Tuesday, 31 May 2011

We had such a great weekend...

A weekend where we both took some time for ourselves (me rather more than Hunter) and where the kids just fell into the whole plan.

On Friday night we watched Noot vir Noot with the Princess - her fav thing to do. After that we tried to watch a DVD but truly, years of sleep deprivation does not go well with a toasty couch and cuddles with hubby with a DVD. I just gave up and went to sleep.

Saturday morning Hunter did a quick Boeremark run and I was just in time at the hairdresser at 10. After a cut, colour, highlight and blowwave, I did a bit of shopping and phoned the hubby to confirm that I can do the grocery shop (timewise). He told me that I can as it seems like the kids are going to nap. A few minutes later he called me to say that we had 3 sleepers and would I not rather like to see a movie! What a question- 10 minutes later I was sitting in the movies watching "Water for Elephants" I really enjoyed the movie - beautifully filmed. Beautiful Robert Pattinson is surely something for the eye and Reese Witherspoon is a fantastic actress.I felt totally re-charged as so happy. It was really just what I needed.  I got home just in time to help wake up the two that was still sleeping (A and L). Thus we had a rather late evening watching rugby and eating tomato soup and hot dogs. Then Hunter (very lightly assisted by me) did some wonderful DIY stuff for me, for which I am so totally grateful. We went to sleep at about 12:30 and had a total sleep failure night. One of those nights when L is awake for 3 hours.

Sunday morning Hunter went to work at church (he does the slides for the family service) and I kept the three kids at home as 2 were rather coldish. He returned from the shops with beautiful flowers for me and we had a quick braai with a friend after which Hunter met an old friend and caught up some good time with him, just to return in time for bath and bed for the kids. Back at home L and A napped but C, our generally good napper (and the only one that does so at school) did not. So we spent some time reading and I managed to finish Wolf Hall at last. Surprisingly we had L sleeping through on Sunday night and last night . (No, I should not mention it, I know Murphy reads here).

One needs weekends like these - we really do.

Monday, 30 May 2011

WIWT - My edition 2 and the Princess edition 2

I have much to tell about a lovely weekend, but after the comments on Saturday's post and the Princess' outfit yesterday, I though I'd do a double WIWT edition: (and what about showing us what you are wearing today?)
Today I am wearing: Teal patterned long sleeve top (Woolworths last season) under teal coloured thin knot dress (R99 from Mr Price- kid you not), black leggings (Edgars) and long black flat boots (Solomons) with gray cardi over (Zoot - last season). The necklace is from Ya-ya Menlo Park and is made by a charity project. I feel way better than the photo looks - I guess that is what is important.
Yesterday the Princess wore:
Summer dress as pinafore (Woolworths) with no sew tutu under (made by your truly) and pink heart tights(Woolworths) with pink spencer under (Wooloworths) The black lace up boots are hand me downs, originally from the USA. Faerie Wings from City Gifts and Toys..

Saturday, 28 May 2011

WIWT Princess edition 1

The Princess is a rather creative dresser if left to her own choice. She combines the oddest choices. This morning when she came down I just knew I had to do a WIWT series with her. So,this morning she looks like this:
Summer dress worn as pinafore - Handpainted by Emithini art wear Port Edward
Ski pants (part of a set) - Woolworths
Spencer vest (white and pink stripes) worn as a shirt - Woolworths
Pink and white stripe scarf - unknown origin
Red boots - hand me downs but originally brought over from the USA.
Shall we agree to call it creative?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Port Edward light tower

I have a bot of bloggers block, or just not much to say today. So, I revert back to catching up on those many holiday memories not shared yet - and make a nice Photostory Friday post.

On the last day of our holidays in April on the South Coast, we spent the morning at the beach (and not watching the Royal wedding) and after that, the Princess could choose a reward as she was really so helpful and good for the holiday. She choose (to my delight) to go to the light tower at Port Edward. It is a modern one, and not very old, but one can climb right to the top (which she bravely did, even tough the last bit is a cat ladder) and have a nice light meal at the cafe in it. It also sports a cool children's play area.
Sign on the gate post.

