Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines day!

May you and your family have a day filled with love and joy.

It was today, 2 years ago, that the wording in my hubby's Valentine's card read - With love from Cat, The Little Miss, Puppy M, Puppy B and the baby in mommy's tummy. I did a pregnancy test just the day before and chose to tell him in this way. He was so delighted after trying for 10 months! (off course we had no ides there were 2)

And to illustrate the perfect love and admiration a little girl has for her dad:
On our way back from the doctor Thursday afternoon (she has this superhero thing going):
A: Mom, what is a police station?
Me: The police men's office, my dear.
A: Mom, are superheroes stronger than policemen?
Me: Yes!
A: Girl superheroes are the strongest.
(Hmm, I'm thinking girl power rules).
Me: Yes, maybe.
A: Are superheroes stronger than God?
Me: No my love, you know that God is the strongest ever!
A: And Jesus?
Me: Yes, and Jesus?
A: Are They even stronger than Daddy?
Me: Yes my love, even stronger than Daddy.

So Daddy, you must know that in her books, you are way stronger than Spider man, Batman an Shoeperman (The way she pronounces Superman), maybe even stronger than Wonder girl or Catwoman!

Happy Valentines my love - today and every day. You truly still rock my world!


  1. Oh Cat, what a sweet post!!!

  2. what a sweet way to tell your husband you were pregnant. and the little miss' conversation about her daddy is just beautiful. happy valentine's day.

  3. Daddies are the best, strongest guys around, aren't they?! Glad that your little Miss (and little men) has such a great Daddy to look up to!

  4. Oh Cat! That is so precious! How absolutely sweet of Little Miss to think so much of her daddy!!

    And how cool that you were able to announce your baby(s) to hubby on Valentine's Day!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.


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