Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Oh hallo!

Gosh, I have not blogged in ages nor have I read blogs for a while. It's been a busy week and a bit in the household. With a whole lot of sick people and a lot of resting. Also a lot of tidying and de cluttering. And building huge blanket houses/forts in the garden, picking lemons in the driveway, playing with the puppies, end of season rugby braais and of course Fathersday which we spent at church, at my mom and at a rugby braai. I am so proud of the wonderful father my hubby is - from the letters that all 3 the kids wrote to him I can see that they adore him. It;s the first year that all 3 could really write something so it's extra special.
Fathersday breakfast in bed

Each of the kids have also had a special day at school with heaps of fun. On Friday the grade 1 kids had their annual pajama day - they love seeing their friends and their teachers (with no make up) rock up at school as they woke up. The grade 2 kids had a "build a shelter and have a picnic in it" day. C and his 3 buddies built a lovely blanket tent and had nutella samies and hot chocolate in it. A and the grade 4 classes went to the Ice age exhibit today and I am sure it was also a fun filled morning.

Now it's onwards to Friday and the end of term. They can not wait and I can not wait for 3 weeks of a slower, easier routine. I can get up a full hour later during the holidays - luxury to me.



  1. Also love the notes with writing from the kids!

  2. Welcome back! Hope everyone is feeling better? Sounds like you all had a very special Father's Day.

  3. Love those lemons :)

    We also can't wait for holidays because it's been SO HARD getting them up in the mornings (okay, me too!). We love our sleep!

  4. Blogspot keeps eating up my comments.
    I love your photos. I have to build a blanket fort too, this weekend, what a great idea.
    Hope everyone is feeling better by now.

  5. I can't wait for the holidays! I'm so over making the kids lunch! LOL!
    Love the shelter and picnic idea at school :)


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