Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Can you believe this!

Guys, I should really be doing a weekend wrap-up post, but this story really freaks me out this morning. Go to iafrica if you want to read the story.

A teenager went to school with samurai swords, masks of some crappy Satanist band and chops off the main artery of a fellow pupil! He then proceeds to attack two gardeners at the school and to wound another pupil. One have to ask yourself what is wrong with the world if thing like this happens. It's just plain crazy.

This links with another story that has been bugging me for more than a month. A mother is suicidal and depressed. She chooses the busiest highway in South Africa to jump from a overpass
bridge. Apparently she did not look before she jumped and could have landed in front of any vehicle - it so happens it was a truck and a very traumatised truck driver had to deal with the fact that he killed her. It could also have been a small car with kids in it and could have resulted in the passengers and drivers injury or death. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING! If you want to commit suicide (which is a very selfish act to start with), do it where you can do no harm to anyone else. Not is this way.

Yes, I know it looks as if I am insensitive towards people with depression, but I have been there myself, twice. I might have considered suicide the first time, but definitely not in such a way. With the grace of God (and a nice cocktail of pharmaceuticals) I came through it. I have so much sympathy for depressed people, but gosh, what more can I say.

Edited to add: I am thinking again of the Jodi Picault book "Nineteen minutes" about a school shooting. Read it if you are interested.


  1. I myself do not struggle with depression but my sister and father do. I have watch this illness consume them and they both have been able to come up from the darkness, dad many time.
    I agree with you an suicide. It is really selfish. Nicely put.

  2. Thank God for pharmaceuticals.....
    I am also a depression Survivor. How anyone makes it through IF without getting depressd, I will never know...

  3. Oh gosh...my good friend just got done reading 19 Minutes...she said it was sooo good!

    I don't know what people in this world are thinking anymore?? It's sad and scary....

  4. I suffered with depression after my IVF attempts failed. I sat there one morning and I finally understood how a person could feel so low they would contemplate suicide. I said, "CONTEMPLATE" not follow through. I couldn't do that to my family and friends.

    I feel suicide is a completely selfish act with no regard to others. Especially when it's done after harming another such as at the Olympics or in the cases you showed us above. We have had family members commit suicide and close friends. The act leaves so many unanswered questions as well as a feeling of loss.

    If anyone has a problem with what I wrote I am sorry. These are my feelings and direct experiences after 3 losses to suicide. Please do not hate me for what I feel.

    Thank you for sharing. You aren't alone in your thoughts and feelings! Also, I'm glad you spoke up so I could read your blog as well.

  5. What a horrifying story. I just don't even have words. Crushing.

  6. I was close to someone who committed suicide, and there are so many things out there now that could have helped....but again, at least others weren't hurt, that makes it even more selfish. I am ALL about good pharmaceuticals, or "happy pills" as I like to call them!!!!

  7. What a tragic story at the school; I don't believe the type of music you listen to can cause a person to go on a killing rampage. Obviously, the kid is disturbed, not even showing remorse or realization...People seem to like to blame others instead of looking at the fact that this kid is mentally ill.
    Depression can be such a dark, dark place. I feel for her family that after seeing 13 doctors, they couldn't find her help. Unfortunately, she left them (and included other victims) to deal with all the pain and residual results of her act.
    I read "19 Minutes" (I am a big Jodi Picoult fan), however, I hated the ending...I won't go into it and give anything away...

  8. I am actually reading that book right now! How awful!

    These stories from your news are HORRIFIC! What is wrong with people!?!


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