My favorite photo of the afternoon - this is taken in colour, not black and white, and I love the washed out colours (if you can call it that) on the inside.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Home is where your heart is ...

and so are your friends.
Some of you might remember that I have recently expressed my disappointment about friendship - that I missed my two best buds so far overseas (the one in Canada and the other in Australia), but also that I felt that I do not have many "girl" friends left . Possibly due to my own neglect being rather long in survival mode at home.

But the last few days have really been an eye opener for me. Firstly, I decided to hang the beautiful heart above that Shayne gave me when we met up during the holidays on our front door as a reminder that home is where your heart is. Now, it also reminds me that Shayne and many other of my friends in the computer are also in my heart and are friends indeed. And yes, I am going to make a plan to meet more of you when I get the chance.

Then, last week, I made contact again with an old friend who I have lost contact with when she and her partner split up. We are so going to make a plan to meet soon. And the same with two good school friends - it remains to see if the ties are still there. But the connections were made. I am under no illusion that friendships of 24 and 22 years and the love and shared memories are build in one year. But I can just as well start on new memories and love.

This morning was the cherry on the top - two emails below each other in my in box - the one subject line: Hello uit Canberra and the next Hallo uit Calgary.Indeed, my friends are where in my heart is, and my computer.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sometimes my mom is brilliant

A friend of my mom knitted the Princess a beautiful jersey and hat. It is truly beautifully done, only problem being it is in light green - a colour the Princess is not particularly fond of and I have to admit that this not a shade that appeals to me. My mom saw the issue, and decided to do something about it. Despite having rheumatoid arthritis and disfigured hands, she does lovely embroidery - hence, she enhanced the jersey with little flowers. Now the Princess loves it and did a little modeling session for me.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The weekend was such a busy one

 Gee, we had such a busy weekend, totally devoted to the kids, but I guess both of us will get our turns. For one thing, they had mountains of fun and 3 very tired kids slept well last night.
On Friday afternoon I went with the Princess to a party of twins in her school - the boy twin sits next to her in class and the girl twin is her best playmate on the school grounds out of her own class. So she was one of just a few friends from school invited to attend. I love spending time just with her somewhere and having a quiet afternoon, chatting to other moms over a glass of champers or wine. BTW the mom made the cakes herself!

On Saturday morning after my facial, the boys had their very first Sport day at school. The kids are divided into 3 "colour" teams via their surnames so that siblings fall into the same team. Our two was in the red team and we all dressed in red to support. Our little guys participated in 3 events:
Sack race (C only had to be helped the last quarter of the course)
Obstacle course:

 Ball and bat race - here we were amazed at how well L did all on his own! Even with one almost blind eye, he did superbly!

 And the Princess? She just loved catching up with her old chums at her old school.

 On Sunday the Princess' school celebrated celebrated their 10the birthday with a picnic and a show by "Oom Karolus en Lente" a local gospel pair. The kids truly enjoyed it tremendously.
10 balloons released for 10 years.

The birthday cake with cupcakes for the littlies in the back.
Oom Karolus en Lente.

 The kids had the most incredible time - he really knows how to get and keep their attention.
We ended off the weekend by taking the pups for a play in the park.
A busy, but great weekend makes my Monday.
Playing along with Cheryl.
So, that was our weekend, how was yours?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bonus day

Or that is what I felt about election day. For the first time since I was eligible I did not vote - my ID was just gone. Lost. But it took Hunter only about 20 minutes to vote and then he was off to catch up on work due to a day's leave and a day sick last week. So the kids and I have a great early winter day together and although I kept looking for that ID, we had a relaxing and fun day. I really feel I had the gift of a day with them, without all that the weekend usually brings.
So, we spent some time painting...

Playing and bathing plastic animals and insects.

Just relaxing on the hammock

And blowing bubbles (part of the SID exercises that all 3 the kids enjoy)
 Ouma popped in bringing cupcakes and later on we had a little braai. Almost perfect - if dad could have been with us it would have been 100% perfect.

