline: Christmas 1973 (We think)
My age: Just 5, my two boy cousins right at the front: 7 years.

Cousins in the extended family: Front Gerrit and Johan, second row Petru and me, third row Theo Dallein, Ernst and Marianne, back row Andries, Carel and Theo.

And last weekend at Verlorenkloof:

Johan,me and Gerrit.

And in March at Komatipoort:

From left to right Petru, Marianne, their mom and Theo.

My, not only have we grown - we've grown old! Geez!

BTW, thanks to all who left comments yesterday and was concerned about me - I really appreciate your support. We had a better night last night - apart from having a water leak in our roof and Hunter having to climb up into the ceiling at midnight and turning off the water mains on the street. Fun times!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

It's one of those days....

where I keep doubting myself, doubting if I am indeed a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter. Days when you are so tired that you are hardly keeping your mind together and the spell checker corrects half your words. Days when you can not drink enough coffee to actually stay alert and the overdose of caffeine makes you slightly nauseous. Days when you wonder if God made a mistake to entrust your children to you. Days where you feel yo have failed your wonderful husband.

I just have to lift up my chin, get on with the day and believe that God does not make mistakes, God will help me through this. This too shall pass. Now if we can only get this sleep thing sorted out...

Two for Two-sday

Playing along with Debi once again!

My official Two for Tuesday picture - The Little Miss pouring tea for her and cousin Nicola.

Nicola had a tea party birthday party for her second and the kids loved the little tea pots, milk and sugar. If you were not a reader of my blog this time last year - check out her first birthday party which was the coolest I have ever been to and will also work for two year olds. Go have a look - it is well worth it.

Some more gems from the day:

Enjoying the jumping castle.

The party table - a tea pot (containing rooibos tea), sugar and milk was place for every 3 kids.

The teapot cake - cousin Surene made this herself. The cupcakes on cookies present cups and saucers.

The coffee pot cake - chocolate with marshmallow on biscuits covered in chocolate presenting cups and saucers.

No pictures of The Boys - they were with dad at the hospital having tests done as all this happened. Still not sleeping well and worried about Little Man L, but enough of that. Way too tired today to complain.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Makes my Monday - Daddy rocks!

Playing along with Cheryl - what a great way to start the week.

Off course, Daddy makes my Monday! Yesterday on Fathersday we treated daddy with crumpets for breakfast and a great traditional Sunday lunch - although he made the leg of lamb in the Webber kettle, I did all the rest. It was a great day and the picture above was taken when dad took his 5 kids for a walk and a play in the park - poor L was still not himself. (And I had a nap!)

Hunter is just the best dad ever - I could really ask for nothing more from a partner. I asked The Little Miss to tell me what each of them like most about dad and wrote them on separate chocolate covers for Fathersday. The comments were as follows:
The Little Miss likes most: When dad braais for her, "drukkie dans" - that translates to hug dance - he picks her up and does and old fashioned waltz with her and when he paints with her.
Little man L likes most: When daddy tickles him an throws him in the air.
Little man C likes most: When daddy head-bangs with him and jump dance (their own version of disco)

Hunter -you rock my dear. We all love you to bits!

Also making my Monday - after a battery of test over Friday and Saturday, Little man L's fever eventually broke in the early hours of this morning. This is the worst fever I had to deal with with any of my kids up to date having to medicate every 4 hours between two types just to keep it in tact. We almost landed in hospital! An unknown bacterial infection is what the doc came up with. Thank goodness for anti-biotics.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Debi's Baby Picture Sundays - all for Daddy.

I am so glad that I saw Debi's theme early this week, so I can play along. In general I do not get time to blog over the weekend so I pre-post these on Fridays.

Off course we are celebrating Fathers day on Sunday. I will always remember Hunter with his babies sleeping on his chest. He loves it, they (in general) love it. He even brought up the puppies in this way - and if I had a bit more sleep last night I would have remembered to bring the old photo's of that along to scan and also show.

But as to the human babies:

Dad and his little Princess having an early morning nap - she was about 3 months old at the time.

Dad and his boys, 11 days old, taking a snooze on the couch. Little man L on the left, C (still a bit jaundiced)) on the right.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Friday photo finish fiesta - horses in the late afternoon

Time once again to head over to Carrie's. This is one of my favorite weekly dates as you see so many great (and often short bits to read) posts and pictures. Do hop over there and join in the fun.

