Thursday, 17 July 2008

Puking extravaganza

Yes, I know I should report on our 9 month well-baby appointment, but seriously, it didn't go so well and I would like the paediatrician's input on Monday for their check-up with her before posting anything. Let's suffice to say we are very worried about Little Man L. In the same breath - I am indeed exhausted. Last night was the 6th night in a row spent with a puking kid in bed. Night 6, kid no 3 - maybe the end is in sight.


  1. Hey cat...thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm really sorry to hear about the puking...6 nights in a row, I really hope everything is ok...take care

  2. oh dear. Cat, I will be coming back to check on the progress. Things can only get better, right?

    Thinking of you and hoping for the best outcome.

    Hang in their.

  3. Wow! I'm thinking of you :( I hope things go well on Monday. And I hope the puking stops!

  4. Oh dear, that sounds awful.

    As for L, please update as soon as you can. I truly hope it isn't as terrible as it sounds.

  5. Oh, I know what you are going through. It sucks! I hope it gets better soon. It took our kids about 1 1/2 weeks to start feeling better


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