Thursday, 4 December 2008

5 Things Thursday...

Oh I adore birthdays. I am a little bit like a child in that sense. I love everything about it. Hearing from family and friends from near and far, getting gifts and special wishes. I just love my special day. And I do a little something every year, maybe a party, maybe a tea party with the girls.

But for my big 4-oh, I decided to do something a bit different, and as I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I decided to , in stead of a big party, take our 4 best friends and do a Canopy tour. Yes, we are going to swing (into my naughty forties) across a ravine and have a lot of fun. I can not wait until Saturday! So, in honour of that, today is about:

5 Adrenaline things we have done.......

1. Para sailing - gosh, I just loved this! This was on our honeymoon in the Comores islands. I would do this again anytime. It was stunning. I would love to go paragliding.

2. Bridge walking - for this you walk on a little gangplank to reach the worlds highest Bungi jump - it is 316 meters (345,5 yards) above ground. The hubby went one further - he actually jumped! But walking up high with no protection around was enough for me. I still want to do a bridge swing - similar to a Bungi but going feet first.

3. A horse ride amongst wild animals, including elephants in the Addo National park. For this you have to certify that you are an advanced rider and they take you very close to the elephants. We were actually chased by the elephants. This was great, but I had the worst sunstroke in my life after that.

We actually got a lot closer than this!
4. The Zorb - in this you get strapped in to a HUGE beach ball and rolled down 100m high dunes. You roll and bounce inside just as you would in a normal ball. Huge adrenaline rush, but I will not do that again if you paid me!

5. And my favorite so far - a canopy tour, similar to the one we are doing on Saturday but in the indigenous bush at Stormsriver - you are at about 30 meters above ground.. This was absolutely stunning and I am nagging the hubby top do this again.

Off course you will see lots of photos next week. So, if you have not left a comment before, please do so today. And if you would like to do any 5 things list, I will link you up.

Today I am thankful for another year spent in the love of my family and all that I adore.


  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Cat. Have a wonderful day...thanks for the sweet comment for the boys.

    What a rush you have had...that ball thing looks like SO much fun. I guess that is something you only do once though.

  2. Wow! How totally cool! I would love to do all those things. Oh course I would probably have to bring clean underwear but it still would be FUN.

  3. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!! Sounds like you will for sure! And you have done some pretty hairy scary stuff, but I'm sure the rush was a ton of fun. I hope to have pictures one day doing the same.

  4. Ok, You are way more adventurous than I will ever be. That ball looks like pure terror and days of pain after. The canopy would be awesome as for parasailing. You ROCK! Happy birthday and have a wonderful time you CRAZY WOMAN! ;)

  5. I think I would barf my guts out on that Zorb! I probably could handle #5. Beautiful pics too!

    Hope you have a great Birthday week!

  6. Happy Birthday to you!
    WOW! Some VERY interesting things I would've NEVER guessed that you have done. HOW FUN!
    You are a real live adventure girl!

  7. OMG!!!! You are one crazy lady :) I can't believe how much you've done!

    Happy Birthday - I hope it's a great one!!

  8. WOW!!! So cool... it's like one big adventure. That ball would freak me out!

  9. Happy Birthday! The canopy tour sounds like a fun way to celebrate!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT! GOODNESS, You are a major adrenalin junky..i'm such a chicken! I would MAYBE para sail..maybe bungee jump..but NEVER go ride a horse with wild elephants! YIKES! You are a brave woman! I hope you have a fantastic 40th birthday! Sounds like you are going to have tons of fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!


  11. Happy Birthday!! (although it is probobly the day after where you are now!). WOW! You really went all out this year! That's awesome!

  12. You are so adventurous!! I'm not that brave, but would love to try some of those things! It all looks like fun

  13. I love learning new things about my blogger mates, You are way more advnturous than me...quad biking is my fav extreme sport - in the dunes at Swakopmund.


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