Friday, 21 December 2012

What have we been up to...

For the last week? It was the first week of my holiday after all. Firstly we ran a lot of errands and I am very happy that we got almost all of them done. Now it is onto mostly rest, relaxation and Christmas. And onto the seaside for a camping holiday after that. It is the first year in along time that we have not left shortly after we close for the holidays and I totally love that I had the time and no need to have the usual stress to get everything done in a very short time frame.

Believe me, some of the errands had me in deep frustration. For instance Qphoto first lost my calendar order, then I had to take a CD again, which then somehow the files were corrupt. So I re made the whole thing and took it back in. The first time we went they spent and hour and a half trying to find my stuff - with 3 kids, where predictably the one with SID fell into a total gut wrenching 3 hour tantrum. But they came through and sent one by courier at their cost to Port Elizabeth - in time for Christmas. Yesterday's run of two Post office queues and replacing the truck's windscreen was no walk in the park either with 3 kids in tow, but taking all in consideration they did very well. But possibly the mist frustrating of all was waiting for ADT today from 9 - they only pitched at 4:15 after many frustrating waits on the phone and no call back from a manager as yet.

We did some other, much happier things too like baking cupcakes, doing crafts and swimming. We also met up with friends from PE on their way to Mexico at the airport for am early lunch where the kids were totally at their very best behavior. As reward the boys got their very first full bag of candy-floss each . We also saw the most beautiful kudu for Santa's sledge in stead of the usual reindeer - very apt for South Africa.

So what have you been up to?


  1. Ah...sounds like you had a fantastic week. I ran a lot of errands in 2 days and I'm happy to say that all is finished now. Child2's school only closed today - I left him there this week. Because I could. And because I needed to finish up things and spend a bit of one-on-one time with Child1. We had a marvelous few days together. Swimming every single day this week, long, lazy breakfasts, a bit of crafting and generally just hanging out. I think it did us both the world of good. And he accompanied me on all my errands. It's so different with an older kid. They are both off to MIL tonight. Am making us a nice dinner quickly and then off they go! We'll see them either tomorrow evening or Sunday afternoon - will go with the flow.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention that we took the kids to see Christmas lights on Tuesday evening and it went really well! No meltdowns from a certain family member. Also spent some time at Green Point Park with them. I think that's my new favourite place. With or without kids!

  3. Sounds like a great week with lots of exciting things.

  4. WOW, you have been busy!!! I am still working but enjoying the free roads (everyone please stay where you are forever and ever) LOL Busy entertaining some impromptu but very welcome guest (a family of 6). Week started with our anniversary and visiting Lawley Street (again) to view the lights (I might make a 3rd trip in a week there today), trying to squeeze in some last minute shopping and Christmas lunch planning into my schedule and spinning class.

    Oh, that's a kudu!!! I took pictures of it(as I always do) because it was beautiful but had no idea what it was. Interesting

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and travel safe.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year of love, happiness and God's blessings in advance

  5. Love the cupcakes! Your week sounds great. I love time at home to get the life admin done before going away on holiday!

    PS soo glad your in laws will get the photobook in time for Christmas

  6. That kudu is awesome!
    Well, my big scuttle is over so other than working like crazy at the office I've been mostly relaxing.

  7. You have been busy...gorgeous photos of the kiddies.

    Wishing you and your loved ones an awesome and blessed Christmas.


  8. Blergh I hate waiting for stuff like that! QPhoto are a challenge to deal with :-/

    We have also baked cupcakes and been to Zita Park :))

    The weather hasn't really been playing ball and I have been so very lazy this holidays so there has been lots of movie watching and game playing!!


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