Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Today I want to feel like a little girl again - you remember when you told you mom that you are just feeling crappy and she would hold you, put you in bed and feed you chicken soup or a toasted cheese sandwich with tea? And just tell you that everything would be ok? I need that today.

I feel horrible - and I can not really explain why or what is wrong. Earlier today I felt nauseous (no I am not pregnant) and had a headache. I have since eaten something and taken some pain tablets, but I still feel shaky, tired and edgy. I am stressed at present, but it can not be that alone. I know how to deal with stress.

So of course, the worry start, adding to work stress I already carry around. South Africa is experiencing the biggest measles outbreak in decades - all my kids are inoculated, but even the kids that were are getting it.Apparently a faulty dosage of vaccine is the culprit and now it is spreading fast. I never had it as a child although my mom had me play with sick friends etc. I therefore presume that I have the necessary immunity. My mind though, is playing tricks on me. On Saturday at the farewell, our buddy little Keagan had a rash - to be confirmed as measles later that day. I can not be upset with his mom, he has frequent eczema, so it was easily confused. But I do worry - about the kids more than myself. But I worry.

Waking up at 5 am and only getting the chance to eat at 8 am at work could add to the problem. Our little monsters are now sleeping through - consistently, but the pay-off is a waking up time of 5:10 am. Getting them to bed later at night does not change this time - we have tried. You can set your watch to Little man C. Trying to get them into our bed for an extra little nap is really a waste of time and frustration. Much more realistic is taking them downstairs, switching on the electronic baby sitter (aka Barney), getting their milk and a snack and trying to get a few minutes of shut eye on the couch, have some coffee and something to eat, maybe. This morning it was not to be. Little man C was just cranky and crying the whole time. Seriously, to shower and dress was almost not an option. Hunter says to let him cry and do my thing, and yes, I know he is right in suggesting that, but the crying just gets to me. And he sets of the other two.

The poor kid (and Hunter) has bronchitis - I hope both will start to feel better today as Hunter has a trail this weekend and I would not like his bronchitis to get in the way of him doing something he really enjoys. And I hope I feel better tomorrow.


  1. Ugh, sorry sweetie. Hate to read another sick post from you guys. UGh! So glad I got Graham his vaccine recently. Hopefully it wasn't faulty...

  2. Sending you well wishes! I hope you stay well! Hang in there! ((HUGS))

  3. Sounds like you do need a hug today! I hope everyone feels better soon!!!

  4. You guys have really had your share of sickness lately!

    I'm sorry your could be coming down with something. I KNOW that feeling of wanting your mom. Mom's are the best:) Hope you feel better soon...

  5. ((((HUGS)))) My dear. I hope that you all don't get measles.

    And trust me, I know of these sleeping issues. My little three do this too. They are all up at 5AM, ready to go. I am going to try the later to bed thing but I have a feeling, it will not work either.

  6. hope you all feel better soon :)

  7. ohhhh.....I hope you are feeling better and your stress level comes down some. Hang in there and take care of yourself...(I know..easier said than done...). Everyone is fearful of the swine flu here in the states right now. I guess everyone everywhere is dealing with illnesses.

  8. I hear you on the 5am thing. Car.sten does this every morning. We have tried putting him to bed as late as 9pm, and it doesn't make a difference. Al.ex, on the other hand, sleeps until 7-7:30 every morning.

    Your morning routine sounds a lot like ours. :-(

    I hope you can all be well soon. Not easy at all.


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