Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Super Valentines day!

We do not go very big into the whole Valentine's day thing - we never go out to dinner at a restaurant that night, but we do try and do something special and give small gifts.

So this is what we gave the office staff on Friday - a mini chocolate slab and hear sugar candy.

I helped the kiddos to make a Valentines decoration on Friday afternoon as a surprise for daddy.

Thanks for the idea Jen!

We all had special heart chocolates with cream filling from my favorite Woollies after our pancake breakfast.

The Little Miss and I made cookies again and lots of hearts that she decorated and that we took to our friends the evening.

Just tasting that it's all ok!

The evening was spent with friends Jeanette and Wayne and kids with a braai and watching the start of the super 14 rugby season (super dooper romantic, won;t you know)- now imagine your football club playing in a tournament with two other countries that are the other strongest nations in the sport's clubs - South African, Australian and New Zealand clubs battling it out. My hubby's team lost (The Stormers), mine won (The Bulls). And sorry, no pictures - two moms, 5 kids under 5 and 2 rugby addicted dads = madness. But it was fun and a great night out. And the hubby's cooked.

H got for Valentine's:

A handmade card, chocolates and a clean canteen, printed with

We love dad.

And I got:

A lovely card, red Gerberas (Which I love) and my favorite Sally Williams nougat - it is available in the US - you have got to try this!


  1. pretty flowers!! Glad you had a nice day!

  2. Those sweets are making me hungry--I'll have to check around here (in Arkansas) for the nougat!

    (Visiting from SITS)

  3. That sounds like the perfect Valentines Day

  4. Oh Cat, it looks like a WONDERFUL lovey day! (red gerbers are my very fave too!)

    (And thank you for the kind work wishes! It went GREAT...was even out in time to pick up the kids. :) )

  5. I'll have to look up the nougat - like I need a new addiction!
    But little Miss looks so grown up decorating her cookies, sounds like a fun valentine get together!

    BTW - I Love gerbera daisies too!

  6. What a beautiful Valentine's! LOVE it! I just love all of the beautiful homemade items.
    The candle is FANTASTIC!


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