Friday, 20 May 2011

WIWT edition 1

So the fabulous MelB today introduced "What I wore today" an ad-hoc thingy showing what you wore, the idea being on your kids being able to look back in the years to come, and I think sharing our fashion ideas are fab. I so enjoy Shayne's little fashion posts. So, in staying with the more about  me mood , here is what I wore today:

Floral frock (to use Shayne's words - I think both she and MelB has one too) from Woollies, black jeans from Woollies, Black T shirt top (Woollies), gray shoes ( 2 seasons old so I really do not know where I got them) and necklace by Miglio many seasons back. I love this outfit - it is my current favorite, but with leggings and boots. I just though today will be quite warm - mistake, the boots and leggings would have been better in this cloudy and cold weather.I have a nice warm jacket with me too.

So, join in too!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Just not really happy.

Up until yesterday, for the last few weeks since our holiday I have truly been feeling not happy. Really just not happy. My hubby and kids paid for it and I am sorry about that and plan to amend it. I can not explain exactly why, but so be it. I feel "mothered out". I feel absolutely unmotivated about my work. And then I feel like I have very little left but work and kids and hubby and home to take care of.

I know that Lucy being on sick leave and the mountains of washing is a factor.
I also know that Little Man L's very bad sleeping has both Hunter and me exhausted.
I know that his issues and us having to deal with them has put extra stress on the whole family.
I know that us having a tummy bug knocked us back.
I know that not being able to pick up the phone and phone my bud Hesti, fellow twin mom who has been there, done that, is a factor.
I know that feeling that I have very few "girl" friends left is a factor.
I know that the the lack of a support network is really a problem in our lives.
I also know that the dark wolf of depression is standing in the corner growling at me - and I know it is possibly stress and definitely season related.

Then a few things happened in the last 3 days that have started to turn things around for me.

I just could not find my ID and searching high and low really tipped me over about how chaotic things are in the house and how I really need to purge. I am starting on that today - in fact, did a small bit yesterday. I am already feeling better.

Hunter booked a facial for me on Saturday morning - bless his soul, and I am going to the hairdresser later that day. A pick-up for any girl.

In a month's time I am going to spend a lovely long weekend in the Drakensberg with my mom, my daughter, my cousin and my mom's friend and her granddaughter. It is going to be fun and relaxed and I am going to sleep. I have to thank my hubby for this.

Hesti emailed me - firstly giving me some advice and just telling me she knows what I am feeling. But also about her life now - and gosh yes, I am ok. She needs my support too. Amongst other things she told me what I knew - I need something outside of the house - an interest, where other woman are too. What, I need to decide but I have a few ideas.

My friend Elaine phoned me out of the blue for lunch today - it was so good to see her. So good to talk to her and to discover that indeed, she feels a lot the same.

I have also realized that no exercising is a huge mistake. I need those endorphins.

I am a bit of a "mars" person- I need to take action about things. I tend to procrastinate, and then, when I know what the issue is, I need to move ahead. So I am working on project "Be Happy" at present and I intend to make a list and work on it. For tonight, it will be to go to bed really early, but do one bit of de-cluttering somewhere where I can see and enjoy it.

My question is, looking at a few blogposts over the last week here  to name just one as an example, and it seems as if a lot of moms feel the pressure. Do you?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Do you remember that first crush?

The very first time a little girl or boy just seemed nicer than the others, and prettier? I remember with the Princess that it was around age 3 to 4 that a mom called me aside one afternoon, asking me if I am aware that I am going to be her SIL? It transpires that her little Tyler, age 4 and a half, has gone the Father Mark and asked him if he could marry the two of them soon. Father Mark relayed the story to her, telling her that Tyler said A would be dressed in a pretty long white dress and be as beautiful as Belle (Beauty and the Beast). Apart from the fact that I have always been able to see the resemblance, I was sort of shocked about the whole issue. Until I learned that it is pretty normal to have that first innocent crush at around the age of 4.I can not remember mine, although my mom relays many stories about me and a Ricardo who were huge friends and inseparable.

Someone in our house has his first crush. When we had our recent holiday at San Lameer, A met a school friend, Li of her's there, accompanied by her little sister, Le also 3 and a half. For Little man C it was love at first sight - he flocked around her when we met, he could not stop talking about her. Even after we returned he kept on mentioning her name. Imagine his joy when we bumped into the family at a party venue - the two bigger girls were there for a party of a school friend, and both families decided to bring the younger siblings to play at the tea garden. Her mom encouraged him to give her a hug - and here's the result:
I have to agree that he has impeccable taste!

