Monday, 28 July 2008

10 Month report

We had our 9 month check-up at the nurse practitioner just a bit more than a week before our 10 month and 3 and a half year check-up at the Paediatrician. So I decided to make this into one post.

So, fist the turn of The Little Miss:

She is continuing on her growth curves - her length being on the 98th percentile and her weight has moved from the 50th to between the 50th and 75th. The Paediatrician is very happy about this as she is moving to a more balanced weight length ratio for the first time in her life.

She made her mommy a very proud mom by doing all the developmental tasks requested and the doctor is very impressed with her language and vocabulary development - she estimates her home language at a 5 year old level and her English at 3 and a half, which is spot on. Her mathematical development is also a bit ahead and she got a clean bill of health.

We need to encourage three items to the 4 year mark ( 3 things the doc seem to think we need to get in line for 4 years) - pedalling a tricycle or bicycle (she can do it but not with great gusto - I just think we are not spending enough time to encourage this), learning to eat with a knife and fork (she is starting to do this ok with her kiddies size utensils) and developing her upper body strength. This last item was also mentioned by the school in her report for the last term.

In general, nothing to be worried about. A lot to be proud about.

Currently she loves everything to do with a princess (that is a whole post on its own), dressing up , loves reading and drawing and running outside. She loves the swing and rocking horse. Her favourite DVD at present is "Aladdin" followed by "The Gummy bears" and "Cinderella". She is only allowed to watch a DVD early in the morning to give mommy the chance to get ready for work and feed The Boys. Weekends she can watch an hour TV in the morning ("Barney" and "Noddy" mostly - also "Postman Pat") and one DVD per day. Her favourite book at present is "The horse flower" and "Nightlight bedtime stories" with a Christian theme. We have also started reading "The little prince".

Little man C:

His is continuing on his growth curve with his length near to the 50th percentile and his weight between 25th and 50th.
Weight: 8,9 kg (19,6 pounds)
Length: 72,5 cm ( 28,5 inches)
Head circumference: 45,5 cm (17,9 inches)

He has been saying"Mamma" for the last two weeks and are making all sorts of sounds an gurgles.

He comes onto all fours and rocks front to back. He also crawls backwards and is all over the place. Both the doc and the nurse are expecting him to crawl in the next two weeks. His fine motor skills are fine.

His hair is getting really long and thick and we will have to make a plan to cut it soon. He still has the same ice blue eyes and blond straight hair and a very light and sensitive skin. He has way more hair than The Little Miss had at this age.

His favourite toy is the Lamaze Frog in the picture - he spends hours chewing on the insects.

He has two bottom teeth and the left front top tooth. The right one is just under the skin and have been keeping us all awake for the last two nights.

He loves bananas but hates spinach and is not too fond of meat.

He is very enthusiastic about clapping his hands.

He loves it when mommy reads a story to all and listens and show interest in the pictures. He is not very interested in paging books on his own.

He can be quite a grumpy little man but thrives on attention - from anybody, stranger or friend.

Little man L.

The first shock I got was his growth and mostly his weight. He has dipped on his growth curve with his weight falling from the 25th nearing the 5th. His length is on the 25th which is a little lower than it should be.
Weight: 7,99 kg (17,6 pounds)
Length: 71 cm ( 28 inches)
Head circumference: 45 cm (17,7 inches)
The nurse was very worried about his weight and prescribed a high protein diet and a plan to increase his weight. She also requested the doctor to check for low level infections. The doctor was not as worried about his weight seeing that he was sick 4 times since his last weighing at the doctor. But she has asked us to weigh him again in two weeks time at the nurse and send the results to her. I am worried about his weight but he has started eating very well in the last few days so I am positive this will improve.

What I am very worried about is the fact that both the doctor and the nurse have diagnosed him with low muscle tone development. He is going on Wednesday for a full assessment at the Baby Therapy Centre. My poor darling can not even support his weight on all fours!

He said "Pappa" yesterday to his dad and to daddy's great joy have been repeating it all day. He is a very verbal baby and is busy "chatting" the whole day.

He has very sparse light brown hair that could possibly be curly and lovely grey-blue eyes. The colour seems stable and not changing any more. His skin is darker - like his sisters.

He also has two bottom and one top tooth (left front).

He loves meat and prunes but hates pumpkin.

He has started clapping his hands and waves good-bye with a lot of encouragement.

He loves it when we tickle and talk to him and shows a lot of interest in complicated toys with small parts like the toy he is holding - his favourite toy. His fine motor skills are very good.

He is developing a bit of stranger anxiety - early like his sister, but in general is our little man sunshine.

I will keep you up to speed on what the evaluation shows - he will be evaluated by a Physical therapist, Occupational therapist and Speech therapist. The doctor is expecting Occupational therapy only but we will see what the recommendation is.

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  1. What a great report! Very detailed. Love it. Little man L's weight sounds like my little man "L" - I, too, was shocked that he was in the 5th percentile...the dude eats everything in sight!

    You'll be in my thoughts on Wednesday...please keep us updated!


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