Thursday, 26 February 2009

Weekend report

I can hear somebody wispering, what about your weekend targets.
Well, it was busy, but let's see how we did:

1. Do something for my hubby
When you do fieldguiding in big five counrty, you need to do a rifle test once a year. He had his on Saturday with his fellow nature lovers at Wilderness Leadership School. It meant a whole day for me alone with the kiddos, but it is necessary and he had great fun.

2. Something for each of the kids
Following my little idea book we made a obstacle course in the house. Over a pile of cushions, under the coffee table, over the ottoman. It was great fun for all 3 of them. The biggest fun followed afterwards when the pile of cushions became a playpad. Gosh, they had fun!

3. Something for the puppies
My poor doggies, the best we could do was a walk to the park, but they still had fun. A long game of catch took place in the park.

4. Something for someone outside of my direct family that shares my home
We really spent a lot of time with my mom as we did not even see her last weekend. Me and the kids had a short visit with her on Saturday and we took all we needed (meat, salads and desert) and had a braai at her house on Sunday. She loved it.

5. Something for the house
I tidied the DVD and CD drawers - gosh, this gets into a huge mess every now and again.


A whole drawer of kiddy DVDs

Not even half a drawer of adult stuff

The CD collection all neat & tidy
6. And something for myself.
Predictably as most of you that are mums know, I slipped up on this one. I did have a nap on Sunday afternoon for about 45 minutes - guess that counts.

So what did you do this weekend, and most importantly, for yourself?


  1. I'm glad you thought of your puppies! Most people don't!

  2. Naps do count!! I love your weekend lists!

    As always, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I am getting a lot of comment love today but my favorite are from the people I see everyday. Thanks for your support:-)

  3. I love that obstacle course. Went to a party this past weekend. I shot all the pix for the birthday girl/woman. It was great fun.

  4. I love how you break it down! The obstacle course looks like lots of fun!

  5. It's so sad that I don't even remember what I did last weekend. I love that you have a basic list of things you hit every weekend. I am going to have to do that.

    I love the pictures. Especially of the kids playing. They look so happy, you can't help but smile when you look at them.

  6. a sunday afternoon nap sounds perfectly divine. and an obstacle course in the house just gave me a to do this afternoon!

  7. now that is what I call a good weekend. Love the kids in the pillows too cute.

  8. How wonderful Cat! These are such great things you did for everyone!
    Must, must remember to do for you as well though :)

    ps Love the new pretty look of your blog.

  9. Oh I LOVE the playing in the pillows kiddos!

    You did a LOVELY job!

    (Next time, nap an hour!)

  10. Tht obstacle course looks fun! Sounds like a fun weekend to me!

  11. What a great list. I think this should be a daily thing.


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