Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday - 23 April 2010

What! It's Friday evening and no Friday post yet! In general I do my posts at night at home and just publish them at work. Last night I was dog tired and today was hectic at work, so...
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie
Hosted by Chris
16 April 2010:
Taken from the window at the airport while delayed for hours.
17 April 2010:
Two hearts in the garden at the wedding - I love how you can see the bark. Do go and have a look at the rest of my pictures from the wedding.
18 April 2010:
We came in to land through the storm and while walking to the car, I saw the airport hotel - check out the blue skies in the reflective windows and the dark storm behind.
19 April 2010:
Monday afternoon - thunderstorm. He was so scared, he really held him tight. I love the spontaneity of the moment.
20 April 2010:
Another afternoon of rain and just after 5:30 the sun came out.
21 April 2010:
Career day at school - the Lil Miss as a veterinary surgeon, her career of choice at present. Teacher Kirsty as a fireman (person?).The autumn sunshine lights the scene.
22 April 2010:
 Bike joy in the driveway - he was literally going :"Wheeeeee"


  1. Oh! Beautiful pictures. I forgot which Cat you were! The one that lives in South Africa! I think that is definitely a little too far : )

    LOVE when the sun comes out after the rain. So pretty. Such lovely light!

  2. Wonderful photos! I love the thunderstorm hug photo -- there's so much emotion in that one image! Great captures!

  3. Your photos are just so good.

    I love the one of the kids watching the thunder storm. :)

  4. what a great capture on the hotel windows!!! And what a sweet moment of Lil Miss protecting her lil brother!!

  5. Your little girl is seriously beautiful! I love the picture of the berries as well. I've been playing around with the manual functionality of my camera and am not always happy with the end result. Still have to learn a lot.

  6. The Autumn sunshine threw me -- I forgot you were at the bottom of the world (isn't blogging great?)

    The airport window shot is subtly beautiful, and I love those hearts, but I think the best shot of the week is April 19 -- what a moment to capture!

  7. Love 109! Gorgeous kids, and I can totally picture it as a horror movie poster...

  8. I love your capture so much emotion in your photos. Love it!!!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. Lovely pictures as always! I especially like the one with the hearts.

  10. I can relate to your kids regarding thunderstorms. North Americans would have a difficult time wondering why the kids are so afraid. Having lived in SA for a few years I can still remember them and so do my kids. The thunder, the lightning, the amount of rain is not comparable to our little showers here in NA. Great pictures!


  11. I love your photos...I haven't mastered taking photos in the great admiration to you my friend.


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