Monday, 16 November 2009

Makes my Monday - yeah, daddy rules!

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So the going to sleep saga continues....
We live on the highveld are in South Africa, famous for spectacular thunder storms (and scared kids). Friday night was a low point - after battling to get Little man L to sleep, he finally went down at about 9:45pm - way way too late. Just in time for me to catch the rugby (South Africa VS France) with the hubster, when a phenomenal thunderstorm hit us. Little man C was awake and hysterical - Little man L was so exhausted that he slept through it all. The result was me not seeing a minute of rugby and finally getting downstairs 10 minutes after the match ended - around 12:00 pm. Again, no time for mom and dad. At 3 am Little man C was awake again and at 5 am his brother was ready to go for the day. SO dear Hunter let me sleep and I woke up just in time to catch my lift to go riding at 8 am. A definite low point.

On Saturday night we got home late from visiting friends an it took the boys about half an hour to fall asleep - at last a bit of time for us.

But last night Hunter thought he'd give it a go with the Boys and I read to the Lil' Miss. I tell you, wonders never stop. 5 FREAKING MINUTES! He could actually put the to bed and leave the room and join us for storeys, like we always used to do. What is this? Is it ok to terrorize mom for hours but for dad, we'll do it in minutes! I was shocked. Let's hope this is the start to a better routine - and now I am convinced that my little trip is really the right decision. This really makes my Monday.


  1. If he had to put them to bed every single night like you do, they would give him a hard time too. Or another way to look at it, he just got a new job:-)

  2. Use daddy more (I say):)

    You did not miss much with the rugby.

  3. Apart from the anthem debacle - listened to it on the web today. What a joke!

  4. It can be so frustrating when kids behave for Daddy and not Mommy. Happens here all the time too.

  5. what is it with kids and Daddies? I think I jinxed myself the other day when I said although two of mine are mommy's kiddos...neither get too crazy...well - the baby has wanted mommy and only mommy these past few days while sick. I went to get a tissue the other day to wipe his nose as he was headed towards me and he MELTED and threw himself on the floor sobbing b/c i walked away! sheesh! He's so sweet long as this doesn't become too big of an issue, I don't mind! LoL!

  6. Daddies do have a frustrating, but rest-providing, touch!

    Wishing you much rest and fun...your pending trip Makes My Monday!

  7. OMGosh! Sounds likt eht boys are messing with you Cat. LOL

    Too funny!

    (glad they finally did go to sleep nicely and hope you were able to catch up on your rest)


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