Monday, 20 October 2008

Wow, bloody madhouse here!

Gosh guys, things are tough at present. I have a building site with 54 houses completing in the next month which I need to inspect in detail. This means spending at least 4 mornings a week on site. Off course, this is not my only project - I have heaps more to take care off. Add to this mix that my partner is on holiday this week. Chaos!

On the home front the weekend has been tough. Or, rephrase, yesterday was a nightmare. Saturday was good, Friday night was great. We had a lovely get together with friends on Friday night, following our first spring thunderstorm. Wonderful! We have been waiting for ages for rain and this was a huge relief. Off course, it took ages to get the babies to sleep and we arrived about 2 hours late, but it was still fun. I had the chance to get to the hairdresser on Saturday and she also trimmed The Little Miss' hair. We had our great buddies Stefaan, Ilse and kids over on Saturday night and the girls only went to sleep after 10 that night. Off course The Little Miss woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning in a foul mood, to say the least. The Boys were cranky (they were inoculated of Thursday with Prevenar - it always hits them 3 to 4 days later). Between that and taking my mom for lunch (she was super exhausting) I feel like I have just wasted a day. At least the hubby escaped for 3 hours to go to the rifle range.

I do have some good news though - Little man L picked up a whole 130 grams in 14 days ( C picked up 90) so we hope he is starting to catch up on weight. And his crawling is progressing so well!

I pictures, a brief catch-up on the last couple of days:

We had a surprise Boss' day breakfast given to us by the staff on Thursday morning:

Little Vutivi came to meet the office on Friday afternoon (you remember last week's Stork party?) My secretary Adele and me holding him in the pictures below. He is the sweetest little boy with the longest fingers. A jazz pianist I think!

The boys are starting to use the baby swing on our porch - Little man L loves it, Little man C is not so sure about this!

The Little Miss and Grammy yesterday at the Spur Stake ranch. I am really not fond of the place, but it remains a good choice with kids.

Well, I am off to a terrible dentist appointment - please keep me in your thoughts, I'll tell more about that later.


  1. Welcome to SITS! Hope everything goes well at the dentist today.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of goings on over there. I am worn out just reading.

  3. Yeah boys! Keep up the good work. I wish I could worry about not gaining enough weight. My problem is just the opposite. ;) Sounds like a great weekend. I'm sorry yesterday was so difficult for you. I am also thankful my last paragraph was what you needed this a.m.

    The baby's fingers are the longest I've ever seen. He'll be a tall adult. I can see it now. BASKETBALL PLAYER OR RUNNER!

  4. Oh dear...hoping the dentist goes as well as possible! Love all your photos, and hope things look up!

  5. aren't kidding things are crazy for you right now!!

    What a nice treat with the boss's sweet!

  6. Great update! You have so much going on, but sounds like it's been mostly nice.
    Glad the boys are picking up their weight & crawling around more. YEAH! Good boys!

  7. Could your boys be any cuter in the swing? I think not. And your daughter is just a beauty. Love your blog!


  8. OMGosh - those swing pictures are cute!

    Hope the dentist wasn't too bad...


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