Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sunday party day

On Sunday we attended little miss Annik's 3rd birthday. It was a relaxed fun day with close friends and family.

I made my second no sew tutu for her and t was an absolute hit. We also provided some accessories. I made it with 3 colours - white, light pink and cerise pink.

Miss Emma did the face painting.

There was a great braai and some cake




And some great two-somes for twosday:

R with little A - she was not feeling well, but after a bit of Panado got into playing with the little Miss and Emma.

This is how Stefaan carries little miss Tessa under the arm - then he has the other arm free for his crutch.

My original two-some at the pool after their swim. I am always so amazed to see how different their little bodies are build - one with broad shoulders, feet and hands (C) and one with narrow set (L).


  1. awwww i love that last pic. look at them holding hands. so gorgeous!

  2. That looks like great fun! Awesome job on the tutu too:-)

  3. i can't wait to make some tutus for my girls...beautiful! and that last picture is so sweet, i adore it.

  4. WHAT A PARTY!!!! I have tutus on my list of craftiness... I expect to be going to a little girl's birthday soon so that might be when it happens.

    I have been trying to catch up on all that I have missed... I wont comment on every post though, sorry.

  5. LOVE the tutu...but then I think I told you that before:)

    Great photos of party fun.

  6. Hi Cat,
    nice to meet you!
    left a comment on your book blog too.
    Photos are lovely:-)

  7. Hi Cat,
    I found you while commenting on another blog and am so glad I did!
    The pics of your family are priceless and made me smile-- good way to start the day! Stop by for a visit!

  8. How sweet. Love the homemade tutu.
    The picture of your boys holding hands is priceless.

  9. A new sew tutu? I must check this out! Fabulous! The cake is so cute too. Looks like a great party!

  10. Looks like to you all had a wonderful day! I'm so jealous of the warm, sunny weather!

  11. I love the tutus, I just may try that project for the nieces (although I am sure that my boys would wear them too!)

  12. Awesome pics! Makes me long for the summer months here! We were looking at swimming trunks for the boys this weekend. It seems so far away!

  13. Those tutus are brilliant! they're going to have to be your standard gift for 2010 ;)

  14. I really need to make one of those Tutus for Sarah!!! Maybe I can make one for her for Valentine's day or Easter!!

    THe pic of the boys is so cute...isn't it amazing how unique they are, despite being twins?!?!

  15. Great job on the tutu! Looks like everyone had fun at the birthday!!

  16. The tutus are adorable. I love the pic of her with her face painted; that expression is so cute.
    All the pics are great!

  17. The tutu turned out fantastic!

    It is just wonderful to see a healthy photo of your friend Steffan. I am assuming he is healing nicely ?

    Wonderful photos of what looks like a great day.

  18. Wow you are so talented! Looks like the kids had a ball. We are celebrating Abigail's 1st birthday tomorrow and her party is on Saturday, I hope we are going to be blessed with awesome weather.

  19. These pics are priceless; I love them all...so sweet.


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