Playing along today with Angie
On yesterday's post - I had a huge reaction. I will certainly attempt part 2 soon. I tweeted all the retailers, and guess what, only Woolworths came back to me, thanking me for the feedback. Goes to show, I guess.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My favorite (and not so ) retailers (part one)

So a while ago I told Marcia that I have something to say about Ackermans.The other day she reminded me about it, so I thought I will do you a run-down of my favorite, and not so, retailers. My joys and my frustrations. So here goes, without any prejudice:

I hate you dear Ackermans because:
  1. Your stores smell. I am smell sensitive and I can tell you, they smell. All of them.
  2. You are totally overpriced for claiming that you are a budget retailer. I looked for PJ's for the boys this year - you offered one set for R110, cheapest I could find was R99 - gosh, at Woollies I can get two sets for R 160.
  3. Your tracksuits make those pesky little balls after one wash only! Kid you not!
  4. L's one top's zip broke after 3 uses - not on!
  5. Your younger girls range end at age 7 - my Princess, although age 6 wears size 7-8 clothes. Your offering for that age group is rather pathetic, bordering on sexy. Black and studs etc. She wants pink and flowers and Hello Kitty.
  6. To return something is like extracting a tooth - and you are always made felt as asking too much to exchange anything.
  7. When you return or exchange something or whenever a supervisor is called, they do not greet you, or meet your eyes. They grumpily just talk rather irritated to the cashier, in a language you do nto understand. It's rude. Ok.
My rating for Ackermans: 4/10

Pick 'n Pay:
I love you Pick 'n Pay because:
  1. You have Smart shopper cards and give me Vitality points and cash back on my Vitality card.
  2. You exchanged and old lady's broken pack of biscuits the other day. I though that was rather cool of you as she as clearly eaten a few already.
  3. You have those cute girl dress and pants sets - the Princess love those and they got to age 13!
  4. You often have nice budget items for me to buy - I bought a great cardi there the other day and some super comfy R30 slippers this weekend.
  5. Your cashiers are often friendly and greet one. Talk to the kids and joke with them.Makes it all a bit more pleasant.
  6. Your Pick n Pay choice range is great quality.
  7. You give that price/gram or price/item details on your shelves. For that, I love you most.
I hate you Pick n Pay because:
  1. It was such a mission to exchange a item of clothing that was too small. In fact I think you more easily replaced the old lady next to me's biscuits.
  2. You do not have those nice "car" trolleys in all your shops. I need them - the easiest way for me to shop with 3 kids.
  3. Your no name range is really no the cheapest always.
My rating for Pick 'n Pay: 8/10

I actually do not often shop at Edgars, but if I do not find something for the kids at the usual haunts I go there. I also have a cash card where I get points at CNA too and spend at Edgars. For myself, I buy little there because I do not really like the style of their clothes.
I love you Edgars because:
  1. You often have something I do not find somewhere else.
  2. Your supervisors always greet the customer with a smile and expalin what they do if they need to be called.
  3. You exchange without asking questions - you once exchanged a top that shrank in the first wash without a tag or anything. No questions.
  4. You stock great perfumes at good prices. 
  5. You always stock good standard pants in classic styles.
I hate you Edgars because:
  1. It is never fast or easy to use cash back vouchers and a supervisor always have to be called.
My rating for Edgars: 9/10 

I hate you PEP because:
  1. Your stores also smell. Nauseatingly so.
  2. Your tracksuits make those little fur balls after the first wash.
  3. The zips on your tops fail - and soon. I am buying nothing with a zip from you ever again.
  4. You have nothing for girls 7 and over. And it looks like the same for boys.
I love you PEP because:
  1. Your cashiers are friendly.
  2. You are truly well priced. 
My rating for PEP: 6/10

