Monday, 30 November 2009

Makes my Monday

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Ugh, I am struggling to find something positive today - this weekend's been one tough one. C was a hand full - not happy about ANYTHING EVER! Nope! He is not sick, he is just cranky. (Although he is busy with those nasty back upper molars)

The other two kids were actually so great taking all into consideration, but I know that this too shall pass. Last night at 9pm, exhausted after just getting him to sleep, Hunter reminded me that at the beginning of 2006 we had two similar weekend with The Lil' Miss - and after that it was ok again. So, better weekends in view, makes my Monday. And only 4 more teeth to cut between the boys also makes my Monday. I swear I am going to have a huge party when teething is done.

I am also so frustrated - the freaking Lego set the Lil Miss wants for her birthday is completely sold out - I swear I have phone every toy shop in the country! Disaster!


  1. Which Lego set is it Cat? We have a woman who works from home as I distributor for Lego and she is awesome! Maybe I can chat to her? Email melody AT global dot co dot za.

  2. Oh no...teething..that is hard. Poor little guy.
    Sorry to hear you can't find the lego. Have you checked Ebay?
    Hoping today is brighter for you

  3. Yikes!! Teething is no fun:-( I hope it passes soon but, it is nice to know that it won't be like that forever:-)

  4. Yup...and just when you think all the growing pains are little ones grow up and marry and have babies and the growing pains starts all over again:)

  5. I know how you feel about the sweetie is 16mts old and has NO molars yet...oh my... sweetie discovered SCREAMING...I feel like my ears are going to is THAT bad...I had to walk out of Mass with her...with my face beat red and I must confess I was giggling to myself. If I do not laugh once in awhile I will go BONKERS!
    Heres to better weekends:)

  6. Let me know what Lego you're looking for and maybe I'll find it on my travels.

  7. Shop online, gurl!

    *sings* all I want for Christmas is 'ma two front teeth. Wish we could get Santa to bring all the teeth in one go and you could be over and done with it all.

    Teething is terrible!

  8. I will so join you in the done teething party!

  9. OH, I can relate!! Adam is trying to cut 2 teeth and has been ALLLLL about Mommy! I had to peel him off of me at J&S's birthday party this weekend so I could actually spend time with them and talk to family and friends instead of just keep the baby content! When I walked into daycare, he was a slobbering, sobbing mess, hands crammed into his mouth. As soon as I picked him up, he was fine...but sheesh kid!

  10. I think a post-teething party is a WONDERFUL idea! (and how sweet is Simply Mel helping in the Lego pursuit?)

    Bloggy friends---especially you--Make My Monday!

  11. oh my! Teething is awful! UGH!
    I feel your pain, I had trouble coming up with a happy post for Monday as well... had a rough weekend with Will :(

    It will get better. It will get better...

  12. Hang in there. I'm sorry to say we've all been there a time maybe two. LOL I will keep him in my prayers for less pain. Sorry I haven't been around much. Was out of town and did a lot of pre posting before I left.


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