Saturday, 11 September 2010

Things I have learned this week...

  • The one night in weeks that the boys will sleep through will be the night that the Princess will puke.
  • One can get very sick in a matter of hours. 
  • Ian Mc Ewan is fast becomming one of my favorite writers.
  • The new consumer protection act empowers one as a consumer but is pretty scary for you as a supplier. Sparkles sweeties are lekker. Haven't had them in years 
  • The Princess has been an excellent silkworm farmer and we have a gazillion little worms.
  • Newly hatched silkworms are way tinier than I remember them and a bit weird in the way that they all favour the same leaf when there are at least 30 others available. 
  • Gardening is actually therapeutic. 
  • I have been accidently sniffed out IRL- Linda, if you are reading here, please email me your address. Your avatar looks familiar but I can not fin your blog. I would love to contact your  SIL.


  1. So sorry to hear the kiddo's are still under the weather. Hopefully with the weather getting warmer you will soon be out of the woods.

  2. Murphy's law - with regards the kids. :D Hope all is better now!

  3. I hope your home starts to feel better soon:-)

  4. It really has been a long haul with that lurgi hasn't it. I hope this week is healthy and restful for all of you!

  5. Shame... Sterkte x

  6. yes, privacy is a huge issue for us too in financial services but very good for the client :)

    Golly, how did you get found out?

    And sorry about the puke! When Kendra puked (twice) thank goodness it was at the hospital because I am USELESS with bodily fluids :)

    Which are your favourite sparkles? mine are the green ones :)

  7. I agree on the gardening, but I so don't have green fingers :(


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