I hate you Truworths because:
  1. You let your cashiers always try to convince a customer that they need a card. I do not have clothes cards - I do not work that way. I do not always have to defend my position at your tills.
  2. You seriously have the most scratchy labels in the entire industry . If I buy something from you I have to unsew the labels and make sure no bit of thread is left. (Ok I am tactle sensitive)
  3. You really are overpriced - if I compare you with more boutique like stores you are in the same price category  and really not exclusive at all. 
 I love your Truworths because:
  1. You have nice evening style stuff year round - a life saver at times.
  2. You have Ginger Mary - although in all honesty the label has gone down-hill. 
My rating for Truworths: 6/10

I love you Woolworths because:
  1.  You never have an issue to exchange anything.
  2. Your pretty younger girls clothes go to age 9 in some instances. Yeah!
  3. You always have something for me (clothes wise) that I love.
  4. You always stock pantihose, and mutlipacks of panties.
  5. You always have good, work type stuff for Hunter.
  6. Although some of your ranges are more expensive, some of the kids clothes is just as well prices as say, Ackermans, and the quality is far superior.
  7. I love those two packs of whatever - PJ's, track suit pants, T-shirts.
  8. You always have Disney Princess stuff, and Hello Kitty stuff to fill my Princess' heart with joy.
  9. Not all your boys stuff is Ben 10 or Bakugun. There is pretty ordinary stuff too.
  10. Your food is always good quality. And you do quality checks all the time.
  11. Your lightly smoked snoek must be one of the best kept secrets ever - well priced (same as frozen at Picn N Pay) and never frozen, a great 15 minute meal that everybody loves. 
  12.  Your Woolworths shopper card has discounts etc - great guys! 
  13. Those dinner for 4 under..... promotions. Great stuff.
I hate you Woolworth because:
  1.  It always takes too long to exchange something - long long queues.
  2. You do not have 10 items or less, fast tills anymore. So lunch time buys with a few items is not on anymore because you wait so long behind people with trolleys. Get those back and I will be a happy camper. 
My rating for Woolworths: 9,5/10.

I still have lots to say about both Dischem and Clicks - oh yes and Checkers and Spar, but let's just leave that for a part 2 post as the ones above is mostly clothing (and a bit food) orientated.

So what do you think about our retailers and which do you love or hate? Do you agree or disagree with me?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

My favourite things.

There have been lots about the kids, and our lives and such the last while, but pretty little about myself. So, when I saw Jenty's post this morning it just hit the right button.

Favourite Song - Adele - Rolling in the deep.

Favourite Shop – Woolies andBig Blue
Favourite chocolate –Wedgewood Chocolate Honey Nougat (with real Belgium chocolate). Seriously addictive.
Favourite cookies - Wedgewood Angels - these are seriously great (cookies with nougat)
Favourite food –  Chemeen Murgh Kari - Kerela -Chicken simmered in curry leaves, coconut and spinach, gravy- At Geet Indian Restaurant
Favourite meal that I make –Pasta  - see recipie. I have made quite a few variations, amongst them avo and snoek.
Favourite flower –gerberas
Favourite colour to wear –berry colours
Favourite shoes – black ballet type pumps
Favourite drink – Red wine and gin and dry lemon
Favourite lens – 55-250mm
Favourite place to walk the dogs – Struben dam in Lynnwood Glen
Favourite place to take the kids – Our local park or Foodprint because of their great child minders.
Favourite coffee for every day at home – Douwe Egberts - the red one
Favourite coffee shop – Isabellas
Favourite pizza place – Mimmos with the office - I know, boring, but we do not get out much with Lucy on extended sick leave.
Favourite place to take photos – Struben dam. Anywhere with autumn leaves.
Favourite place for holidays –San Lameer - we just had the most wonderful holiday.
Favourite joghurt – Pick n Pay Choc chip yoghurt
Favourite man –My Hunter - because he is just the best. And I love him. And although he is in the bush this weekend he left me with cooked meals both evenings.
Favourite website – You tube. I know, boring, but I landed on old Ally Macbeal clips on Friday night and had a blast.
Favourite TV programme - Top Billing or Amazing race. I do not watch much TV but do enjoy these.

So what are your favourite things? Feel free to consider yourself tagged.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Just as you think you are winning, life will show you that you are possibly only winning the battle. For now.

