Friday, 21 February 2014

Its been a busy week in Casa de Juggling act

There's been a sports day at school, night time homework, sick kids, sick family members, late nights working and huge work pressure for both the parents. Hence I think some of the kids in the household have felt a bit less than happy with the amount of attention they got. They show it in different ways, but hec, they show it.

As one grows up there are moments when words mean so much especially when lovingly delivered by a parent. We find that one on one (or then two parents on one) makes a huge difference if only for a few minutes .And sometimes, teachers provide a daily inspiration that I found out last night, not only us parents see, but the kids also notice. So I want to share with you the note on the music teacher's door (I pass every morning when I drop off Mr L and the other two see when they go to music class).
With that, I hope you have a great weekend. We are planning to enjoy ours, together.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Life's too short...

  • for bad coffee. Really one need proper coffee - preferably an espresso processed in the preferred way
  • to worry about chipped nail polish on my toes. I know for some others its not, for me it is.
  • to stress about the few cents more milk/ bread/ apples may cost at the Spar or Woollies vs any other grocer. The fact is if you pass the shop on your way the petrol money to take you to the other may be more than the price difference. And not to speak of your time
  • not to have Russians and chips from the corner cafe now and again. Its a wonderful trip down memory lane
  • to continue reading a book you do not enjoy. Although I am very determined to read a book, especially recommended books, I am now at the point where I may just stop it if I do not enjoy the book
  • to not write in pretty colours in pretty note books. Its somewhat of an obsession for me
  • to listen to crappy music - turn off that radio off!
  • to have an ugly calender on your wall. Print one with family photos - it will bring joy to you for a whole year. And while you are at it it makes the perfect grandparents gifts every Christmas
  • to not have a cream soda/ soft serve in a cone/ pack of cheese curls/ Popeye sherbet/ fizz pop now and again. Whatever brings back childhood happy memories. The good thing about being a parent is that those are way more in reach than if you are not
  • to not have a really great slice of cake now and again. And boy did we have on Sunday
  • in any event. Hug more, laugh more, play more

Friday, 7 February 2014

Because we are moms (or I can say parents)

we do all we can for our kids - we are their biggest cheer leaders, their advocates. Sometimes we do so much that we forget to be fun - we forget that MOM is WOW upside down - and I also now understand why a certain Princess is upside down often - because that is wow too!. We forget to be the WOW in our kids lives by being their MOM.

I loved this little clip on Facebook this morning - it really says it all. (Apart that I have to state here that we do not "do" meatloaf in our house)

So I will dance more, be more fun, hug more, shout less! Unless they really need it, in which case, so be it.

Have a great weekend