Monday, 9 June 2008

Am becomming super hospital mommy

It seems that the average span between hospital visits in our home is about 2 weeks. Either that or The Little Miss felt she was not to be left behind in that department. Imagine my excitement at receiving a call from the nanny at 2:30 on Friday afternoon informing me than she has managed to wedge a bead into her nose that can be felt now at the top of the nose but not seen. A quick call to the paediatrician's office confirmed that the nearest emergency room is the answer. So off we sped to the ER - luckily it was the nanny's night to stay with the twins so I had someone at home with them as you ever know how long this could take. I think we waited for a mere 10 minutes - just enough time to get crayons and a colouring book out and spread everything on a chair, and were than called into a cubicle. The friendly doctor could just see the bead and (oh we were soooo lucky!) it had a huge stringing hole - she used a special instrument and pop, out came the bead! A. was a model patient and although I could see she was very scared, she kept perfectly still and just shed a few brave tears.She then proceeded to lecture The Little Miss about not sticking things into one's ears and nose and not eating anything that is not food.

I took her for fries and milkshake because she was so brave and made her once again promise not to stick anything up any body cavity. Ever.


  1. I can't help but giggle just a little. Kids really do the darndest things. Hope she learned her lesson.

  2. LOL! That last line just left me with the giggles. LOL

  3. My oldest has tried this a couple of times, but fortunately without needing the drive to the hospital. I'm certainly glad your little miss didn't do herself damage in the process.


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