Thursday, 27 November 2008

5 Things Thursday...

I just love lists. I make lists of everything, I even make lists of my lists. And I love ticking off items on a list. I even have a special little Moleskine diary with your days of the week on the left side and place for lists on the right (ok they say notes - I say lists).

So a while ago I started doing "5 Things Friday" to address my list addiction and I have to say that quite a few readers love the lists. But Fridays have miles of other things going on in the blogging world, so I thought I'll do this on Thursdays. And maybe, just maybe some of my blogging friends will join in.

So, for today:
5 Things I am looking forward to in the next two weeks:

1. Friday night is The Little Miss' school concert. This was up to last week disguised as just a "Carols by candlelight" but we parents were surprised by an invite to the concert on Friday. I just love events like this to see your little one grow and express themselves.

2. On Saturday afternoon we are attending our local chapter of SAMBA (South African Multiple birth society) Christmas party. Santa will be visiting so the Little Miss should be thrilled. I am expecting laughter from little man L and tears from little man C.

3. On Sunday we are having our yearly family photos done. I have made a conscious decision that I will enjoy it and have banished thoughts of last year. Dad has promised to come along to help but will not pose. I am ok with that.

4.On Thursday I will hit the big four-oh! Yes, I am entering the naughty forties! Wow, I am still not even used to being 30. But yes, I will celebrate this birthday! With all of my heart.

5. On Saturday we will celebrate my birthday in the way I chose. No party. We will be doing an adrenaline activity. Yes, I am not going to say more - but watch this space next week.

So girls, why not join in? Maybe you have 5 things to look forward to. Maybe you have 5 things to do today. Or whatever. Why don't you join in and let me know.

Today I am thankful for my daughters sweet sweet prayer last night. And because she said at the end:" I love you Jesus. Amen"

And a happy thanksgiving to all the American girls.

Playing along!
Barbara at A Tale of toe twinkies is the first one to play along. Check out her list.


  1. OMG I am a list making ADDICT and I have a love affair with moleskine notebooks as well! I have a pocket size just for notes that I keep in my purse for anytime I need to quickly jot something down when I am out, a pocket size calendar for appointments and a larger size like yours(5x7?)for planning and list making. I LOVE THEM! I love the thick paper and the fact that they lay flat so you can write on them wide open without the binding resisting. SEE? I have a problem...totally addicted! :)
    Happy 40th!

  2. What a fantastic list! Many happy wishes for a wonderful birthday and spectacular year! YAY!

  3. I love my lists -- nothing gets done around here without them.

    On that note, I noticed that the page in the photo is from March, and that not everything on those lists got crossed off.... ;-)

  4. I might have to play along with your 5 things tomorrow!

    Happy Birthday, too! Hope whatever you have planned is lots of fun!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Thursdays are definitely better...we'll see if I can slip back into the 5 things lists :)


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