Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday Booksday

Time for some book talk again. I though to wait unti next week to give you the May books in one batch but honestly I do not know how much reading is going to happen over the long weekend in any event .

The Handome Man's Deluxe Cafe by Alexander McCall Smith

Reading a no 1 Ladies detective agency novel is like having coffee with an old friend. You know her family and friends but you get an update on their newest movements and doings. Just as it's not really about the coffee (or the case in question) it's about the cast of characters we know so well. It's familiar and comforting and in the same sense there is always something new. I feel like I have just had a great cup of redbush tea and a genorous slice of fruit cake with Mma Ramotswe. 

Recommended for fans and friends of Mma Ramotswe with a 8/10

 Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Sometimes one needs a day or two to write a book review - sometimes it needs to sink in a bit before you can write about it. This was the case with "Still Alice" which left me very sad, but to an extent at peace when the books ends.

Walk the devastating road with Alice Howard, Linguistics professor who at the very young age of 50 is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers disease. The book is so well written that you experience life as seen by Alice as the disease progress and her memory fades away. You feel her pain, her frustration and in the end her sadness and content ease.

I do love how the relationships between her and her children and husband are changed and affected and how each is portrayed in the book - especially with Lydia.

I found myself questioning my own memory at times... A great read - 9/10. I hear that the movie is a great interpretation of the book but have not seen it.

Any book recommendations?


  1. Sounds like great books! I also worry about the mind slipping when I forget something 😉 Very scary!

  2. Oh my goodness, Still Alice seems both great and scary. I don't think our reading tastes mesh :p

    1. I also think too. But read it = great book

  3. Still Alice sounds like a book I would love.Need to look out for it in the bookshops. I think I saw your post about you book journal on Instagram. Looks interesting.Would love to read more about that. I am thinking about starting one as I prefer pen and paper anyday over online records such as goodreads etc.


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