Monday, 28 February 2011

I guess I can remember

this weekend for the disaster yesterday was. For the tired and upset kids, for the frustration we both felt. Including this morning. Gosh, sometimes parenting brings out the worst in me. I really am not finding this an easy job.

But rather, I will remember this weekend for a good evening at the Spur on Friday and the great morning at the Boeremark, for the proteas the Princess got as a gift. For the kids water painting with daddy on Saturday morning and playing in the tent on Saturday evening. For the Princess' joy and wonder in seeing Tangled 3D, for the great nap Hunter and the boys had while we were at the movies. For the Princess' wise decision not to spend her birthday money right now and to think a bit more about it. And for the great little "just the two of us" braai we had on Saturday night.

Although I think I hardly sugar coat our lives and admit to the tough times, today and in future, I will strive for the positive, I will choose to remember the good times. I will strive to make more of those golden moments. Because the fallout of the bad times is too much -they tend to take over the whole remembrance of the day. I need to move forward. I choose joy. I choose laughter.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It was a quiet weekend

and we were in desperate need of one after our previous hectic weekend.

On Friday afternoon I went to pick up the Boy's Engen puppies - at last with the help of many people we had another two cards done and Jessie and Ellie joined Bella as part of our family.

Our Friday evening plan for a family dinner out was canceled by a terrible accident blocking most routes between Pretoria and Joburg. And maybe it was a good thing as by 6:45 I had
one little boy sleeping on the couch,
one little Princess half asleep watching DVD and
one boy bathing his plastic animals (and Woody). Poor Hunter stayed at work and then got involved in a crises to boot.

Saturday morning was quiet relaxed and the Princess had her friend K over for a play date. We visited the Hazel Food market  for the first time - it was lovely. Much to eat, place for the kids to play and I got some lovely gerberas for the home, at the same price as at the Boeremark. At R20 a bunch (5 to 7 stems depending on flower size) a steal!

Not to mention the french style crepe with nutella and a very tasty (albeit rather hot) bunny chow. After some play time, all the kids (including our little guest) went down for a nap. The poor Princess had the cold the boys sported over the week and was not feeling herself 100%.
Hunter left mid afternoon for a short trip to the bush and returned mid morning on Sunday. In the meantime we spent a lot of time playing outside, baking and decorating cupcakes

and I had an early evening because I felt the family cold now brewing in my head.

After the whole family had a great afternoon nap, we had KFC on a picnic blanket at our local play park with an early evening once again.

Yesterday I went home early - I have a terrible cold and went to sleep it off. Today I feel much better - by no means cured, but just a bit better.

I also took Little man L for an evaluation by and Occupational therapist this morning. I do not know much yet as she spent close on one and a half hours with him and 2 minutes with me, but we will get a report next week. I am feeling positive that we have taken a step towards helping him and she has assured me that she will be able to assist him in progressing on par.

Friday, 18 February 2011

It's Cricket World Cup time

The Soccer World cup was met with great excitement last year, also in our office. This year it's both the cricket and rugby world cup and we at the office thought that it is just fair throwing ourselves behind the boys representing South Africa. After all, we have a better chance at winning in both these sports than at soccer. So when we got the fax from Dogtown offering a supporter T shirt for both the circket and rugby events, we junped at the oppertunity and most people ordered. Good to know you are supporting the animals too.
Part of the crew in our supporter T's. Go Proteas! Do us proud.
Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yes, we are busy....

hence I have not been here in quite a while. Work is so hectic at the moment that I am also working some evenings so blogging gets left behind somewhere.

At the moment the Boys are in the midst of a not so pleasant summer cold. I had little man L at the doctor this afternoon as his cough has that unpleasant hacking sound to it. Not bronchitis yet, but on his way there and hoping we can stop it soon.

For Valentines day I got Hunter some of his favorite choccies and wrote him a love letter. He got me a nice book. The man knows what talks to my heart. The evening we did what we in general do for Valentines - we had the best of Woollies at home and spent the time together. It was perfect.

The weekend was busy - very busy socially, but we both got a bit of alone time by splitting the kiddies party duties. On Saturday afternoon the Princess went to friend A's party. Her mom phoned me to ask if we would mind them copying our party, and of course I just felt flattered. Apparently it was the best party little A ever went to.
Just look at these cupcakes! An artwork in sugar.
The table was stunning all cat themed.

The picture frames they made - beautiful, but still need to be finished.

Sunday morning Hunter and the kids went to his cousin's daughter's birthday, we swapped and I took the kidlets to Jenty's Connor's party.

It was busy, but good.

Friday, 11 February 2011

What's up?

