Monday, 21 July 2008

The Kidmobile has arrived.

Yes, we have done it! Bought a kidmobile for me - a mommy's taxi. I used to drive a double cab bakkie (I guess you guys will call it a truck, the Aussies call it a Ute) but the diesel consumption was getting very heavy and space was starting to get an issue. We didn't want to sell the truck as it is probably as close as H gets to a girlfriend and he uses the 4x4 when he goes off road and does his outdoorsy stuff. So we bought a secondhand MPV (I think the Americans call it a mini-van?). The car is well looked after, has all the conveniences I can ask and has very low kilos - and we got it for a bargain from diplomats that have ended their 4 year post in South Africa.

The weekend was busy in a very nice way - I got the chance to do something for myself. I spend a very relaxing 2 and a half hours at the hairdresser on Saturday morning, after which I took The Little Miss for her swimming lesson and after that, had a lovely out ride at the stables. Poor H had a tough day with The Boys, fussy and clingy, and at bath time we discovered why - each cut a new tooth - the same one on the same day!

On Sunday we had a lovely relaxing breakfast at an outdoor cafe after which we paid my mom a visit - she had another quick visit to the hospital to do another repair on her retina.

And we got such a fright last night - while bathing Little man L H noticed that his lips were blue - and his hands! I rushed him to the emergency room, just to show the doctor a rosy faced, lipped and handed baby. He does have tonsillitis though and the doctor thinks it could be excessive saliva that obstructed the vocal cords temporarily. We have their 10 month check-up at the paediatrician today so she should confirm this.


  1. Congrats on the new truck, and on making it through the melee of illness!

    Wishing you a MUCH better week this week!

  2. Wonderful news on the new vehicle! It looks like it will do well with gas. I on the other hand upgraded from a truck to a suburban as my taxi lol.

    So glad the blue lips was nothing serious and that L is fine. Good luck at your appt and about the tonsillitis.

    L and C are handsome little men. Mine still chew on books but their favorite past time is throwing them now. Im sure they will enjoy them very much.

  3. Congratulations on the new vehicle *mom taxi*! Looks like you will do well with gas. I upgraded from a pick up to a suburban and still wont have enough room this fall.

    So glad that the blue lips cleared up and nothing serious was going on. Good luck with your appt today and the tonsillitis diagnosis.

    The boys are handsome. Looks like they will enjoy the books. Mine went from chewing to throwing books lol.

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend! (except for that visit to the ER)

    Love the color of your new car!

  5. OMG how scary about little man turning blue. I hope he starts to feel better. Poor little guy.

    Can't believe you gave up the ute for a mini van LOL. I have so far not caved. I feel I may end up going that direction too though :)

  6. Your lil guys are TOO cute! Ahh, such a great age. Mine are still stuffing things in their mouths at 18 mos..I'm hoping they get tired of it soon!

  7. I love your new blue minivan; the leather is so great with little ones!

    I'm glad you had a nice weekend in spite of the suffocation scare. Hopefully your pedi can do something about L's tonsilitis.

  8. What kind of car? Your critters are gorg!

  9. Good for you and your mommy taxi. looks very nice.
    That is too scary with the blue lips. If it is not one thing is another. Hope that all is well again soon.


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