Monday, 19 March 2012

Ballet concert 2012 done and dusted!

It was one very very busy weekend, but where we found last year totally exhausting, this year has been different. I think that experience has a lot to do with it. And the little ballerinas being a year bigger and having taken that leap to grade 1 and all that brings. We now also realize that you just camp out at the theater for the weekend and do not even try to go home between shows. It helps that we had a  much cooler dressing room and that the weather was also way cooler. We shared it with the grade 2 and 3 artists both ballet and hip hop.

 We go stocked with stuff to keep the ballerinas busy, stuff to keep us busy (that none of us touched btw - a lot of chatting and getting to know each other better rather happened) and stuff to eat. I also know all the moms this year and we put a great team effort together in terms of a make-up assembly line and some moms doing the hair that has a better hand at it. I ended up doing the eyebrows and eye lines for our little troop of 14. I also got dragged (rather willing but very scared) into a team effort to fill in for the professional photographer that dropped out at the last minute. But more about that in a later post.

The show was brilliant - every single item apart from three (Blue Danube for the adult ballet, classic for the little toddlers and 76 trombones for the grade 3's) was on modern popular music. The girls did fantastic this year - dancing their whole show all on their own with no direction by a teacher (jip, the RAD primary exam saw to the readiness of that little milestone) and apart from a costume failure the last night, our troop had a perfect run.

 But regardless, I have learned quite a few new things this year. (my tips from last year here)
  • The Michel Mercier brush was a life saver and if their sales at our local Dischem increase by 20 purchases this week it is solely thanks to me.
  • The most popular toys of the moment for girls between 6 and 9 is the Leappad or Leapster explorer and the Top Model series. I had no idea that there were so many different ones. The Princess got the dog one for her birthday and they negotiated with each other to do pages in each others books - brides, T shirts, Models, House, Farm, gosh, endless. But I do like it - it is creative, and sure keep them busy.
  • Most moms pack picnic lunches straight out of Woolworths - due to time constraints I also did partially. And the fact is that they do eat it.
  • By Saturday late afternoon most are eaten out with the picnic food and moms need coffee - so a run by some of the moms to the closest Mac Donalds saw to full ballerina tummies and caffeine refreshed moms.
  • Just when you thought you had the make-up covered (blue eye shadow, gold eye shadow, glitter in both colours, eyeliner and red lipstick) you get caught out by a switch of plan to bright pink lipstick. 
  • There will always be one mom that will have the right shade in her bag! This time it was Ronel with a whole palet of shades that the teacher choose from.
  • Friendships between moms and girls only improve by shared circumstances like these. There might be the odd irritation between the 7 year olds, but it is quickly resolved by sharing a mini burger or cocktail tomato.
  • The dance school rule of no sweets during the show pays off. We did allow them a teensy bit of sweetness after the shows but healthy food rules for good behavior and endurance

With being asked to take photos I had a unique chance to capture some of their action on stage as the parents are not allowed to take pictures inside.

During their Sister Act number

 In the grand finale with the big dancers

It is difficult to express how grateful one feels towards their great teachers. Heaps and heaps of time and effort go into a concert like this. Piles of patience with both children and parents. Logistics to sort out (like absconding photographers for instance) and leaking theater roofs. To create an event that will stay a highlight of their year every year. I am sure we will look back to this for years to come.

We are so proud of our little girl, who despite being very sick on Wednesday night and Thursday (missing school for the day) persisted with her participation. Never was there even a shadow of a doubt in her mind that she would pull through and perform and give her absolute best. 4 Great performances deserve a reward and in stead of the traditional flowers, she got something she totally adores. Jip, you've guessed it, a Top Model book I had hidden away for a while.

I have to share this one at Cheryl's because it really Makes my Monday.

Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. aaaah, I love it. It makes my heart proud and she's not even mine :)

    I love that discipline and perseverance that ballet gives kids. Well, that ballet gave ME :)

  2. Well done. The princess looks lovely and I am sure they all enjoyed every moment of the weekend.

  3. make me want to have a girl child so I can be a ballet Mommy. She did so, so well and just looks DIVINE. Well done to her. And to you. Pictures are just BEAUTIFUL.x

  4. Congratulations. Such fun and proud family of your little ballerina. Brings back memories of when Robynne was doing modern dancing shows. Lovely photos!

  5. Wow it looks like a resounding success. Well done to you all. She looked beautiful and so poised. I am so glad she got better and was able to perform and enjoy and have a wonderful and memorable experience. I would have loved to have seen it actually!

  6. As a former ballerina and dance teacher, I loved reading this. It brought back so many wonderful showtime memories. It is just as much about the camaraderie as the dance itself. My mom was always a backstage mom and it was such a great chance to bond! Beautiful pics of your fab little dancer...

  7. Oh Cat....these completely Make My Monday, too! Especially since your Little Miss is SO joyful, and my little She-Twin is so close to her first recital!

    Thank you so much for Making My Monday so wonderful!

  8. Wow that's quite a big performance to be part of. Your Princess looked so lovely.

    1. The school presents ballet, ballroom, modern, hip hop and spanish for all ages, so yes, a lot of performers.

  9. Oh how I love this entry with the story and photos. This could be one of my dancing mom's journey to many of the shows. Eisteddfods, competitions my pupils entered. We even flew across the world to enter world competitions.
    Such a wonderful life for a young girl to experience,
    I will be in CT for my Princesses ballet concert.

  10. I am so glad that she beat the tummy bug and that the concert was such a huge success. I love all the photos.

  11. Love all the photos! It looks like a blast!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Great to also see some of the photos inside!

  12. Such a big ballet show - wow! I am sure you are super proud of your daughter and I can't wait for my daughter to get where yours are now. So awesome to see ballet dancing ballerinas in a concert - I can relate.
    Great photos.

  13. Wow - very impressive.
    Beautiful pics and story.

  14. Looks like an amazing time!!!! Your daughter looked so beautiful!

  15. Oh!! I'm SO glad she felt well enough to dance. Looks like an amazing weekend and experience!! The girls all look beautiful and it sounds like all the Moms worked together so well to help out! Memories for all, for a long time to come!

  16. Your photos are amazing! Caitlyn also has a leappad explorer (I think, the one that is like an ipad). She loves it!

  17. Beautiful post....and thanks for the tips. Will look for that brush for miss madam. How weird - my little princess was also so sick before her concert last year, remember? A looks beautiful - memories to treasure x


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