Thursday, 26 November 2009

Friday - 27 November

I am just loving Friday fragments- so tempting to be able to just wrap up the week in little tidbits. So here goes:
Conversation in the car this morning:
A: Mommy, why does Madelein have curly hair?
Me: Because Jesus made her with curly hair.
A: Mommy, why does L have an oval face?
Me: Jesus made him that way. And he is just perfect that way, just as we all are.(Thought I'd throw a bit of self esteem lesson in there)
A bit of silence...
A: Did Jesus read the instructions?
Me: Actually, Jesus does not need instructions, he knows exactly how every new human should look and be.
A: Oh, then He wrote the book!
Clever little one!

Conversation in the car this morning: ( Christmas Father is visiting the school today)
A: Is it Christmas today?
Me: No my Sweetie, - what happens before Christmas?
A: First it's mommy's birthday, then we are going to the sea, and then it is Christmas. (We count these off regularly).
Me: So is it Christmas today?
A:Noooo. Mommy, you must tell teacher Wendy that she is confused - it is not Christmas today.
Me: Well, you are having a special before Christmas visit with Father Christmas today.
A: Yes, and he is going to ware long sleeved red clothes and be all sweaty.
You can tell we live in the Southern hemisphere if you remember Father Christmas as sweaty. Temperatures are currently around 30 degrees Celsius (86 F)

To all of you that was so impressed with my Christmas shopping being done - keep in mind that we do not have to plan for Halloween or Thanksgiving, so it is much easier. Also, I have a holiday in between now and Christmas far from shops.

And speaking of summer and holidays - I have done THAT shopping! I have actually purchased a swimsuit - a tanktini (my favorite type) and it has underwires and support stuff and all those things that you saw in your mothers swimsuit as a teenager that made you cringe. Yeah, I actually need them with the boobs just short of the bellybutton, the extra 37 weeks preganancy twinskin around the belly and the ever increasing orange peel...ok moving along....

Somebody hacked into our network at the office on Tuesday morning and stole ( because simply, that is what it is) 18 gigs - filling our "cap" for the month. I am currently doing this on my 3G card.

I am having a terrible sinus attack. Yesterday, I did what Hunter normally does when he has this- I went to gym. No worries, I am not Gym Barbie yet, I just spent some time in the steam room and sauna. Wow - it made the world's difference. Is it just me, or why do I continuously find myself trying to avoid contact with any surface in a steam room ? In my overactive imagination I can just sea the germs crawling ( although you can smell the disinfectant a mile away). The sauna on the other hand - I love! Yeah, you now you know I am slightly weird.

Hosted by Cecily
Another perfect day dawned last Friday and off we went to Table Mountain, world famous mountain and world heritage site (go check my previous post on Cape town here if you want to see how it looks from "ground level"). We left little Madelein with her nanny and set off on our little adventure. The mountain is 1085m high (0,7 miles) so it gets windy and cold on top. But not for our perfect day!

I though A might be a but scared of the cable cars - they rotate while going up (very high), but not so my adrenaline junkie - she loved it! She stood right at the open section and laughed all the way.

At the bottom before going up.

Top of the cable way looking down over signal hill.

Trying to explain the geography. We are here....

Looking down over the city - the big oval is the Greenpoint stadium - one of the new stadiums being build for the 2010 Soccer world cup. Just to the right of the picture is the V&A waterfront and just to the left Robben Island.

The little Mermaid on top of the mountain.

On top of the world.....

Looking over towards Camps bay side.

With Winell, her godmother.

Muffins and hot drinks after our walk around the mountain.

Any chocolate lovers dream - chocolate muffin and hot chocolate.
After our adventure we had a nice nap and spent some time at home before a dip in the pool.

A "read" Madelein a story. (Check out the family resemblance around the eyes - their colours are identical hazel)

She made this necklace on her own accord - a hairband and some clips. I thought it was very creative. With a traditional braai, we said goodbye to a perfect day.


  1. What a spectacular view! Wow.

    He wrote the book, huh? Pretty cute.

    It's so nice to have a swimsuit that fits! Have fun in that! :)

  2. Oh Cat...your time on vacation with "A" appeared to be perfect. The weather from the trip to Table Mountain; can I just say "GOR-GE-OUS!!!! I love the conversation about how Jesus knew just how to make every one, and that he wrote the book. Beautifully said "A"!!!
    I am totally amazed that all of your CHRISTmas shopping is complete; I have vowed to get everything on-line. We will see how well that works...we will probably spend way too much on shipping, but not dealing with the "crazys" will be nice. I wish we were having warm weather, but ours is beginning to turn cold. Lower to mid 50's(F), it is only just beginning. I know you guys dont celebrate Thanksgiving, but maybe next year you could try it...a holiday all about being thankful and FOOOD, cannot go wrong with that!

  3. Gorgeous photos Cat, what a lovely way to spend a day :-)

    My husband gets dressed up as Santa for our Christmas party each year and every year I ask is he sure he wants to do it? Because I can't imagine anything worse than donning that red suit in 30+ degree heat.

    Happy FF!

  4. What cute grandson has curly hair as well...I love it.

    Hope your sinus's are feeling better and have they caught the person who stole the gig's??

    LOVED THE PHOTO'S the day was so beautiful that you went up table mountain...I remember doing that trip with friends and visitors a few never tires of that homesick...very!! but cant tell hubby as he gets so upset and worried about me so smile!!

  5. Love the conversations and the photos! Congrats on the swimsuit!!

    Happy FF and have a great weekend!

  6. Love the pics- gorgeous!

    The sweaty Father Christmas bit is great!!

    Happy FF!

  7. What beautiful pictures!!!!
    And the lovely twinskin is the best, isn't it?!?!?
    And to get back with about - unfortunately, yes their are a few people that dress like! I have seen a few myself that dress like that in Walmart!

  8. Wow, gorgeous photography.
    I love how you teach your little ones as the questions come up.
    I have low blood pressure and want to pass out in steam rooms or no quick fix for my sinus.

    Have a lovely weekend Cat.

  9. Wow. Great photos! Beautiful view! And I love the conversations between you and your little girl. So very funny!

  10. Adorable what kids say...Cute pics!

  11. Wow, what an adventure! And the photos are simply gorgeous!

    You have to love those little adrenaline junkies -- I've got one of those myself.

  12. A really is clever! Love how she deduced that Jesus 'wrote the book'! ;)

    The pictures are breathtaking!

    Heh, heh - a 'sweaty' Father Christmas - and that her teacher is 'confused' since it's not Christmas yet. Love it! :)

    Happy FF! :)

  13. Looks like you had an amazing trip with A.
    LOVE the first little story :) too cute!

  14. A sweaty Santa - that's funny. I live in a warmer part of the U.S. so I've seen some sweaty santas myself but never thought of it quite like that!

    I'm not a germophobe, but I do get a little weird about steam rooms, hot tubs and grocery carts lol

    Kristin - The Goat

  15. Gorgeous pictures! And a sauna....ahhhhh, that's what I'm missing!

  16. Those pictures are incredible! I have a friend who is from SA, and I am always bugging her to look at pictures from her home. It's like a mini-vacation.

    LOL at a sweaty "Father Christmas" (is that your Santa?). It didn't get above 50 degrees where I am, so your forecast sounds divine.


  17. wow Cat...that is breathtaking!!! absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    I read something about Cape Town in our newspaper today and instantly thought of you just being there. Something about Baboons breaking into cars for food? How crazy!

  18. Am loving all the Hello Kitty :) Looks like you two had an awesome time :)


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