Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday 30 July 2010

PhotoStory Friday
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  24 July 2010:

A little bouquet from granny's garden.
  25 July 2010:

  26 July 2010:

Our "no TV" afternoons have resulted in a lot of puzzle building, reading and drawing.
  27 July 2010:

A little garden fragment.
  28 July 2010:

Ok, I admit. I have walked into Big Blue, I left with this stunning wrap top and a summer dress. Oh gosh, I loooove that shop.

It' s been ages since I did so fragmenting, so here goes:


  1. I met Laura of Harassed Mom yesterday for lunch- it was delightful and she has the most incredible eyes I have ever seen. Wow - eyes to launch a 1000 ships, I tell you. Girl, it was a great meeting you – let's do it again.

  2. The princess is at that stage in life where mommy does not know best any more – teacher knows best.

  3. I took her registration for grade R at the “big school” in yesterday. (For the US girls – I think you can compare it with the Kindergarten year). We have decided not to send her to school early (she is on the dividing line here with a n early January birthday) We are moving her from English to Afrikaans and as she is already doing grade R at her present school this year, I trust she will adjust well.

  4. We have started to plan our December holidays! Yeah.

  5. I am expecting to have a freezer full of good venison in a week or so.

  6. Today the weather is terrible – cold and cloudy. What happened to the almost summer we had for the last week and a bit?

  7. Some nights are tantrum nights – they will not disappoint – 3 tantrums in rapid succession.

  8. Our alarm went of the night before last and someone tampered with our main gate. I am a bit uneasy about it Thank God last night was peaceful and quiet.

  9. I have read 4 books in July – making up for June's dismal show of one book. Maybe I can finish another one tonight? I have also now read all the Twilight books. I really enjoyed them, but it's enough of the genre for me. The whole Renesmee thing freaked me out a bit.

  10. My DH (and yes, he is an absolute darling) has booked me for a facial tomorrow. Yeah!


  1. Lovely photos for the 365 this week...each one so the cuddles, the flower, the wheelbarrow..all great shots.

    Enjoyed the Friday getting spoiled with that facial..enjoy!

  2. I am playing catch-up with your blog...sorry, I have been overwhelmed. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Friday 365 post...and I am glad to see Friday fragments back as well (if they have been back awhile, ignore I said- overwhelmed).
    The boys get more handsome in each picture you post...and Little Miss-words cannot describe her beauty!
    I am interested in understanding more about your schools (I am in the US)-you can choose English or Afrikaans and then when does school begin and end for you? out of school during Summer and when is that for you-
    Last item- so jealous that you will have a freezer full of venison, my hubby hunts but not enough due to his work schedule. But our favorite recipe for venison is to have the tenderloin cut into semi big pieces (3 inches by 3 inches or a bit bigger) and wrap them in bacon and secure with a toothpick. Then we soak them in marinade (we use a bottle brand) for about an hour (longer if you prefer) and then grill. The bacon keeps the venison tender and gives it a SUPER YUMMY Flavor.

    happy weekend!!

  3. Have you read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner as well? It was also very good, and a quick read. I wished the story ended differently though.

  4. @ Twisty - IS she not the one newbron vampire in Eclipse? Name sounds familiar....

    @Jamie - Our school year is from January to en November/early December - which is our summer break being in the southern Hemisphere. Schools are available in most of our 11 official languages - but everyone takes English. We are Afrikaans at home and she is fully bilingual - we choose an Afrikaans school because it is by far the best option in terms of the specific schools in our area. This school does however offer both English and Afrikaans as first language in grade 7 which means you can go to a high school in any of the two languages. Kids in general start grade R in the year they turn 6 (which is calender year too) and Grade one in the year they turn 7.

  5. Love the colour in the photo's. You also seem to catch a very special reflection of people - the way they seem to "contemplate" things! Well done!

  6. Planning the December holidays - that is something that I won't be doing this year. I only get off every second year in December which sucks because I have to arrange alternative ways for them to be looked after :(

  7. I am a new visitor and follower from Mrs. 4444 Friday Fragments. What a beautiful family you have and what gorgeous photo's you take. I am still trying to learn how to put photo's in a post..
    Hope your weather improves; here in Philadelphia it is HOT!!

  8. What a sweetheart, that husband of yours. Believe it or not, I am wearing a mud mask as I type this!

    Scary--the gate thing. I'm glad you have a system in place; that helps.

    I'm excited about meeting Caution IRL in a couple of weeks! That's such a fun part of blogging, and I don't get to do it ever!


    Have a great weekend. Thanks for linking up!

  9. I would love a neclace and top like the one you showed. GORGEOUS! Your photos are so beautiful. All of them.

  10. Man, now I want to go shopping again at Big Blue!!
    Love the puzzle shot

  11. I have never had a facial. Is that weird?

    LOVE that second shot. Such a sucker for un-portraits I am! :)

  12. Nice photos, I love the one of your little boy by the fence.

  13. Thank you for that lovely comment :)

    It was awesome and we must do it again.

    I love the flower pic - stunning!

  14. Oh! What handsome lil men you have!!! Love the casual one on the fence! SO handsome!!! Such a sweet one of Lil Miss and DH!

  15. Yes, she is the little one the Cullens tried to save, and the book is about her story since turning into a vampire. I really liked it


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