Wednesday, 24 December 2008

I'm back!

What a week and a half! A million things have happened and yes, I am on line again. Got this sorted out yesterday and it was a network/browser problem, nothing to do with blogger! Now I am working on Mozilla and everything seems fine.

First thing first, my apologies that my very first competition went unannounced until now. I have numbered according to the time when comments were left, and number six was chosen by The Little Miss! And number 6 is Debi! As you all are, a very deserving winner - and I am sure she has seen more crying moments on Santa's lap than most of us - seeing she has 8 kids! And Debi, do not bother posting it on back to me, our postal system is crap. Yes, we are after all living in Africa. I will get in touch with you soon!

I have so much to catch up on, but yes, as millions of other mothers today, I am busy cooking up a storm. And busy packing as we are leaving for a short trip on Boxing day to my In-laws in Port Elizabeth. We are spending Christmas day with H's aunt, uncle and cousins and my mom. Wondering what we do for Christmas in South Africa?

Tonight on Christmas eve, we will have a braai (barbeque) in true South African style and do presents to each other. We will sing Christmas carols or listen to a CD. We will read the story of the birth of Jesus in the Children's bible.

Tomorrow we will go to church early in the morning and then spend the day with the family at the poolside. Everybody is bringing a part of the meal and I am busy preparing the gammon and mustard sauce and the trifle for dessert. On the menu is gammon, chicken pie and leg of lamb and salads, with trifle and ice cream for desert. You will notice, no turkey. Turkey is only cooked by people of British origin in South Africa, and I have never had turkey on Christmas. We are expecting a hot and humid day, around 32 degrees C (90 f).

I am leaving you with a scene from our Christmas tree. May your evening be blessed and happy.


  1. WOOHOO! So happy to see i won! (I am sorry your mail isn'y very good. Darn! I have posted something before to Africa and I know it was very hit or miss. UGH!!!)

    Your Christmas holiday sounds lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your tradition. Fascinating.

    Have a very blessed holiday!

  2. Happy Christmas! Welcome back and glad to see it wasn't a blogger problem!!

  3. Great tree. And Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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