Today's picture was taken directly into the setting sun and I had no idea how the picture actually came out or what I photographed until I downloaded the lot (I took 6) and found this gem amongst them. I left it unedited.

If you want to see some more pictures about this little piece of Africa go look at this post for more pictures.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Playing along with Nicole at What a trip! on Thursdays.

Today has been hectic - really hectic. But as always, I have so much to be thankful for.

1. First of all, off course, for my lovely hubby who gave me the chance to get away, find myself again and rest a bit.

2. For my aunt for inviting us along and sharing her special place and time with us.

3. For good company and cousins loving to spend time with each other. Through the generations.

4. For great winter weather - warm sunny days. Also when we were on our
little holiday.

5. For the DVD player in the van - makes short change of a 2 and a half hour trip for a little girl.

6. Sleep, glorious sleep - what more can I say. Back at home we are still fighting the good fight.

7. For a hunting opportunity for Hunter in the not too far future - that will recharge his soul. And provide biltong for the little monsters to chew on while cutting those molars.

8. For the Confederations cup soccer tournament that South Africa is hosting - tonight in our city, the USA is taking on Brazil. All is going so well security wise and organization wise. This is our warm up for the 2010 Soccer world cup we will be hosting in less than a year.

9. For Hunter's exam that went well on Friday and for the opportunity for him to study.

10. And this is the big one guys- our friend Stefaan is walking (well, with crutches) and has driven his family to San Lameer on the South Coast for a 2 week holiday. Yes, he has been released from the rehabilitation facility but will continue with therapy on an outpatient basis - both physio and occupational.

And if you want to see more about our great little break - go check out the post below! I promise, the pictures are really beautiful.

Our little breakaway weekend at Verlorenkloof

Warning: Serious, but very pretty picture overload!

As most of you have already read, we really had a great weekend. It is so stunning when the cousins just play and play, not a tear in sight. And all the grown ups (including the two grannies) collectively take charge of the kids which means a parent has so much more freedom.

But, as per usual, I will give you the highlights in pictures!

Granny and The Little Miss at Milly's - enjoying trout pancakes on our way to Verlorenkloof.

The beauty of the place - the entrance to the Crofts.

View from the stoep (patio) of Croft 12.

Croft no 12 - our home for the long weekend.

My other cousin, Johan and his wife and 4 kids came over on Sunday to share the day with us. They live in Middelburg - an hour's drive away. We took a walk with the kids to the nearest trout dam and we all had a great lunch together.

My princess at the trout dam.

Running at full speed.

The next generation cousins - ranging from 12 years to 20 months.The 3 little monkeys in the front row all differ just one year and had great fun together.

Any fishies down there?

A rare appearance by yours truly and my little Princess.

Crocs are made for mud! Her's were the only shoes that were clean and ready to wear again in 10 minutes.

My mom and my aunt - SIL and friends for years.

The chefs - Jamie and Nigella were making lunch. The moms got the hint and made hot dogs.

Just thinking and talking....

Later the afternoon some of the grown ups took a long walk.

Just pretty.

Old stone ruins everywhere.

On Monday we took the 3 cousins for a picnic at the dam. They loved it off course.

The lowest dam - we are convinced that there are fairies living somewhere.

Crossing the "bridge" to get there.

Pretty old tree - just right for a picnic.

A bit of tears after a fall over a tree root on top speed - but all smiles after the picnic treats.

Cousin Mareli, Simon and Timu.

The 3 cousins - just have to publish another shot of this series - so cute!

Later on Moday afternoon The Little Miss went horse riding (the cousins were not interested)

The horses' name is Sixpence and she was led by Jonas - a schoolboy doing this as a holiday job.

My little equestrian - like mother like daughter.

We also met some adorable calves.

And went to see how a dairy worked.

On Tuesday we had a late breakfast (after I had a solitary walk) of french toast on the stoep.

Gosh, it was hot in the sun!

Last conversations between The Little Miss and cousin Timu.

And my little Princess just before leaving.

I will always treasure this break away, the quiet and peace, the healthy mountain air and water and time spent with family.