Things have been going so well lately with Little man L and the SID issues.During the  holidays we had but small reminders of the beast it can unleash in him. Apart from the sleep and potty training issues, the rest has been going rather brilliantly. The OT is going very well, the school has reported that he has improved greatly on concentration and focus issues and he is talking up a storm - so much so that our friends has noticed.

But on Tuesday after school all hell broke loose - I guess he just had a very overstimulating and tiring day. I could see by the way that his "bad" eye drew to the side that he was really tired. It started the minute we stopped in front of the house - he jumped on his bike and was up to the driveway. Problem! Our driveway is shared between 3 houses and although the other two are aware that the kids play in it with their bikes, I will not let them play on their own. A car reversing out of a garage can easily not spot a small kid. So up I went with him to the protest of the other two who just wanted to put their stuff down before playing. But I convinced all and we spent a good 10 minutes up and down, feeding the chickens and playing in peace.

Then he wanted the tricycle which I took out of the garage. A fight ensued between the two boys who now both wanted it but I did get the turns thing started and after a minor tantrum from both, we had some peace. Eventually the Princess had to use the toilet, C wanted a snack and I had to get dinner started so I herded everybody in. Forget it - L was NOT going to go in. Firstly he insisted on parking his bike (and all the other) where his dad has to park his car. War ensued when I moved them. Then I carried him, kicking and screaming into the house and locked the door. He started running into the door. Continuously. I cut some fruit for the kids and the other two sat down to eat while I took him outside again.  Once he had all the bikes parked in Hunter's parking spot again, he came in - quite happy.

He sat down to have his fruit and I went to fix dinner. Minutes later all hell broke loose. The Princess ran into the kitchen screaming that he is going to bite her. He ran in - hugely angry with her and tried to get to her behind me. I picked him up, he bit me twice, and I tried to calm him down with deep pressure hugging. It took ages to get him calm and every time he saw her he went for her. It transpires that she took a piece of fruit off his plate - BIG PROBLEM! So, I sent her to get some more and offer to him. After many, many tears, screaming, kicking etc. her calmed down. The monster went away and our sweet little man was back. He hugged me and placed his hands around my face, kissed me. Gave me that sweetest smile and ate all his dinner - two helpings of! Bath time went well and he fell asleep on my lap while we waited for the Princess to finish her shower etc. he did not sleep well, but we also did not have the 3 hours awake in the middle of the night thing.

The issue really is not the biting -he has NEVER bitten another kid apart from his brother and sister. He has never been aggressive at school towards a single child or elsewhere at an outing. We are very aware of this when we are around other kids and maybe over compromise for it.The trigger is most certainly at home, between siblings. And tiredness and over stimulation. And do not take his food!

For me, this is not just his issue, it is our issue. A family one. Because the other two both react in their own way to this. C become a little baby - he want to be picked up (because I am holding L), whines about everything and wants to be fed and carried. So not only do I have a screaming L but a screaming C wanting attention and trying to shove his brother off my lap. The Princess tries to be the big girl, she tries to get C's attention to help me, she tries to keep out of L's sight if she was the offending party. If she was not, she tries to distract him. If she feels overwhelmed she goes to her room and play on her own. So the two of us had a long talk on Tuesday night about all this - she had questions which I tried to answer on her level. I assured her that we love them all equally and not L more because he sometimes gets more attention. I think she understands.

It boils down to dealing with this a day at a time. I am extremely positive that we are winning the war and not just the battle - but it will take some time.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The street where we live.

We live in and older part of town so we have lots of big trees. Our street is also rather quiet with a single exit at the end. We have always had bushbabies living in our patio roof - a huge honour (check out the link if you want to see). We have also always had a huge flock of guinea fowl living in the trees and I love waking up to their calls in the mornings (that is if the resident hadidahs did not wake you up earlier).
Guinea fowl enjoying the afternoon sun.
A while ago, however someone left some chickens to roam the street, and now we found ourselves joint "owners" of bout 30 chickens, big and small. Several houses feed them daily and they just breed in bushes in the pavements and in some friendly (read dog free) gardens.

The newest additions to the street animal life are bunnies - yes, someone had trouble keeping their pet bunnies penned in and they have "escaped" to the street, to the utter joy of my kids.