Well yes, I have not been blogging much are reading many blogs at all. In all honesty, it is just one of those periods that will pass. So, if I may, let me speak in bullets today as I am rushing to finish some urgent work:
  • Hunter and I are both under huge work stress at the moment. I am in THAT phase of a project that is hugely demanding and the driving to Joburg is really stressful. And to think of it my hubby does it every day.
  • I am at last feeling that I am getting the hang of getting everybody to school in the mornings. Hunter is helping a lot but I think things will run much smoother soon.
  • I am trying to cook a bit more clever- try to make food that I can re-use without it being crappy a day or so on in a different dish. Honestly I love leftovers - I know some people have issues with it, but I love that cooked chicken in the freezer that I can use in pasta etc.
  • L is doing better at school but still adapting.
  • C now has his first real friend, Joshua, that he seem to play with most days. 
  • We have changed the ballet teacher A now goes to to one that most girls in her school and the associated primary school use and it is turning out wonderfully. She is loving it, two girls inher class have ballet with her and one that goes to aftercare with her.They are also having a concert soon.
  • After 9 nights of good sleep we had 3 bad ones - 2 with L waking up and last night our alarm went off 2 times, waking the boys. I swear we have years and years of sleep to catch up on.
  • I went to my old school friend's birthday lunch on Tuesday - I was so nervous as I did not know a single one of the other girls, but it went fine. 
  • The Princess have Faerie parade day at school today - will post a Photostory Friday if I get a chance later.
  • I went to the new Pick N Pay on Nicol on Wednesday after my site meeting (it's close) and although I find it very beautiful, upmarket and the like, I find the layout extremely confusing and would not like to do my monthly shop there.
So how has your week been?

Monday, 7 February 2011

Just the usual madness

  • Well, apart from the anger/tantrum issues that Little man L is having at the moment. Gee, they are HUGE! However, tonight was easy, calm and tantrum free. Can you believe it?
  • Added to that, and please Mr Murphy do NOT read here! We have had a whole week that L has slept through and C woke up briefly on 2 nights only. Please may this be the start of better sleep.
  • And this is how you look if your 6 year old sister makes you a pirate with face paint.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The weekend report

I am sitting here tonight, watching the movie on Mnet and blogging away after another good, but busy weekend.
On Friday night Hunter worked late and I did some blogging blog reading and reading after making a really good pasta.

Saturday was a very busy day for us all, especially for the Princess who now have a more hectic social life than me and the hubby.
On Saturday morning she had a special little class party where we got to meet the other parents and her teacher on a social level and got a chance to see the kidlets interacting with their new friends.

The kids made photo frames for their class photo and calender.

On Saturday afternoon she had a play date with a friend while I met my old friend E that has been living in Istanbul for a very brief cup of coffee with other friends.

On Saturday night we had a braai with my mom while the Princess went to the movies with friends of ours.

This morning , after church, we went to visit Hunter's cousin A and his family. It turned into and all afternoon affair and the 3 girls and 2 boys played and played while we got the chance to catch up with each other. So much so that we had to wash away the mud there, gave them all a bath and drove back with two sleeping boys.  Needless to say, it was an early night for the kidlets.

It was a good weekend - now, I am going to have some tea and some of this: nutella bread, baked by my hubby.

Friday, 4 February 2011

A quick Friday night meal

I had a whole other post planned for today, but the day was super crazy, as the rest of the week. So tonight, I felt like a good meal, but not like cooking one. Hence, I took a look at what was in the fridge and freezer and made something out of it, based on a recipe I have used before. I had cooked, frozen chicken and a whole baked butternut. I also had some great quality pasta - this is essential as ordinary hard pasta will not give the same result.

Cooked white chicken meat, cut into pieces
Butternut - when raw, bake for 30 minutes salted and with black pepper. If cooked, grill with salt and black pepper until brown.
Fresh basil leaves, cut into thin strips.
Garlic - about two cloves. Crushed.
100g butter. Margerine will nto work.
About two circles of feta cheese.
Fresh or good quality pasta.

Place butternut in the oven and roast / grill until brown edges show.
When almost done, put water on and cook pasta until el dente.
At the same time, heat butter in a small pan and add garlic until it makes bubbles.
Add the chicken and cook for 3 minutes.
When the past is done, drain and add the butter mixture. Toss with the basil, butternut and feta cheese.
Season with salt and pepper and enjoy with a light white wine.

It was truly great and I will definitely make it again. The butternut and pumpkin provides a great sweet and salty taste contrast enhanced with the great taste of basil - my favorite herb. It is super quick and easy. I think some pine nuts will be a great addition, but I had none left.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A bit of this and that

  • This week is a super busy one - it started on Saturday with the family fun day at the boy's school. I took some great photos and this time the school is selling a CD with the pics for a bit of funds.  I will put some up at Captured by Cat when I have a chance.
  • I have to drive to Joburg 4 days running this week for work - it tires me out. I also loose 2 hours a day at work so my work gets behind. I have no idea how some people do it every day.
  • Tonight is Bookclub! So looking forward to it. BTW we have an opening in March/April - if you are interested comment here. It is an Afrikaans club though.
  • On Thursday night we have mommy's night at the Princess' school - to meet the moms etc. I think I could rather have done something else with the evening, but I guess it is important to attend these things.
  • On Saturday the Princess has a class party to meet the other kids and parents in her class at a more social level.
  • We slept through last night but bedtime was a small disaster. But that is all ok, plus the boys waking up at 5:20, if we can only sleep through. My one wish!
  • I have to find my ID which I put in a "safe place" at home somewhere and now can not find. We need to re register for the elections as our ward changed.
  • I need to find our washing and ironing and cleaning lady a new job as Lucy can do all that now with the boys in school and school fees cost us a fortune. Anybody want a reliable and honest maid?
  • L is doing so much better at school - not really loving it yet, but participating etc. Now to get him to re-potty train for school - he somehow does not even want to do no 1 at school.
Ok, so let's hit the road - hope your day is great.