Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday again!

Ah, Friday again! Yeah! I can not be more delighted. So what's happening in our little corner of the world?

  • We have two sick boys on anti-biotics. Little man C , quite predictably developed bronchitis from the cold they all had. Just as predictable is the tonsillitis Little man L has. Just a pity it did not show on the same day and we could have had one trip to the doctor and not two separate ones two days after each other.
  • Tomorrow the Princess will be performing in her first ballet recital. I am sure the cuteness will be immense.
  • We have quite a few social events coming up in the silly season. Somehow I am looking forward to them but am also a bit stressed out by them. I have opted out of a few, child involved day time ones as we desperately need some time off.
  • I am looking for a garingboom for a Christmas tree - just the top "flower" part. I love slightly alternative Christmas trees and until my kids challenge this I will continue with my own little tradition of non- pine tree Christmas trees.
  • The Princess and I have been in the process of writing a letter to Father Christmas for a week. We are just on a picture for now. Everything on the list at present is hugely expensive and we do not do expensive for Christmas. I am hoping if I can jot her memory of things she has asked for in the year Father Christmas will get a more realistic list.
  • On that subject I thought that I haven't done much Christmas shopping yet. But when I looked on my list I was amazed to see that I am halfway there.
  • I am undecided as to if I want to do something for my birthday. If so I am leaning towards breakfast with the girls, or lunch, but not on my birthday, which is on a Saturday - family time! Ag, I just do not know.
I have not done a Photostory on this blog in ages, so here's your Friday treat.

Is this not the cutest thing you have seen in a long time? This is a Lesser African Bush baby and this one is a fully grown adult. Just look at the size on the bricks.

We have been living in our house just a bit more than 9 years and they have been living alongside us for all those years, in the hollows of the roof tile overhangs on our patio. Every year they bring up babies, who leave when grown. Never have we seen an adult so close up before. (we know ther is rabies around, but this one had no rabies related behavior). He/she must have fallen in the jump from the roof to the trees and the dogs were trying to get to it when Hunter saw what was happening. He got them inside and the humans outside to have a look at the obviously frightened little cutie. He then helped it up on the wall with a broom and it merely went it's way in the trees. Such a great honor to have nature this close to you.

PhotoStory Friday


  1. Can't wait to see the pics of the ballet recital!!

  2. That is the cutest thing I've seen in a while!

    I love all the Christmas preparations! A couple of the radio stations here started playing only Christmas music yesterday. It is getting closer!

  3. I havent started on my christmas list - we are going tomorrow to at least start :)

    WOW at the bushbaby - cool that he let you so close!

  4. You're sounding more upbeat! :)

    Please write on the blog and tell me how you do Christmas the inexpensive way. I do too, and I'm interested in your approach.

  5. Christmas is overtaking me!!!! I hope your two little men are well soon and I can't wait to see the pictures of the princess. That bush baby you captured is so cute.


  6. That is one adorable bush baby! And first ballet recital - all kinds of exciting things are happening! Good luck with your letter to Santa!

  7. Aaaw, that bushbaby is sooo cute! I wish we had them in our garden too, I think Nicola would get a kick out of that.

  8. I have to agree.....that bush babe is just too cute!

    We are still gearing up for the Thanksgiving next week over here before we start worry about Christmas.

    We do the traditional Christmas tree at our home! We are probably going to go up the mountains next week to chop down one the girls like best!

  9. Oh wow how special that you have bush babies in your garden!

  10. are they really that cute or are they a pest and mean? neat capture!

    Hope the recital went well! How exciting. Sarah is soooo ready for dance. I feel bad though - I totally missed the boat. Around here, you are in dance like the school year - start in September and go through spring. I thought i could sign her up for a beginner class in the winter but no luck! I'll have to be on top of that come fall next year.

    Instead Jacob and Sarah are going to do Gymnastics again this winter. They start next week (its a surprise - they don't know yet!!)

  11. Ahh, you're so lucky to have the bush babies live there right by you. They are so cute.
    My ex's daughter used to call them night monkeys, a direct translation from afrikaans, so the name kinda stuck for me.
    Hope the boys are better now.


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