Unfortunately their has been a traffic casualty or two and we are contemplating putting up signs "Bunnies, guinea fowl and chickens crossing". The newest development has been a delight to us all - a hen and her 3 chicks has decided that our driveway looks like a nice place to live in and we now have our own 4 chickens to feed (although they do come and go as they please). The Princess has immediately named the hen after herself. I just love it that we have a tiny touch of the farm on our doorstep.

Joining up for Wordful Wednesday at Angie's:
All the pictures taken yesterday afternoon and Jenty, this one is just for you!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The weekend had it's moments....

... some better than others. Or let's just suffice to say that if I did not get the tummy bug on Saturday night and if the boys napped both the days it could have been rather perfect.

On Friday afternoon we stopped at our local park to play a bit before heading home. The autumn leaves are beautiful in a part of the park.

Some of us were so into the leaves very other play took place.

And as  per usual someone else was just following his big sister

And someone else followed for a short while and then did what a play park is intended for.
On Saturday we had a quick trip to the shops. The Princess dressed early in her own choice (apparently being Princess Catherine) and took a bit of convincing to dress a bit warmer before leaving home.

Our friends S & I over for Hunter's brilliant curry and rugby. I made pizzas for the kids - it was a hit.  And it was possibly the calmest evening with the kiddies all playing so nicely together that we ever had!
On waking Sunday morning I knew that I had some tummy issue - I had been feeling rather meh since late Saturday afternoon. So, the kids and I had a quiet morning at home while Hunter did duty at the church and then they surprised me with all sort of wonderfulness for Mother's day. We also had a braai with my mom (which was a bit wasted on me - but nobody's fault) and then Hunter gave me the gift all moms love - an afternoon nap and some quiet time when he took the kids to the park.

Flowers and card with rhyme from my Princess, heart cards made by the Boys and another old Deon Meyer to re-read (just what I asked for!)from Hunter the kids.
Lovely bath and foot treats from my puppies
The Princess' flowers that went with the rhyme. Each sentence went with a flower.
By Sunday night Hunter was man down as well, resulting in both of us spending yesterday in bed. Sick as dogs.

Thanks to my family for such a great Mothersday - if it was not the best ever, it was due to the bug - not due to their lack of trying to make it great.

Edited to add - due to my almost 2 kg loss in two days I am now almost my weight when we got married.  If only one did not pick up those 2kg in one day again!

Friday, 6 May 2011

The usual Friday ramble.

I should post a nice Photo story Friday post - I have so much material after the holiday and I have promised myself to post our holiday snaps earlier as I have not even done December properly yet. But alas, life goes on and I have heaps of loose odds etc floating in my head.
  • Little man C had an asthma flare up after a tummy bug he had on Monday and Tuesday. Really the timing can not be worse as our dear Lucy is still on sick leave. We have now reluctantly put him back on the Singulair after taking him off it while on holiday (and yes, the mood was more pleasant then). Hunter and I are at the moment sleeping apart - one of us with him in our bed  and the other in their room with Little man L.
  • Really the sleep issues around SID is getting to us. We had 4 amazing nights sleeping through on holiday and only one really tough night with him - now we have had 4 really crappy nights with him. It seems that the weighted blanket helps at times, but not all the time. We have tried everything - kids you not. And even medicating now and again does not ensure a good night's sleep. I think I had one stint of 3 hours last night, the rest were minutes here and there. A mom with a son that is now 18 and has SID tells me he slept through only at 5 years! Gosh, I do not have the energy to go another year and a half...
  • Lucy is doing well and is with one of her daughters recuperating. Really this is tough for us but with the help of Hunter, the laundromat for ironing and Rebecca our ironing lady, now cleaning lady, we are coping. We still have not caught up with laundry washing after the holiday - seems to take ages to dry now that it is colder (and a bit cloudy). Thanks goodness for our tumble dryer, 13 kg washing machine and the dishwasher.
  • The Princess has recovered well from her little cold that started on our last day of the holiday but Little man L sported a nice runny nose this morning. Please kids remember staying at home from school is going to be tough right now!
  • And on the Princess - we have a proud mommy moment to share. She won the Playball floating trophy this week - the first trophy to grace our home won by a child of ours. She is super excited and we are so proud.

