Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday 1 October - what's it's October already?

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily
Hosted by Chris
  Time for a slice of our lives once again. Welcome to our world.

  17 September 2010:

Golden hour evening light on the berries in the garden. Can you spot the spiders web?

  21 September 2010:
A rare flash photograph. I think it came out beautiful.

  22 September 2010:
This was a purely by chance photograph as the early morning sun hit the clivias.

  24 September 2010:
Mommy and very tiny baby rhino. It was great seeing so many of them.

269/365:   26 September 2010:

This Grey Loerie at Pilansber Centre was so cheeky.

  27 September 2010:

Water diamonds in the rock roze. I like my focus point in this one.

  29 September 2010:

At the Duplo Zoo lion cubs get transported via bulldozer.
  30 September 2010:

Our first born turned 9 on the 26th.
Update on Tuesday's post:
I was amazed at how many and diverse reactions this post generated. I am very happy to report that she does not have TB but a case of walking pneumonia, which she is being treated for and put on bed rest. My final say on this is yes, I know we are all in contact with TB every day, it is still scary if it hits close to home. I am mostly relieved for her as I really like her - she is by far the most friendly staff member - a ray of sunshine.


  1. wow! Stunning "water diamond" in the middle of that flower! I also liked the clivias and how they light is coming in front behind them.

    Beautiful as always!

  2. I love your beautiful life:-)

  3. I love the baby rhino! Great shots!

  4. a wide variety of photos here cat - i love it!

  5. Great photos! I really like the one with the water diamond.

  6. What a gorgeous selection of photos to depict your daily life.
    I am so glad your office worker does not have TB...relieved for you too.

  7. Love the white flowers and the first shot

  8. Beautiful photos!!

    I love them all, but the water diamond is truly special.


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