Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday photo finish fiesta - Safari nursery.

I am so delighted that it is Friday today! The week has really been long and exhausting and I am really missing my MIL's help. But today I am featuring another event during their visit - we went to our local nursery and had a great time - Gran loves the place and so does the kids. Hope you enjoy the picture overload - and please head over to Carries's and join the fun.

Lovely winter poppies.

Oh my heart!

African style entrance feature.

African style water feature.

And another one.

Playing in her own world.

Riding Noddy the pony.

Walking with Granny across the hangbridge.

Riding the nursery train.

Playing in the sandpit.


  1. OOooo, poppies are my favorite because they are so rich in color and beautiful. Unfortunately, you rarely see them in the US.
    South African, I am learning, has such beauty! Not too mention talent - Dave Matthews and Charlize Theron, right? I love your blog - it is great!!!!

  2. I love poppies, looks like little miss does too! That looks like a great nursery.

  3. Absolutely love poppies but hardly ever see them around Nova Scotia. Great pics: love the lighting and how ethereal they turned out.

  4. Those flowers are so pretty, everything looks really nice, and fun too!

  5. Oh! I wanna go! Adorable pictures :)

  6. love Lil Miss and the poppies! Looks like a beautiful place to visit!

  7. Looks like your kids had fun with their grandma. Those poppies are gorgeous!

  8. Every time I see poppies I think of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where they are strolling merrily along singing and minding their own business until they collapse.

    Thanks for showing me that I have nothing to be afraid of because if your people can touch poppies and not pass out perhaps someday I will be brave enough to touch a poppy, too!

    Happy Fx4, Carrie ;)

  9. YOur kids are so gorgeous and I ADORE the African water feature!

    Loved seeing the Safari nursery, I'm with Missy---have seen so much South African beauty via your blog...thank you!

  10. GORGEOUS photos cat! that first one of the Little Miss! (my heart too!)
    LOVE the water features. AWESOME!

    ps What brand clothing is Little Miss wearing? ADORABLE!

  11. What a great outing! The setting is just gorgeous!


  12. What a fun day with grandma. Your kids are so beautiful!


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