Friday, 30 October 2009

Photostory Friday - rugby fever

This weekend is the biggest domestic rugby event of the year, and the final is being played in our city with and epic clash between our Blue Bulls and Bloemfontein's Freestate Cheetahs. So how fanatical are South Africans about their rugby? You decide for yourself at the hand of a few examples:

These attorneys have flags up for both the teams. (some Bulls supporters in the foreground)

A Cheetah supported in front of the Cheetah flags.

Some Bulls supporters at the Bulls flags.

This Bakkie (or you may call it a truck or a Ute, wherever you live) is a private persons'.

Permanent images.

Flaggs and a bouncy mascot.

Supporter helmet with real horns.

It also had some of theses (could not photograph due to the curb 0 this image from google):

And doing our bit - at school this morning:

Me and the Lil Miss and friend ALexa with mom Hester

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  1. Wow...I guess true love of a sport knows NO bounds. in the US we are like that for football(probably baskletball and baseball too)...and that goes for Professional and Collegiate. I love to see people passionate for a team...Hope the Bulls Win!!!

  2. Oh my! That is a fan! I love it! Great story post!

  3. Those car decorations cracked me up!! I think i'd probably have to cheer for Bloemfontein since we almost moved there a year or so ago. Sorry *shame*

  4. Wow! You guys sure have spirit over there:-)

  5. Goooooooooooooooooooooo Blue Balls!! ;P

  6. Great photo series! Lots of folks in the US are fanatical about their favorite sport and team. My favorite team is from where I grew up. In our house, we are big football fans, although the Hubby and I cheer for different teams. Thankfully, our teams hardly ever play each other. Keeps harmony in the home!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ahhhh doing your part huh?? how perfect...

    We've been doing the Yankees dance since they got into the baseball world series... which um.. includes us and Canada so the world part is kind of confusing.. :)

  8. I congratulate, what necessary words..., a magnificent idea


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