Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ohh, I am loving every single sip of it!

Guess what I got from my BIL and SIL all the way from Dubai?

Starbucks coffee!!!!!!
So what, why am I so excited? Well, this is my first taste of Starbucks ever (yes, you do not get it in SA!) and I have to confess, it is really really good. Oh, just one more thing I wished we had here. I'd love me some Starbucks every day!


  1. OH what a lovely gift.
    Although not much worse than finding something you love that you can't have :(

  2. Starbucks is addicting. I actually have Starbucks figured into our budget. Although I go to the actual drive- through and have them make my drink. Mmmmmm! That sound so good right now!!!!

  3. No Starbucks in SA!? Now that I didn't know. I figured they had infiltrated every corner of the planet by now. Maybe you and H could open the first franchise there?

  4. OMG! I am not sure that I could live without my Starbucks every morning (we can get it in the grocery store!!!) I am happy that you got some, if you ever want some shipped your way, just let me know, I'd gladly send you some (that's just how much I love it, and wouldn't want another person to have to live without!! LOL)

    Enjoy your java!!!! :)


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