  • One of the tile reps that I deal with called me a few weeks ago after she heard from someone that a do a bit of mosaics, asking if I want some mosaics they are throwing out due to ranges changing. Look what arrived! A huge box. Feels like Christmas.

  •  My trusty rather good watch's battery has gone flat and can only be changed by a fgew selected jewelers. Until I find the time to take it there I was completely lost without one - so I bought a little costume cheapo from Woollies - fake troll beads and all. Pretty, don't you think.
  •  I picked up our second photobook from Qphoto on Wednesday - I am so happy once again and this time around they send me an email to come a day later. Good going guys! I have already started with 2008 - I am planning to go back to when digital got going in our home, or maybe further back with scans.
  • I am so in love with my 55 to 250 Canon lens that I bought in December. So many of the great pics I took of the kids this holiday was with it. Catching them unaware is great. And what a great honor to have beautiful photos to make beautiful books.
  •  We are having my mom over for Mothers day for a nice little braai and tomorrow night friends for Hunter's curry.
So with that, my FITC - have a great weekend. What are you planning?

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Row row row your boat,

gently up the lagoon....

By far the family favorite at San Lameer is rowing. The kids adore it. I really enjoy it and Hunter, well, he loves it but obviously have to do the actual work involved in the activity. Somehow, after every boat trip we also have 3 kids napping. Maybe the calming effect of the water? Who knows - I just do not care at all. In fact, we specially planned the day we left, to pack the car and trailer, and then to go for a last boat trip. So this is how we roll:

Dad and the boys went on their own little trip when the Princess and I met up with Shayne and her girls - then they take a canoe.

When we all go we take a two oar rowing boat - me and the boys at the back, hunter in the middle and the Princess in the front.

The hotel at San Lameer from the lagoon.

That little sand bank to the left? That is where we fish in the lagoon. Diamonds on the water - just magic.
BTW- I had a long an very graphic post almost completed about body fluids and the masses we dealt with in the last few days, but alas, I can not bring myself to complete it and maybe it is rather left unpublished.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Things I have learned this holiday...

So it's been really quiet here but we have just returned from a wonderful holiday, much enjoyed by all. Our best family one ever.But yes, once gain I have learned a lot.
  • It is possible to have a puking kids on the way down (L) and on the way back (C). And no, we doubt that it was motion sickness because other symptoms followed the next day or so.
  • It is bloody freezing at the top of Van Reenen's pass if you have to clean a kidlet and car.
  • Coming back from subtropical Natal into almost winter in Pretoria is too fast a transition into winter.
  • Meeting blogging buddies from far away is fantastic. Shayne, I wish we had many more hours to chat.
  • If moms like each other the little girls are likely to follow into friendship.

  • Our kids love water and rowing on it. It was by far the family favorite this time around.
  • The Princess will swim in the sea whenever she has the chance - regardless of the time of day and attire.

  • The Princess has NO fear of heights or climbing endless stairs and a little ladder to get to the top of a light house.

  • We can actually fish with the whole family in tow. It was great fun.

  • Bubbles stay a favorite with the kids and are brilliant on the beach.
  • The weather is fantastic at the South Coast, even at the end of April.
  • Late afternoons at the beach is just magical - even the kids love the sunset magic.

  • Meeting a school friend by chance at the beach is a lovely surprise. We bumped into one of the Princess' school friends at the resort an they had so much fun. I bumped into two old school friends and it was also good seeing them.

  • Meeting up with an old school friend can be so great. Some people stay exactly as down to earth and wonderful as they were more than 20 years ago.
  • Never assume booking a stay over at a farm actually involves a farm with animals. Some farms only have airplanes- and two dogs - kid you not. My kids were not impressed with me.
  • Even after 3 visits, San lameer still surprise us with new things to enjoy and do. 
  • The Easter bunny can bring too many eggs - they did not finish half (although we helped a lot). Maybe I just let them eat too little.

  • The boys will not nap every day any more - I guess it was expected. They are on their way to 4. The Princess however, enjoys a nap hugely every now and again.
  • What starts out as a terrible holiday due to grumpy, tired and ungrateful kids can turn into the best ever after a stern talk by the parents.