Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Way back and wordful Whensday - O Tannenbaum, o tannenbaum... or not so!

Joining Cheryl for a Way back Wednesday and
Playing with Angie for Wordful Wednesday.... all in one today.

You have asked, and so you shall see: behold our Christmas tree.

I am not particularly fond of real fir tree type trees (be they fake or live) - they are particularly un African, un summer - whatever. I like alternative type trees. We have used this one for the last 4 years - next year I am planning something else.

I have a thing for angels - I just love them. So apart from the usual bobbles, ribbon and lights (and a few wooden ornaments left over from my childhood), we have only angels and one star (for the top) of our tree. I buy an angel (or group of angels ) every year since the Lil' Miss birth - so let's go back in history:

2005: Blue wire angel. I bought her at a Christmas market.

2006: Red wire angel - bought from a street vendor.

2007: Yellow wire angel - also from a street vendor.

2008: Stainless steel angels (3 - 2 are identical) bought at a Christmas market for a school for Autism. I love these - my favorites, any time.

2009: Tin angels (s angels, two bear angels) - chosen by the Lil' Miss at a department store.
I have two "older" angels that I am storing until the kids are bigger - delicate glass and handmade tin.

Thanks for having a look at our Christmas tree. So how does yours look?


  1. Very pretty
    ...mine? not up yet I'm afraid:)

  2. Oh wOw! I love your tree. It is so gorgeous and sweet. We still have to do ours : ) and I have NO idea what I am waiting for...

  3. You are so creative. It's gorgeous!

  4. Cat,
    I love your tree. It is beautiful!

    Oh and Merry SITSmas, I didn't get to get around to ppl yesterday.

  5. That is a very unique tree - I love it!!

  6. how unique and creative!! I love those stainless steel angels too -even before I read that they were made by individuals with Autism! an added bonus!

  7. What a gorgeous tree! So different and so luminous! Angels are a big favorite here this whole series. :)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful Way Back When-esday, Cat!

  8. I am LOVING your very un-American tree! Please describe how you did it... it looks like a wire cone with something twisted around it along with lights. Did you make it?
    It looks lovely and I LOVE that you buy angels each year! I do too!!!

    PS My tree isn't up yet! ACK!

  9. i adore real trees for the holidays, but i have to tell you that i do not adore the mess. that tree is beautiful and so unique! and the angels are just so sweet...what a wonderful tradition!

  10. Very pretty! I love seeing people's Christmas trees!

  11. What a super idea! What lovely angels!


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