Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Way back WHEN-sday

OK, so this is not really Way back, just back to June to match the lovely picture I published yesterday. Little man L, The Little Miss and Little man C - I love the expressions on all 3's faces.

And my beautiful little princess.
Head over to Twinfatuation for Way back Wednesday and see some other gorgeous pictures. Love Cheryl's by the way!


  1. oh my goodness how sweet!!

  2. Okay...I have to wonder if my cycle is en route because that huggy, smiley AMAZING threeshot had me almost weeping. Holy cow...just beautiful. (And at this stage in the game, June DOES feel "Way Back!")

    And your princess is as pretty as they come. A stunner.

    Thanks for the compliment re: this week's pic of our is one of my all-time favorites...between the pigtail in Darren's eye and her cast, just brings back SOOO many memories. :)

    Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday, Cat!

  3. that picture of the 3 of them is just so perfect, i love it!

  4. What beautiful pictures! I LOVE the three of them together! They really are GORGEOUS children :)

  5. Oh my goodness! I love that first picture!! Absolutely adorable :)

    And Little Miss looks like an angel in that second one :)

  6. It's almost impossible to get one kid to smile but to have 3 perfect faces like that is absolutely beautiful and a miracle in itself.

  7. adorable pics! I love the expressions on their face as well!

  8. Oh cat...both of these photos are just TOOOOOO cute!!

    the hugging picture is just adorable.!!

    Love them....


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