Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Oh my gosh, I am stressed.

I have heaps of work stress at the moment and I am not doing so well with handling it. I think I am ok temper wise, but it tires me out continuously. I am exhausted all the time.The point is, I am handling it.

For background:  I am working on a rather sizable redevelopment on one of the shopping centers in Pretoria. It is stressful working in amongst complaining tenants, irritated shoppers and demanding contractors.  Last week one of the other woman in the project team had a little break down. She is directly in the line of fire from the tenants and shoppers and things got rough . She was handling it, and well too.Then her little 6 year old grade 1 boy started crying when she took him to school in the morning and was clearly hugely upset about something at school. She went to sort it out with the principal and on returning to the office broke down. 

On Friday the two of us had a little chat about it, and it transpires that we both feel the same about work stress. We can handle it, but the moment that something goes wrong with our families we tend to break down, and then that gets fed back to our work. The next 18 months is going to be hectic for me. Please oh please keep my family safe and happy. Because if that breaks down, I might just need more than bloggers support.

So I am wondering how do you do on the stress scale? And in terms of what type of stress?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that things at work is so stressful at the moment. I know exactly what you're saying: I too can handle things at work but when things go wrong with my family, I break. I can relate.
    (I'm sitting here and nodding while I type because of how I can relate.)

    1. I'm actually quite good with stress as I develop laser-like focus and sort things out quickly and well. So I'm the person they call when the S hits the fan.

      BUT I'm worse with stress these days than I ever used to be (kids depleting my reserves?).

      I can usually deal with stress in one area of my life but when I feel the chaos flowing into another area, then I kind of lose it.

      I do have a low tolerance for disorder so I like to sort things out quickly or at least make my life flow better in that area.

      EG work, I'll rather work late for a few nights to get back on top of things because I can't live like that for long.

      And at home, of course I clean and organise like crazy when I'm stressed or cross - I am fully aware it's a control freak thing... but at least I get a clean house out of it.

  2. to be honest this is why I stopped working...i was a project manager for a graphic design company before i had kids....they wanted me to come back but i knew for a fact that I would not be able to do it. my focus would never be what it was...my priorities changed and, like you, when stuff happened with my family I find it hard to focus on other stuff until its sorted.
    my thoughts go with you over the next 18mnths, you working moms are special kinds of heroes in my mind.


  3. Stress does such bad things to the body...
    It is so important to work towards a stress free environment, but not easy.
    My stress comes mainly from family back in CT as I'm so far away and cant help out and then with MS...every time something goes on in my body, I stress and worry that this it it now....
    So get you
    Breath...relax...focus on that and dont allow others to steal your energy!!

  4. when I am stressed, I tend to get very short tempered and usually I am not that way inclined, unless its PMS;-) I try to eliminate the things which can be eliminated that cause the stress, if not, then hang on by my fingernails and hope that it passes quickly! Good luck with your 18 months, I do hope that the stress eases at times to give you time to breath!

  5. wow...we all have stressful time don't we?! and yes, when it rains it pours!!!!
    I let go...and let God.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time! I think I handle stress pretty well (or at least I keep up appearances that I do) and it takes lots before I have a breakdown.

  7. I cope relatively well with stress up to a point. I start to lose it a bit if things at home AND at work are not running smoothly. I can usually handle it if it is one thing OR the other. Not BOTH things.
    When I'm in an extremely stressful situation then I really enjoy a session of yoga. And I MUST say that exercising at least 3 times a week makes it much easier to deal with stress. Are you exercising at the moment? If not, then I would HIGHLY recommend you make it part of your routine. Oh, and I make sure to get enough sleep. I know that sometimes it's easier said than done though.

  8. I think so many of us are like this. We juggle so many balls that when someone tosses use a new one we just tip over.
    I am trying to organize myself more so that when this happens I have a cushion to fall back on.
    I could go on forever, but what really helps are focal points through out the house that are neat and orderly that I can count on all the time.

    Pam aka Momma

  9. So sorry to hear work is so stressful. I agree...I can keep it together for so long and then something just breaks and it all falls to pieces. Its so hard to balance work and home sometimes. Hang in there - I'll hope and pray that things go smoothly in the months ahead!

  10. I'm okay with general stress and work stress. But when Nicola is sick and especially if she's not sleeping and money stress (they very often go together for some reason) I crumble.

    When it's really rough I try to just get through one day at a time...and if it's still too overwhelming I might even go for one hour at a time. ;-)

  11. Sorry about your stress levels! I usually work better under pressure, but to be honest - I don't think if I'd be able to handle the kind of stress you have, as I don't cope well with shouting / complaints!

    I can fully understand why your colleague had a breakdown - one thing being stressed at work, quite another at home.

    Sending you love and strength.


  12. I'm sorry to hear how stressful things are for you at work. The only advice I have - and I'm not sure how healthy this is, to be honest - is to "compartmentalize". You give your job your all, but try to keep it in some kind of perspective. So much easier said than done, I know. Hugs to you, Cat.

  13. Sorry to hear about the stress! Praying that you get through it!

  14. Dink aan jou my vriendin....dit voel partykeer of ons in 'n drukkooker gesit word. Ken die gevoel so goed.



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